Blake Gray And Bryce Hall Are Being Charged For Hosting Several Sway House Parties

Courtesy: Vinny/@vinnygotheat

On the eve of August 14th, Bryce Hall threw a large party at the infamous Sway House, in lieu of his 21st birthday. Over one hundred influencers attended, including Tayler Holder, Kio Cyr, Blake Gray, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, and more. 

After hearing that the Sway House threw a party in the middle of a global pandemic, Mayor of Los Angeles — Eric Garcetti — made the decision to shut off their water and electricity. The order was executed on Wednesday, August 19th. In a published tweet, Garcetti stated that Hall’s party was in “flagrant violation of our public health orders”, and that large parties are a hotspot for contracting COVID-19.

On the morning of August 28th, Los Angeles attorney, Mike Feur, held a public press conference. The conference was in relation to public safety, and the August 14th Sway House party. 

Feur started off by introducing the parties in which charges are being brought against: Bryce Hall and Blake Gray. Although many more influencers had attended the party, the Sway House lease is under Gray and Hall’s names, respectively. 

Feur then stated that due to the fact that Gray and Hall have a combined following of 19 million followers, they should be “modeling great behavior for all of us; rather than bracingly violating the law and posting videos about it”.

According to Feur, the Sway House tenants were warned about the consequences, following a different Sway House party that occurred on Saturday, August 14th. The LAPD stayed at their home until all guests had safely evacuated the premises. The LAPD had then warned Hall and Gray about the possibility of their water/electricity getting shut off, if they continued violating the public health ordinance.

There were also alleged gunshots that were fired at the party. However, the LAPD can not confirm the validity of their source, as no evidence of a gun was found on the premises of the Sway House. 

“The penalties in these cases can be up to one year in jail, and a couple thousand dollar fine”.

During a press Q&A session, Feur stated that while most influencers wouldn’t mind paying a few thousand dollars for their fine, “one misdemeanor puts one in much more serious circumstances, if they commit another misdemeanor.”

As we know, on May 25, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested in Texas, for the possession of substances. While Hossler was charged with a felony, Hall was only charged with a misdemeanor — since he was caught with less than two ounces of marijuana. 

Unfortunately, if Feur’s statement proves to be correct, then Hall could be facing more serious charges, following his [now] second misdemeanor.

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