What Is Going On Between Griffin, Dixie and Noah?

Courtesy: Instagram

On July 30th, TikTok user, @mgalley15 posted a video, in which she exposes Sway House member, Griffin Johnson. Johnson has been dating social media star, Dixie D’Amelio, since March. In the video, Galley inserts screenshots of direct messages and Snapchat exchanges with Johnson. In one of the Snapchat photos, Johnson claimed that he was single (although he was reportedly dating D’Amelio at the time).

Shortly after the TikTok went viral, D’Amelio contacted Galley and unfollowed Johnson on Instagram. Then, on August 2nd, D’Amelio confirmed the breakup when she uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “My Last Date with Griffin”.

On July 20th, Dixie D’Amelio was first spotted hanging out with Sway House newcomer, Noah Beck. Beck posted a “squad” video of him in the car, with Lauren Kettering, Nick Austin, Ryland Storms, Chris Daniels, Baronscho, and Dixie D’Amelio. 


bet you didn’t expect this squad.. @dixiedamelio @thechrisdaniels @laurenkettering @rylandstormss @nickaustinn @baronscho

♬ Ransom – Lil Tecca

Afterwards, the two were seen a lot more together, with Curtis Newbill becoming a ‘squad’ member as well. The trio named themselves the “nuggies”, and fans began to ‘ship’ Beck and D’Amelio.

The relationship rumors heightened on August 6th — when paparazzi snapped a photo of D’Amelio and Beck walking side-by-side. In the photo, it appeared that the two were holding hands. 

Johnson’s friend, Carson Bohling, responded to the photo, via his Instagram story. In the caption, he wrote: “Everyone wanted to hate my boy Griffin but she was scheming the whole time”. 

The photo was later proven to be a false alarm, by someone who captured a different angle. Since their hands were swinging in sync, the photographer managed to catch their hands at the right angle. 

On August 22nd, Hollywood Fire recorded D’Amelio and Beck having dinner at the Saddle Ranch. During the video, D’Amelio placed her hand on Beck’s neck, to feel some type of alleged lump. The comments were flooded with assumptions about their relationship.

“It feels like Noah likes Dixie but she not allowing him to be more than friends”, one fan wrote.

Time stamp is 1:35

Then, on August 30th, The Hollywood Fix captured footage of the two getting cozy with one another. Beck and D’Amelio were once again at The Saddle Ranch. For most of the video, they were spotted mingling with their friends. Yet, towards the end of the video, D’Amelio placed her hand on the back of Beck’s neck, and leaned in for what appears to be an alleged kiss.

However, D’Amelio stopped short, and fans are theorizing that Beck had informed her about the rolling cameras.

The time stamp is 3:36

Although The Hollywood Fix reporter, Fletcher, has approached the duo numerous times about their relationship status, D’Amelio continues to state that they’re: “just a couple of besties”.

Fletcher has also interrogated Johnson, regarding the situation. Johnson stated that although he doesn’t know if he can forgive Noah for getting too close to Dixie, “as long as he’s a good guy, I got no complaints”.

Just two days ago, Johnson released the following statement:

His statement was uploaded the day after he was caught reacting to a TikTok. David Busch (@buschman1007) uploaded a video, in which he sl*t-shamed D’Amelio. He also included photos of D’Amelio and Beck, and victimized Johnson. Well, the video quickly blew up, and Johnson even followed Busch on TikTok. 

Johnson quickly unfollowed him after receiving backlash, and D’Amelio’s response to the video was absolutely hilarious. She dug up numerous videos of Busch asking D’Amelio to prom.

D’Amelio has yet to respond to Johnson’s statement, but in a recent interview with The Hollywood Fix, she stated that she’s ready to move on from the drama and continue living her life in peace.

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