YouTuber, Brawadis, Admits That Jackie Figueroa Has Moved Onto A New Relationship

Courtesy: YouTube

YouTuber, Brawadis, has been uploading YouTube videos since 2015. His earlier videos included NBA reactions/highlights, videos of his dog Bosley, and prank/challenge style vlogs. One thing that hasn’t changed for the past five years, were the videos that he filmed with Jackie Figueroa.

Figueroa and Brawadis first started dating in 2015, and in November of 2017, he uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “We broke up… it’s over *NOT CLICKBAIT*”. In the video, Brawadis admitted that although they grew apart, the both of them ended on good terms. 

His statement proved to be true, when Figueroa slowly began to film videos with Brawadis again. The titles of Brawadis’ YouTube channel went from, “Buying My Girlfriend Her Dream Car”, to “Ex-Girlfriend Visits Me In The Hospital”.

As Figueroa became progressively more involved in his videos, fans began to ‘ship’ the two even more. Comments such as “Brackie forever” were flooding the pair’s social media accounts. Fans were begging for them to solve their differences and get back together. 

Although both Figueroa and Brawadis stated numerous times that they were just friends, it further fueled relationship rumors when they would kiss for a video, or act lovey-dovey in a thumbnail. 

Well, on August 11th, Brawadis uploaded the video that fans have been waiting for, since the two initially split. The video was titled, “I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend”. While the beginning was filled with an excited Brawadis, the ending was filled with a lot of sadness and uncertainty. After creating a romantic set up and asking her to be his girlfriend, Figueroa stated that she needed to speak to him off camera. 

Brawadis ended the video on a cliffhanger, and in a now deleted video (titled: “This Is The End Forever”), he stated that Jackie needed some time to think about her answer, and that it “wasn’t a definite no”.

However, earlier today, in his latest video, Brawadis admitted that he lied in his last Jackie-related video. 

He began the video by stating, “guys, the video you’re about to watch was filmed about a month ago, and it was supposed to be uploaded about a month ago. I chose not to upload it, and I hid it from you guys”. 

Brawadis then recapped the original “I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend Video”, before transitioning to an emotional Brandon and Jackie. Figueroa revealed that the reason she declined Brandon’s relationship proposal was because she is currently in another relationship. She also stated that she no longer sees a future with Brawadis, and that the two will no longer be filming YouTube videos together. 

As expected, fans weren’t happy about the recent update, and people began to flood Figueroa’s social media with hate comments. It got to the point where Figueroa turned off the comments on her normal Instagram posts, and limited the comments on all of her sponsored posts. 

Since Brawadis’ most recent video, Figueroa posted the following statement onto her Instagram story:

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