Why Trisha Paytas Is NOT Happy With Gabbie Hanna

Courtesy: Instagram

On September 11th, Trisha Paytas uploaded a YouTube video, titled “GABBIE HANNA LEAVE ME ALONE UR F***ING CREEPY AS HELL”. As you can probably guess, the video was directed towards YouTuber/musician, Gabbie Hanna (formerly known as The Gabbie Show). Paytas began the video by claiming that Hanna “needs psychological help”. She then mentioned Hanna’s interview with DramaAlert host, Keemstar.

During the DramaAlert interview on September 11th, Hanna spoke about her past drama with Paytas. In 2019, when Paytas was still dating Vlog Squad member/comedian, Jason Nash, Hanna had informed Nash about a Herpes rumor, involving Paytas. According to Hanna, she was clear about the fact that it was a rumor, and allegedly meant no ill will towards Paytas. She also admitted that while Paytas had tried to contact her within the past few weeks, Hanna respectfully declined those conversations, in favor of her mental health.

Paytas wasn’t too happy, after listening to the interview. According to her, Hanna is the one who continues to start drama, and she denied ever contacting Hanna within recent weeks. She was also very confused as to why Hanna is writing a ‘diss’ track about her, and claimed that she ‘barely’ knows Hanna. Multiple times throughout her video, Paytas referred to Hanna as “an actual psychopath”.

Well, on September 12th, Gabbie responded to Paytas’ video with a YouTube video, titled, “I Wrote a Song for Trisha Paytas”. In the video, Hanna stated that she no longer wants to involve herself in any drama with Paytas. However, she did want to clear up any assumptions.

While Hanna’s upcoming single, “Call Me Crazy”, is about Paytas, she reportedly had no intention of creating it as a ‘diss’ track. Rather, she showed a series of Instagram messages between the two, in which Paytas appeared ecstatic about collaborating with Hanna. 

Hanna continued the video by admitting that she wanted to portray Paytas as accurately as possible, without mentioning undisclosed information. 

“Every line in this song — as specific as it is to Trisha — is something that she’s talked about publicly in her vlog, or her ex’s vlog, or her ex’s friend’s vlog”.

Screenshot of Gabbie Hanna describing Trisha Paytas

Per Hanna’s video, she believes that Paytas is very misunderstood. 

“What I see in all of that lashing out is a lot of misdirected pain and anger, as a result of feeling misunderstood for so long”.

After watching both videos, fans are having mixed reactions. Some fans are siding with Hanna:

While others are siding with Paytas:

Hanna has since responded to a multitude of negative YouTube comments, with the following statement:

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