An Interview With The Next ‘Artist To Watch’: Jessie Chambers

Courtesy: @jessiechambers on Instagram

The greatest thing about independent artists is that they all possess unique songwriting traits. Some write about love, and some write about loss, but what really differentiates musicians from one another, is the ability to tailor their songwriting to personal life experiences.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to catch up with the newest ‘artist on the rise’ — Jessie Chambers.

Chambers has written songs about love, life, and struggles. She pours her heart and soul into each of her released (and unreleased) singles, and she’s only just getting started.

  1. For those who are just discovering your music, describe a bit about who you are and what genre you aim to create.

“Hi! My name is Jessie Chambers and I am a Pop artist/singer/songwriter. Music has been a part of my life since the day I was born – literally. My mom had music playing in the delivery room – and I think that’s something that comes through in my music and how I go about creating it. While I grew up listening to all kinds of genres (and still do), I fell in love with Pop music as any true early 2000s kid would, and never looked back… But the beauty of Pop music is that it never is only one thing or one sound. Pop music is a genre, influenced by others and it’s always changing.”

2. What inspires you to write songs, and how do you bypass writer’s block when it occurs?

“I am definitely inspired by personal experiences. Whether that be relationships, both romantic and not, struggles with anxiety or self-doubt, nights out with friends or driving around with the windows down, etc. – moments like these [and more] inspire me to write. I’m also very inspired by music itself. Like sometimes, it’s not just an experience I want to write about, but instead I’ll be listening to a new song, or an old song, and just be completely determined to create something that makes me feel the way that song did. That’s also usually how I get over writer’s block, if it hits. Instead of trying to force something out, I just take the break, listen to a bunch of music, and let the inspo form on its own.”

3. “Fighting In Your Car” is your most recent release. What went into the creative process of that song?

Courtesy: Instagram

” “Fighting in Your Car” is the perfect example of a song I wrote, based on a real life experience. My boyfriend and I were driving home from a party, and we ended up arguing about something stupid. Everything ended up being fine, but in that moment, it just felt like the worst possible way to end the night — especially when we were looking forward to the drive together. Riding alone with someone at night can be so intimate and sexy, yet there we were, fighting instead. Mid-fight, I just wrote down ‘fighting in your car’ in my notes and brought it into a writing session about a week later.”

4. Which artists do you see yourself collaborating with in the future, and why? 

“There are so many artists I would love to collaborate with. I mean, it’s no secret I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, so that’s definitely a dream collaboration. I probably have too many to list, but let’s go with Sam Smith for right now. I’m really vibing with their new album, and I think we could make something together that’s emotional and warm, but somehow still makes you wanna dance.”

5. Are you working on any up and coming projects that you can tell us about?

“I actually am working on an upcoming project.. All that I’ll say right now is that I’ve got a bunch of new music coming out in 2021, and to be on the lookout right at the top of the year!”

6. What was your favorite single that you’ve released thus far, and what is the background behind that song?

Out of the songs I currently have out, I would have to say “Guess U Suck” is my favorite at the moment. This song basically wrote itself. I showed my co-writer a melody idea I had, which became the chorus, and from there it took about 30 minutes to finish the whole song top to bottom. We had so much fun writing it, because the concept is so sassy and the story is so easy to tell. I think we all can relate to having a moment where you’re like “wait, f this. It’s not me, it’s you. You just suck.”

7. Where can fans follow you to keep up with your latest music?

“For my music directly you can find me on all streaming platforms – i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. And for social media, you can follow me on Instagram @jessiechambers or TikTok @chambersjessiechambers. I’m really trying to connect with my listeners, so make sure to reach out! I love meeting you guys <3″.

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