Tayshia Experiences Her First Week As The Bachelorette and Clare Crawley ‘Tells All’

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Well, last week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” was filled with lots of tears, frustration, and heartfelt goodbyes.

Clare Crawley finally got engaged to the love of her life — Dale Moss. Meanwhile, she bid farewell to the other 16 men, who unfortunately, never stood a chance against Moss. 

However, last night’s episode was a chance of revival for the remaining contestants. The 16 men that initially fought for Clare’s heart, had decided to pursue another chance at love with Tayshia Adams.

Adams first appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”, before being eliminated and reappearing on “Bachelor In Paradise”, in July of 2019. While there, Adams fell in love with BIP contestant, John Paul Jones. They dated for several months, before permanently splitting in October of 2019. 

Now, Adams is once again going on this journey to find love, and according to the Bachelorette herself, she believes that her husband was somewhere in the room. 

Before meeting the contestants, Adams had an honest, heartfelt chat with Chris Harrison. Adams admitted that although she was excited, she was a bit nervous as to whether or not the contestants would take an interest upon her [following Crawley’s departure].

Luckily, however, all eyes were on Adams, as she introduced herself to the men for the first time. She even canceled the first rose ceremony, in order to get to know her potential love interests better. This comes after Adams had given the first impression rose to Spencer Robertson. Robertson was one of 4 men that had arrived in a limo, on Adams’ first night. He was a part of the “new batch”, so-to-speak. 

While speaking privately to him, Adams told Robertson that she had felt instantaneous sparks between the two — similar to Crawley, on the night that she first encountered Moss. 

Speaking of Crawley and Moss, Adams’ segment was briefly interrupted, with a ‘tell all’ session, between the newly engaged couple and Chris Harrison, himself. 

Harrison didn’t hold back, when questioning the love birds. Many “Bachelor Nation” fans were eager to know whether or not Moss and Crawley engaged in contact, prior to the start of filming. The two immediately denied any sort of prior communication, and Crawley even swore on her father’s grave. 

We then got to experience first hand, how happy the two are. Crawley admitted that during times where she’s most anxious, Moss immediately comes over to hold her hand and comfort her. Just through body language alone, we can tell that they make each other extremely happy. 

Following the brief interrogation, Harrison redirected the episode back to Adams and her journey to find love. 

The new day started off with a group date, and a competitive game of ’Splashball’. The men were separated into two teams: the blue team and the green team. Harrison and Adams were judging on the sidelines, and the rules were simple: the first team to get the most shots before the timer runs out, wins. 

Well, things went South very quickly. Riley had the ball in his hands, and when Robinson went to grab the ball, his face collided into Riley’s elbow. His mouth began to bleed, and the paramedics had to clean him up. 

Once Robinson showed that he was feeling alright, the game resumed, and the blue team (which Robinson was on) won the game. The green team (which Riley was on) was forced to go home, while the blue team got to stay and spend more time with Adams. 

Later on, some words of honesty and frustration were exchanged between the contestants and Robinson. Robinson was told by a few of the men that he was acting (to keep it PG-13 rated) ‘arrogant’. 

In other news, Jason admitted that he wasn’t giving his 100% to Tayshia, and that he still had lingering feelings for Clare. Although Tayshia tried to convince Jason to give love another chance, Jason ended up eliminating himself. 

The next day, Adams got to spend time getting to know Brendan. Earlier in the episode, Brendan’s time with Adams was cut short, after Harrison pulled her aside to talk.

Their date was incredibly sweet and unique — full of horseback riding, coconut drinks, and pool side PDA. To close out the date, the two met for a candlelit dinner, where all was revealed. 

Brendan opened up about his previous divorce with his ex-wife, and in return, Adams presented Brendan with a rose. 

Their date ended with sparks flying — literally. There was a beautiful fireworks show that took place, and naturally, it made for a great moment of intimacy between the two. Tayshia even admitted that she could see herself getting married to Brendan. 

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, because things are about to pick up. Fights are predicted to break out in the boxing ring, hostility and tensions will rise between Noah and the other contestants, and everyone appears to be growing impatient. 

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