Candace Owens Responds To Harry Styles Backlash In A Lengthy Instagram Video

Courtesy: Instagram

On November 13th, Harry Styles took to Instagram, to announce that he will be on December’s cover of Vogue. The photo is of Harry blowing a balloon, and looking absolutely amazing in a white and black dress. 

Styles has worn dresses and pantsuits in the past, and he’s known for defying the gender normative. 

At the 2019 Met Gala, Styles blew fans away, when he showed up in a beautiful sheer blouse, black nail polish, and a white pearl earring. 

Courtesy: Getty Images

Well, soon after Vogue announced that Styles would be their December cover photo, fans went crazy.

Unfortunately, not everyone had such a positive reaction. In fact, author and conservative commentator, Candace Owens, tweeted out the following, in response to Styles’ Vogue cover:

After receiving hundreds of hate comments, Owens decided to clarify her opinion, via Instagram. In an 8-minute video posted on her profile, Owens discusses her “bring back manly men” tweet.

She began by stating that her tweet wasn’t meant to be directed at Harry Styles, but more so towards Vogue, and “the culture in general, that are trying to shove this down our throats”. 

Owens then goes on to state her opinion about men in dresses, and how she doesn’t agree with the concept. According to Owens, outside of Hollywood, any man seen in a dress is assumed to have “mental issues”.

She then went on to say that she wouldn’t want her children around men in dresses, but that she has ‘nothing against Harry Styles’, and that she likes his music and thinks that he ‘seems like a nice enough kid’.

The video didn’t end at Harry Styles, though. Owens went on to take shots at Cardi B, for promoting the “WAP” to ‘young, teenage girls’ on TikTok, and she also called out Miley Cyrus for “promoting abortion”. 

(In June of 2019, Cyrus posted an Instagram photo of her licking a cake. The writing on the cake read, “Abortion is healthcare”).

Owens ended her Instagram video by comparing Hollywood to Satanic rituals, because “nothing good has come out of Hollywood”, and that [to paraphrase her quote] Hollywood destroys the lives and mental well being of celebrities everywhere. She leaves the public with one last thought to ponder: “Examine the personal lives of celebrities. Tell me if that’s a life that you aspire to have. I actually have a question. Do you think that person is happy?”.

Actress/activist, Olivia Wilde, got called out towards the end of Owens’ video — when all Wilde did was respond to Owens’ initial tweet:

When speaking ill of any celebrity — especially a progressive celebrity (whose goal is to initiate a positive safe space), you should know that an entire fandom will be there to stand up for them.

The Harry Styles/One Direction fandom responded to Owens’ “clarification” video with some opinions of their own:

Celebrities also stuck up for the ideology of men breaking the stereotypical normative:

Although Styles has yet to comment on Owens’ tweet/video, it’s apparent that no one will alter his mindset. He’s going to keep living his life to the fullest, whilst doing the things that make him the happiest (as he should).

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