The Bachelorette Continues, As The Contestants Get Progressively Honest

Courtesy: ABC

Tayshia admitted that Brendan has set the bar very high for the other men during the last one on one date (See previous article for a recap of last week’s episode).

However, last night started a new week with the men, and Tayshia was looking forward to her upcoming group date. 

The group date consisted of: Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe, and Bennett and their goal during this date was to prove that they were ‘grown a** men’. There were several rounds throughout this challenge: an intellectual round, a physical strength round, and a ‘breakfast in bed’ round. 

Most of them did well. However, although Bennett had attended Harvard University, he lacked in the Mathematics and English department. As for the physical strength round, all participated except for Bennett. The reason he was unable to participate was due to a former athletic injury. 

Ben Smith excelled during the physical round. The ‘breakfast in bed’ round was quite interesting. There were mimosas, eggs & bacon, and would it really be an ABC reality-dating show, without a shirtless man?

The ‘man child’ award was presented to Ed, who took the fake baby like a champ. He accepted it with pride, which Tayshia appreciated. 

After the other contestants were able to breathe, it was time for the ‘grown man’ award. There were some men that were confident in themselves, but things took a sharp turn when Bennett was presented with the award.

According to Tayshia, Bennett bounced back with that romantic gesture. Unfortunately, not everyone was too supportive of Bennett’s win. Chasen admitted that he was annoyed at how ‘classless’ Bennett was acting. Yikes. (Just wait. It gets even more heated.)

Later on, not only did Chasen and Bennett discuss their indifferences, but Ed chimed in as well. He admitted that Chasen had fraud-like qualities, and that everything that he said to Tayshia was ‘recycled’ content that he previously uttered to Clare. 

Ed felt so strongly about Chasen’s motive, that he brought up the topic to Tayshia. He also warned Tayshia that Chasen may have utilized his appearance on “The Bachelorette” for internet fame. 

Tayshia brought this up to Chasen, and Chasen didn’t accept this well. He confronted Ed immediately after his conversation with Tayshia, and it almost seemed like a fight was ready to break out. However, in that moment, Tayshia walked in and the men sat back down.

The group date rose was given to Ivan, and although he was happy, Ben was disappointed that he didn’t receive the rose (even after he poured his heart out to Tayshia).

During the cocktail party, Tayshia pulled Chasen aside to discuss the [almost] physical altercation between him and Ed. Following that conversation, Chasen pulled Ed aside to try and clear the air, but Ed continued to circle the conversation. Zac C. had to interrupt their conversation to break it up.

At the rose ceremony, everyone got a rose… except for Montel, Jay and Peter. 

The following day was a new day, and a new group date. The date took place in a boxing arena, and consisted of: Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, and Chasen.

Wells Adams co-hosted the wrestling match with Chris Harrison.

Courtesy: ABC

Adams appeared on Season 12 of “The Bachelorette” and was also a contestant on Season 3 of “Bachelor In Paradise”, before being eliminated in Week 6. Adams later found love with actress, Sarah Hyland, and the two are now engaged

There were five total rounds:

  1. Eazy vs. Joe (Eazy won)
  2. Brendan vs. Jordan (Jordan won)
  3. Spencer vs. Ben (Draw)
  4. Ed vs. Chasen (Ed forfeited)
  5. Noah vs. Chasen (Chasen won)

After Ed forfeited, Noah hopped the fence to replace Ed. After a close and (almost dangerous) fight, Chasen won the event and got to spend some quality time with Tayshia. 

Although Noah lost, he did get invited to the after party with Tayshia and the rest of the men on the group date. The other men weren’t too happy with that decision, but they talked amongst themselves about it, rather than bringing it up to Tayshia.

During the after party, although some of the men kissed Tayshia, she made the first move when it came to Brandon. It was very apparent that she’s very smitten, when spending one-on-one time with him.  

Noah got the group date rose, after he *gasp* shaved his iconic mustache for true love.

Naturally, all of the men on the group date were annoyed, and Ed announced that he was going to confront Noah in front of the whole house.

Stay tuned next week, because things are about to get even messier. Whew.

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