Dixie and Charli D’Amelio Respond To The Backlash Over Their “D’Amelio Family Dinner” Video

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On November 16th, the D’Amelio family premiered their ‘mystery dinner guest’ video on YouTube — the first of many, in their upcoming series. 

Their mystery guest ended up being beauty influencer/icon, James Charles. Soon after Charles sat down, Chef Aaron May (the D’Amelio Family chef) began bringing out an array of delicious assortments, such as: a mushroom, plant-based paella, a shrimp and chicken paella, and toasted garlic bread with mushroom, oil, sea salt and fresh tomato.

Charles discussed moving his family out to California, getting along with the Kardashian family, and feeling grateful to have been chosen as the November cover of Vogue: Portugal

Later, Charles admitted that if he weren’t a social media influencer, he would have become a lawyer. That’s when Marc suggested that the two open a law firm together, and name it, “Charles-D’Amelio Law Firm”. 

Everyone loved the name, but Dixie joked that the reason the name sounds good is because it sounds similar to “Charli D’Amelio”.

After joking around for a bit, Dixie picked a black object up from her paella and inspected it. She confirmed with Chef Aaron that it was, indeed, a snail, and Aaron admitted that eating snails are a sign of ‘good fortune’.

So, naturally, Dixie consumed the snail. However, within seconds, she had to leave the table to regurgitate the food. Heidi D’Amelio called the action ‘dramatic’, and Charles was disgusted at the sight of Dixie’s vomit (mostly because he was eating as well. So, seeing anyone vomit during a meal will naturally take away one’s appetite for food).

Meanwhile, Charli was enjoying her food and inquired whether or not Chef Aaron had whipped up some ‘dino nuggets’. 

Marc, Heidi, Charli and James continued their conversation, while Dixie cleaned herself up. Within no time, Dixie was back at the dinner table, consuming her paella (snail-free, this time).

James fit in with the D’Amelio family so organically. He playfully roasted Charli and Dixie, had a legal conversation with Marc, and spoke to Heidi so sweetly, as if she were his second mother. 

Unfortunately, things took a turn when Charli admitted that (during the time of filming) it hasn’t even been a full year since she’s reached one million followers. For those of you who aren’t on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio is the fastest growing TikToker on the app — with 98 million followers in less than a year. 

She then stated that, “I wish I had, like, more time… ‘cause imagine if I hit 100 mil, a year after I hit a mil”.

James Charles clapped back almost immediately.

“Were the 95 not enough for you?”, to which Charli clarified herself.

“Well, I was just.. saying… even numbers”.

It didn’t take long before both of the D’Amelio sisters began to receive public backlash. 

People were sending hate comments and death threats (we won’t be including specific comments, due to the safety and mental well being of the D’Amelio sisters) to Charli and Dixie.

Charli was at 99.5 million followers on TikTok, but following the backlash, people began to unfollow the social media star, — leaving her at 98.2 million followers (she now has 98.4 million).

As for Dixie, TikTok/Instagram users flooded her comment section with accusations that she ‘disrespected’ Chef Aaron, by regurgitating the snail and acting ‘childish’.

In response to the backlash, Dixie posted the following video to TikTok, yesterday:


-video…anyways, not posting this for any other reason than to share the truth of something that was ridiculously blown out of proportion…

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

She had also apologized to Chef Aaron in the comment section of a TikTokRoom post — though she stated that the chef (as well as her team) convinced her to eat the snail, knowing that Dixie would have the reaction that she had in the YouTube video. She ended the video by asking people not to judge an “out of context, 15-second video”.

As for Charli, she went on an Instagram live to apologize. She was shaking, crying, and having an emotional breakdown, as she asked the public not to send death threats to her, for a ‘misunderstanding’ from the video. 

She also stated that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue posting on social media anymore, if this is how people are going to treat her. 

(TW: Death threats and suicide)

Truthfully, nobody deserves death threats. The D’Amelio sisters didn’t directly attack or hurt anyone, and they don’t deserve an influx of hate. 

James Charles tweeted out the following, after the D’Amelio sisters began receiving an outpour of negative backlash:

Chef Aaron also spoke to The Hollywood Fix about the situation, and admitted that the snail bit was set up to get a dramatic reaction out of Dixie, and that he has no ill will towards the D’Amelio sisters, whatsoever. 

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