Charli D’Amelio Hit 100 Million TikTok Followers, And Here’s How She’s Celebrating

Courtesy: Instagram

It’s been quite the uphill battle for Charli D’Amelio this week. The internet tried to ‘cancel’ the 16-year-old influencer, after she made a comment about wishing she had hit 100 million followers, within one year of hitting 1 million.

People took that comment as D’Amelio being ‘ungrateful’ for the followers that she did have, and as a result, she lost about one million followers — bringing her down from 99 million followers, to 98 million.

Soon thereafter, she hopped onto Instagram live, where she apologized to the fans that she hurt, but stated that it was a “misunderstanding”. D’Amelio also had an emotional breakdown, after admitting that people had flooded her inbox with death threats and hate… over a YOUTUBE COMMENT.

Then, Trisha Paytas involved herself by trying to get a reaction out of people, and it worked. However, this article is about Charli’s new milestone, so if you’d like to catch up with how Trisha Paytas involved herself, please head over to Insider

Earlier today, Charli announced her latest TikTok milestone: Hitting 100 million followers on the short form app. Not only did she accomplish such a difficult goal, but D’Amelio is also one of the fastest growing social media influencers. 

Several days ago, D’Amelio announced that she had something very special planned when she reached 100 million followers. Today, we finally found out what that was.

After thanking everyone who supported her thus far on her journey, D’Amelio announced that she’s partnering with TikTok to donate $100,000 to the American Dance Movement, on December 1st.

According to D’Amelio, the American Dance Movement is, “an organization that is committed to increasing and improving the access to dance education in the United States.”

D’Amelio continued the video, by stating that an additional $10,000 will be distributed to 10 dance schools in the U.S.



♬ original sound – charli d’amelio

For those of you who may not know much about her, Charli isn’t your average TikToker. While she excels at the ‘renegade’, she’s actually been dancing professionally, since she was 3 years old

Speaking of the renegade, her fans have been begging the social media star to recreate the ‘renegade’ dance to “Lottery” by K CAMP. 

The original dance was created in 2019, by 15-year-old Jalaiah Harmon.

So, what better way to celebrate 100 million followers, than with a 2019 throwback? 

Jalaiah recreated her ‘renegade’ dance, after Charli hit her new milestone. Not even an hour later, Charli duetted the video:


#duet with @jalaiahharmon 💕💕💕💕

♬ Lottery – K CAMP

As if that wasn’t already a wonderful treat for the fans, D’Amelio wanted to further show just how much she appreciates her followers. About an hour ago, D’Amelio posted a video, in which she revealed that she will be hosting several free meet and greet sessions.

Due to COVID-19, the meet and greet sessions will be hosted by D’Amelio, via Zoom. She stated that she’ll be posting all of the information on her Twitter, @charlidamelio

However, it looks like the Zoom sessions have already begun. Hopefully, she’ll be conducting more Zoom sessions in the near future!

A huge congratulations goes out to Charli. We hope that you’re able to celebrate with a close family/friends dinner! (Maybe just keep snails off of the menu for a while).

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