Noah Brings Up The House Drama, During Week 7 of “The Bachelorette”

Courtesy: ABC

It’s a new day at La Quinta Resort, which means new drama, competition, and a whole lot of tension. 

If you missed last week’s episode, feel free to catch up with a recap through our previous article.

This week started off with a new group date, featuring: Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley, Demar, Zac, and Kenny. 

Their first task, according to Chris Harrison, was to take the time to write a love song for Tayshia. This involved writing lyrics, with the option to accompany their performance with an instrument of their choice.

Zac kicked things off with a very interesting performance. Honestly, A+ for effort, and at least he rhymed the lyrics!

Kenny admitted to being nervous, but he gave it his all and tried his best for Tayshia. 

Blake’s performance was playful, witty, and absolutely amusing. Tayshia looked like she was having a great time, listening to the men.

Then, there was Bennett… Ah, Bennett. A true Harvard man, who got a little too confident in himself. Although he seemed amused in front of the camera, behind the scenes, he was acting extremely full of himself. He was blunt and straight to the point — admitting that “Riley didn’t really step up, because he was being ‘classic Riley’”. He also said that “I’m not worried about Blake. He stands zero chance.”

Ivan’s performance was so wholesome and sweet. He didn’t use an instrument, but he wrote a beautiful verse, pouring his heart out to Tayshia. He rapped about the storyline of “The Bachelorette” — mentioning Clare and her departure, his excitement when he first met Tayshia, and how he can really picture her as his future wife. 

Demar said some supportive words, behind the scenes, about Ivan, and we love to see it! Speaking of Demar, he came through with his song. He tried his best to sing, but his lyrics + the guitar were actually really genuine and the tune was catchy. He even titled the song, “Mocha Latte”. We stan an original king.

After everyone’s performance, Tayshia chose the winner: Ivan. As the winner of the song-writing competition, Ivan won a one-on-one date with Tayshia.

He arrived at her cottage, and the two had such a fun, magical night together. They ordered room service, played ‘the floor is lava’, whacked each other with fluffy pillows, and indulged in the biggest ice cream sundae that I’ve ever seen. 

While this date was going on, we hopped back into the common room area, to catch up with the other contestants. Another group date was announced, involving: Demar, Kenny, Zac, Bennett, Riley, and Blake. Noah expressed his disappointment, with not being chosen for the group date.

This stirred up a verbal altercation between Bennett and Noah, until Noah accepted defeat.

Back with Tayshia and Ivan, they began to talk about family values and morals. Tayshia mentioned that she was raised to always practice and believe in her faith, while Ivan spoke about his brother. Ivan was never interested in doing drugs or alcohol — a main reason being to serve as a positive role model for his little brother.

However, he then revealed that while he was in college, his little brother involved himself in negative practices, and it caused him to live 4 years of his life behind bars. 

Ivan started to get emotional, when he admitted that during the first two years of his niece’s life, she had to see her father in a prison building, through a glass pane. 

The conversation topic then switched to that of the Black Lives Matter movement. Tayshia began to get emotional, while talking about her feelings towards everything. She also opened up about feeling like she was the ‘odd one out’, as she grew up in a primarily Caucasian area of California. 

Ivan was given the one-on-one date rose. 

The next day was the second group date. Tayshia, Becca Kufrin and Sydney Lotuaco hosted the event. The date consisted of Truth or Dare: Tayshia style.

Since there were six men on the group date, the hosts divided the men up into 3 teams:

  1. Riley and Zac
  2. Demar and Bennett
  3. Kenny and Blake

Riley had to chug a disgusting, scorpion-filled smoothie. He must really care deeply about Tayshia, because even though he almost vomited, he completed the dare. Zac chugged the smoothie and completed the dare as well. 

Next up was Demar and Bennett. Their dare was quite unique and incredibly hilarious. They interrupted Chris Harrison’s lobster/champagne themed lunch, to ask him for his autograph. However, the autograph was required to be written on a body part, typically hidden by under garments. Although he was initially taken aback, Harrison obliged.

Blake and Kenny had to give a public impression of what they sound like, during an intimate moment. They had to use the telephone to voice their sounds onto the hotel speaker. The men who weren’t chosen to be on the group date were so confused, yet amused, by this random notion. 

As soon as they had completed their dares, they switched places and began a new dare, until there were no more dares left.  

Their last dare of the day was for each contestant to eat a full habanero pepper, and immediately drop to one knee, and fake-propose to Tayshia. 

All of their speeches were so sweet and thoughtful, & some of them even shed a tear — a nice touch, thanks to the side effects of the habanero peppers. 

Later that night, the men returned for a round of ‘truths’. Although all of the men began to open up, we saw a different side of Riley and Blake. They let their walls down and spoke their truth towards Tayshia, which she seemed to very much appreciate. 

However, she felt a stronger connection with Zac, which is why he ended up receiving the group date rose. 

Although the group date ended that night, Ben made his way over to Tayshia’s room at 2:30 a.m. He wanted to clear up the misunderstanding that he ‘didn’t care’ about Tayshia, and he wanted to prove that he was always going to show up for her. 

Meanwhile, Ed had the same thought of heading towards Tayshia’s room. However, he stopped in front of the wrong room — Chris Harrison’s room. Harrison invited Ed in for a drink, and man, that was a painfully awkward scene to watch. 

The following night was the cocktail party. Noah pulled Tayshia aside, and expressed his disdain about the tension between him and some of the men.

Tayshia took Noah’s confession, and brought it to the cocktail party. She consolidated the contestants into one room, and bluntly admitted that she would ‘gladly’ eliminate those who try to question her decisions.

Immediately upon leaving the cocktail party, a near-physical altercation occurred, between Ed and Noah.  

At the rose ceremony, everyone received a rose, except for: Chasen, Joe, Kenny, and Jordan.

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