TikTokRoom is Hosting Their First TikTok-Related Awards Show

Courtesy: @tiktokroom on Instagram

TikTok has been growing tremendously in the last year, with creators forming their own TikTok creator houses. It all started with the Hype House, followed by the Sway House. Now, there’s over 25 TikTok-related content houses, such as: Not A Content House, Clubhouse BH, The Vault, etc. 

As more creators began to modernize the TikTok platform, the public soon realized that TikTok was more than just a ‘teen dance’ app. The short form application is now used for growing dancers to showcase their talent, up and coming artists to promote their new music (in hopes that one will turn into a viral trend), and for the public to spread awareness about current issues that are going on in the world. 

The app was originally called “Musical.ly”, but in 2017, Bytedance acquired the app and renamed it “TikTok”.

However, as social media influencers’ presence began to increase, so did the public’s awareness of mistakes, failed judgements, and drama. 

TikTokRoom (formerly known as the MuserShadeRoom) was originally an Instagram ‘tea’ page, dedicated to posting the latest gossip, tea, and updates about the most popular influencers on Musical.ly. 

However, once new social media influencers began to skyrocket onto TikTok, the ‘MuserShade Room’ became ‘TikTokRoom’.

When the pandemic first began, millions began to download TikTok, and before long, TikTokRoom gained 1 million followers on Instagram. Popular influencers, such as Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Charli D’Amelio, etc. began to keep up with what was being posted on TikTokRoom.

If an influencer was involved in drama, people would refresh TikTokRoom to see if they had posted anything about it. Back in July, when Chase Hudson was involved in a Twitter scandal, TikTokRoom was posting updated tweets every 5-10 minutes. The page is run by Nat and Elasia. They’re constantly on their A-game, and they’re always up-to-date on the latest social media drama. 

Well, recently, they’ve announced that they’re hosting their first TikTok-related awards show: The TikTokRoom Awards. 

The awards show will be on Saturday, November 28th (Time is TBA). Voting is currently open, until 12 AM EST on Saturday.

If you’d like to go vote for your favorite creators, head over to their Google forms voting list!

Use the hashtag: “ #TTRAwards2020” to stay up to date with further details, regarding the show!

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