Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Confirm Their Relationship

Courtesy: Instagram

For the past few months, fans have been wondering if the ‘Braddison’ duo are dating again. 

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae first sparked dating rumors, after they posted their first TikTok together in October of 2019. 

By November, they started using their new ‘ship’ to their advantage. They kept stating that they were ‘just friends’, but their on-camera chemistry was too much for them to deny.

For New Years Eve, Bryce posted a series of Instagram photos, filled with different kisses that he received for the new year. One of those kisses just so happened to be with his ‘friend’, Addison.

Since then, people have created an entire fandom, surrounding ‘Braddison’. There are Braddison fan pages, Braddison fan edits and more, directly meant to support the [at the time] unofficial couple. 

However, it seemed as though Braddison was on/off with their relationship. At times, they would post on social media together, and during other times, they wouldn’t even interact with one another. Braddison shippers were always so confused about where their relationship stood. 

Well, on Halloween of 2020, the two dressed up as The Joker and Harley Quinn. They posted some cute TikToks with one another, and once again, fans were convinced that the two love birds were back together.

Later on, Hall and Rae were spotted at the infamous Saddle Ranch Chop House, in West Hollywood. The Hollywood Fix captured a video of the two sharing a kiss, behind the restaurant. Within no time, the video was shared onto TikTokRoom, — ultimately confirming fan speculation that the two have started dating again.

Shortly after the video was release, Hall uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “SPIN THE BOTTLE”. In the video, Hall and Rae played a friendly game of ‘Spin The Bottle’ with Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck. As you can probably guess, Hall and Rae did kiss at one point. 

When asked by paparazzi and media outlets, they continued to insist that they were still ‘just friends’… that is, until yesterday. 

Yesterday, Rae broke the internet, when she announced the title of her new YouTube video, “THE TRUTH ABOUT US”.

In the video, she showcased a workout routine with Hall, while answering some common fan questions about their relationship.

They answered questions about when they first had feelings for one another, first impressions of one another, and they also admitted that they once dated for three days. 

According to Rae, “we’ve only broken up one time, and that was because we dated for three days. It is true. I know I denied that, but we did date for three days, and then I broke up with you.”

She then goes on to reveal that, “after Bryce’s little mishap, then we started talking every day and hanging out again. We ended things again [talking] after his birthday… ‘We saw each other at places and I didn’t talk to you’”.

Finally, Rae answered the question that fans have been dying to know: “Are Bryce and Addison dating?”

The short answer is yes. She confirmed that they’re dating, and that Hall officially asked Rae to be his girlfriend on October 13th. 

They look so happy and in love with one another. Bryce and Addison, we wish you the absolute best, and we hope you make it past December 3rd!

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