“The Bachelorette” Recap: Lie Detectors, The Surprise Comeback, And More

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We left off last week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” with a giant cliffhanger. We knew that either Bennett or Noah was going home, but the episode was left open ended.

Last night’s episode began with the men agreeing that something needed to be done about this drama.

Well, after some more arguing between Bennett and Noah, Tayshia made her final decision. After attempting to defend himself, Bennett was sent home. 

Noah was giddy, thinking that he would’ve been given the rose. However, Tayshia admitted that she wouldn’t be giving him a rose in that moment, because she was still unsure of her feelings towards him.

At the rose ceremony, Demar, Ed, and Spencer were eliminated. Everyone was surprised to find out that Noah received a rose, instead. 

With seven men left, things were starting to pick up. 

Ben received the one-on-one date card. They went on a fun scavenger hunt to find their destination, but walking wasn’t an option. They were each given their own scooter, in which they used as their method of transportation.

They flipped a pool, filled with tennis balls, hopped into a fountain, and wacked a bunch of piñatas, until they finally reached their destination.

Later on, we learned a lot about Ben, his home life, and his mental health struggles. He’s gone through a lot, but understandably, it was difficult for him to talk about. 

Tayshia really appreciated the fact that Ben was able to open up to her, in a way that he had never done before. Therefore, she gave him the rose.

The night ended with a private concert, featuring Adam Hambrick.

The next day was the group date. Noah, Zac, Riley, Ivan, and Brendan were a part of this week’s group date. Blake was chosen for the next one-on-one date.

Tayshia really wanted to put the men to the test, during this week’s group date. So, what better way to do that, than to hook each contestant up to a polygraph test?

To start things off, Tayshia volunteered to be hooked up first. She admitted that she was falling in love with more than one man in the room, and that she has a good feeling that her husband is in the room. However, although she stated that she didn’t regret sending anybody home, the lie detector picked up uncertainty with that question.

Next up was Ivan. He admitted to have been aroused in front of Tayshia, and also that he wants kids. 

When asked if someone has ever faked an or**** with him, Noah confidently stated “no”. The lie detector immediately switched to the ‘uncertain’ bulb. He was also asked whether or not he missed his mustache, and although he denied it, even the lie detector knew the truth to that one. When asked if he was excited to meet Tayshia’s family, Noah said “yes”. No lies were detected in that one.

Brendan was extremely nervous to hop into the hot seat, but alas, he faced his nerves. Unfortunately, whether it was the nerves or something else, the answers weren’t what Tayshia would have hoped for. When asked if he was prepared to propose to Tayshia, he responded with “I hope so”. Then, upon being asked whether he was excited to meet Tayshia’s family (and vice versa), he stated that he was excited. Well… the polygraph detected a lie and flickered to the red bulb.

Zac’s first question started off rough. He was asked whether or not he’s ever cheated in a relationship, and he admitted that he has. The bulb turned green. 

Riley was asked a similar question: “Are you ready for Tayshia to meet your family?”. Unfortunately, Riley stated that he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that step.

Tayshia confronted Zac about his cheating incident, and after much suspense, Zac admitted that he cheated on his first girlfriend… in the 6th grade. That broke the tension between the two, and they turned their night around.

Brendan opened up about his fear of proposing to someone else, after having gone through one failed marriage. Tayshia reciprocated those feelings towards Brendan.

Finally, Riley admitted a lot about his troubled past with his father, and how he’s so close with his mother. He also revealed that he got a legal name change, with his mother by his side.

After each one of the men opened up to Tayshia, she admitted that she was going to take some time to ponder who she was going to give the rose to.

As she was walking back to her suite, however, she was greeted by an old flame… Bennett was waiting in front of her door to speak to Tayshia, and boy, was she surprised. It was most likely the producers’ doing, but she was so taken aback, that the gate slammed into her. 

Bennett wanted to speak to Tayshia about coming back to the show. He admitted that he still has feelings for her, and that he’s “willing to do anything” to get another chance at love with her.

Tayshia was speechless, confused, and stated that she needed time to think about her decision.

Once again, the episode ended on a cliffhanger, featuring Bennett. 

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