Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio Admitted That They’ve Had Thoughts of Ending Their Relationship

Courtesy: YouTube

After two months of making fans wait, Dixie D’Amelio finally gave in, and uploaded the most highly requested video on her YouTube channel: The lie detector test. 

The video premiered earlier today, as the segment for “The Dixie D’Amelio Show”. D’Amelio began her talk show as a joke, but it didn’t take long for the show to become a success. Since then, D’Amelio has interviewed many social media stars, such as her sister (and biggest TikTok star) Charli D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Larray, Dillon Francis, Lil Huddy, FaZe Rug and more.

Today, she hired John Grogan to put her and boyfriend/Sway House member, Noah Beck, to the test. John is a Polygraph Examiner. You may have seen him in various YouTube videos, featuring Shane Dawson, the Sway House, The Try Guys, James Charles, David Dobrik, and numerous other celebrities. 

First, it was Noah’s turn to ask Dixie ten questions. The questions he asked were as follows:

  1. Are you in love with me? (Dixie said yes)
  2. Do you love me? (Dixie said yes)
  3. Can you see yourself marrying me? (Dixie said no)
  4. Am I wasting my time? (Dixie said no)
  5. Are you embarrassed to post about our relationship? (Dixie said no)
  6. Would you classify yourself as a drama queen? (Dixie said no)
  7. Are you purposely mean to me? (Dixie said no)
  8. Have you ever thought about breaking up with me? (Dixie said no)
  9. Do you like snails? (Dixie said yes)
  10. Are you really, really, really, really sad? (Dixie said no)
  11. Do you think that you wear the pants in the relationship? (Dixie said yes)

All of Dixie’s answers were verbatim and correct, except for three. Dixie lied about liking snails (which many of us already knew, if you follow the D’Amelio Family on YouTube), she lied about not being able to see herself getting married to Noah, and she lied about never wanting to break up with Noah. According to D’Amelio, she wanted to see if she could trick the lie detector by providing the false answer of ‘never being able to marry Beck”. 

As for the breakup question, she admitted that she had talked to Beck, when she initially considered breaking up with him. Beck then exposed D’Amelio, by revealing that afterwards, she had ‘ghosted’ him, and refused to talk to him for days. 

Beck had also seemed hurt, at the fact that D’Amelio rarely posts about their relationship. Shortly after the video was uploaded, D’Amelio took to Instagram, to post these pictures of the cute couple.

Next up was Noah’s turn to answer the questions that Dixie threw at him:

  1. Are you in love with me? (Noah said yes)
  2. Have you ever said ‘I love you’ and not meant it? (Noah said no)
  3. Would you ever fight someone for me? (Noah said yes)
  4. Do I intimidate you? (Noah said no)
  5. Are you afraid of my dad? (Noah said no)
  6. Do you post about me for attention? (Noah said no)
  7. Am I annoying? (Noah said yes)
  8. Have you ever thought about breaking up with me? (Noah said no)
  9. Would you rather be in the Hype House? (Noah said no)
  10.  Are you physically attracted to James Charles? (Noah said no)

Many of Noah’s answers matched his verbal responses… except three. Noah’s intimidation answer proved to be false — to which he matched that answer with, “you’re horrifying”.

Once he was caught in a lie, Beck also admitted that he’s had thoughts of ending the relationship with D’Amelio. He wouldn’t state why, or when those thoughts occurred. 

Lastly, John revealed that Beck was lying about “not being physically attracted to James Charles”. This is the second lie detector test, in which Beck answered this question as a ‘lie’. He immediately blushed, and swore up and down that he was being truthful with his answer. 

Luckily, Beck and D’Amelio laughed it off as a joke. Although they did seem upset with one another during some answers, hopefully, they were able to talk through their indifferences. After all, solid communication is a key factor to making any relationship work.

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