Dove Cameron Reveals That She And Thomas Doherty Have Broken Up, After 4 Years Together

Courtesy: Instagram

Although they’ve been dating for a little over four years, a few days ago, Dove Cameron issued the following statement to Twitter:

Our hearts are broken, but we’re glad to see that Dove and Thomas will continue to support one another in their future endeavors. 

The two began dating in December of 2016, when they met on the set of the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Descendants 2”. 

Dove played the lead role of Maleficent’s daughter, Mal. Meanwhile, Thomas played the “sidekick” role of Harry, alongside Descendants villain, Uma (played by China Ann McClain). He and Mal were ex-lovers in the trilogy. 

According to an interview with On Demand Entertainment in 2017, Dove admitted that it wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ with Thomas. She had no idea who he was, prior to their encounter on the “Descendants 2” film. Rather, she was focused on her character of Mal and perfecting the role.

Although she couldn’t remember when she first fell in love with him, she did remember that it was an overwhelming and terrifying feeling — similar to going down a steep rollercoaster drop.

“I just remember being there like, ‘oooh. Nobody else could break my heart like he could'”.

Since they first started dating, the two were always posting affectionate photos/videos together on social media. It was very apparent that they brought so much genuine love and happiness into one another’s lives, even though they lived thousands of miles away.

While the “Descendants” trilogy was filmed in Canada, Dove has a permanent residence in Los Angeles, California, and Thomas (although born in Scotland) currently resides in London, England. They would constantly visit one another, in between projects and whenever they had the chance, and it’s so incredible that they were able to make their long distance relationship work for so long.

Although they’ve decided to keep the reason for their breakup private, we wish nothing but the best for the former couple, and we’re so glad that the breakup was amicable. 

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