The Bachelorette: Bennett Returns, the ‘Men Tell All’ & Drama Intensifies

Courtesy: ABC

Last week, we left off with Bennett’s return. As predicted, he wanted to come back to get another chance at love with Tayshia.

However, Bennett didn’t appear in last night’s episode until much later. 

In the mean time, Tayshia went on her one-on-one date with Blake. It was a very indigenous and spiritual related date, involving crystals, meditation, and symbolic representation.

Each exercise represented an important key factor, in what makes a relationship effective. The crystals represented communication, the meditation provided an insight into how each person was feeling, and the physical touch exercise allowed Blake and Tayshia to “look into each other’s souls”. 

Unfortunately, Tayshia didn’t see any sort of validation or chemistry in Blake’s eyes. According to Tayshia, Blake didn’t feel like the right fit for her.

So, in an emotional and heartfelt goodbye, she sent Blake home. 

Afterwards, she went into the room of contestants and broke down. She admitted that it was such a tough decision for her to send Blake home, and then she called Riley outside to ‘talk’. She ended up having to send him home as well.

Then, there were 5 men left… well, 6, if you include Bennett.

Speaking of, shortly after was the cocktail party. This one determined who would be heading to ‘Hometowns’. As if the other men weren’t nervous enough, that’s when Bennett walked into the room. The contestants were so taken aback by his surprise appearance. According to Bennett himself, “it looks like you’ve seen a ghost”.

Instead of Tayshia walking into the room, Chris Harrison appeared. After a week long hiatus to drop his son off at college, the “Bachelor Nation” host has returned. Although seeing Harrison is always such a joy, seeing him appear before Tayshia during a cocktail party? Yeah… that’s usually never a good sign.

He notified all six men that Tayshia would be skipping the cocktail party. Per “The Bachelorette” host, Tayshia already knew exactly who she wanted to choose, and who she would be eliminating. 

Ivan, Zac, Brendan, and Ben were each given a rose. Bennett and Noah were eliminated. 

Well, that settled it… until later tonight, that is.

For the remainder of the episode, Harrison hosted the “Men Tell All” segment, and WHEW — the drama was intense. 

Let me first start off by saying, poor Chasen. He was getting ragged on by Ed and a few of the others, but he wasn’t physically present at the MTA to defend himself. However, he was active on social media, and made a point to thank Demar for sticking up for him.

Noah and Bennett resurfaced their drama, and they wouldn’t let the other person get a word in. Riley intercepted the argument by giving his opinion: “To tell a man that he has a ‘0% chance’ with somebody is 1) disrespectful to him and 2) is disrespectful to Tayshia”. Kenny then decided to gang up on (and verbally attack) Noah — citing him as the reason that Kenny was eliminated that night.

Eventually, Harrison had to end the conversation and move on. This segment was all over the place, but Blake’s part was absolutely hilarious. Harrison showed a deleted scene of what happened during Blake’s one-on-one date with Tayshia. Not only were his chakras aligned, but something else was “aligned” as well, if you know what I mean…

Harrison then brought out an extremely controversial guest: Yosef Aborady.

He showed a recap of how blatantly disrespectful Yosef was to the first Bachelorette of the season, Clare Crawley. The entire time, he was being very defensive towards anyone that was trying to express their own opinion. 

Yosef was not sympathetic or apologetic, and he stood by his words of negativity. To reiterate, he had called Crawley “classless”, and said some pretty brutal and hurtful things to her. Lastly, Yosef admitted that he wouldn’t mind his daughter’s future husband speaking negatively towards her, in the same manner that he spoke towards Crawley.

After that fiasco, Tayshia came onto the stage, to speak with the other men. Soon thereafter, Harrison showed the private conversation between Tayshia and Bennett — in which Bennett had professed his love towards Tayshia.

In real time, Tayshia admitted that although she didn’t want to say goodbye to Bennett when he returned for a second chance, she wasn’t able to get there with him in time. 

Tayshia then faced Blake and Riley, and explained more about why she had to send them home. It was very apparent as to how guilty Tayshia felt for hurting them, and having to eliminate them. 

Luckily, she was able to utilize her time on the MTA to make amends with both Riley and Blake. 

To end the “Men Tell All” special, Harrison showed a compilation of “The Bachelorette” bloopers:

Of course, as with any episode of “The Bachelorette”, this week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger. Harrison premiered the promo for tonight’s episode, and YIKES. 

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