Tayshia Was Faced With A Tough Decision During Last Night’s Rose Ceremony

Courtesy: ABC

Last night was hometowns. Tayshia got to meet the families of the final four contestants: Ben, Ivan, Brendan, and Zac. 

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, things had to be switched around a bit. Rather than Tayshia traveling to each of the contestant’s hometowns, their families were flown to La Quinta Resort. 

Brendan was up first, and he did NOT disappoint. First, he surprised Tayshia with a mini carnival that reminded him of his small hometown aesthetic: carnivals, county fairs, and Brendan’s adorable little niece, Aliyah. The three of them played the ring toss, basketball, and Tayshia got the opportunity to truly bond with both Brendan and Aliyah.

Brendan had even admitted that he could envision Tayshia as the mother of his children, and stated that she would be a great aunt to Aliyah.

Later, it was time for Tayshia to meet the rest of Brendan’s family. Brendan introduced her to his brother, sister-in-law and re-introduced her to Aliyah. Immediately, Tayshia got along with all of them. According to Brendan, his brother knows him better than he knows himself. So, when Brendan’s brother admitted that he saw sparks between Brendan and Tayshia, his worries fizzled out. 

When Tayshia spoke one-on-one with Brendan’s brother, he spoke to her as if she was already a part of the family. He was so kind and honest with his words, and he made Tayshia feel validated in her relationship with Brendan. Shortly after, Brendan and Tayshia reluctantly parted ways, and Tayshia was off to the next hometowns date. 

The next day, it was time for Tayshia to meet Zac’s parents. Before the official meeting, he took her on a ‘trip’ around New York City. During their first conversation together, Tayshia admitted to Zac that she had thoughts about moving to New York City. Since Zac’s hometown is in New Jersey, he’s been to NYC a handful of times. So, he took her in a fake taxi around different backdrops of the city. 

First, they went to a bagel shop — where Tayshia got a blueberry cream cheese filled bagel. Next, they arrived at a pizza shop. Zac wanted Tayshia to try a slice of authentic New York pizza. Then, they submerged in a fountain, where they basked in an intimate moment. 

Several hours later, it was finally time to meet Zac’s family. He introduced her to his mother, father, and brother. Right off the bat, Zac’s brother asked Tayshia the dreadful question: “Where are you at with Zac, in relation to the other men?”. Unfortunately, she couldn’t answer that question directly, which appeared to leave an awkward moment between the two. However, his brother was just being protective of Zac’s heart, which is understandable. 

Zac’s father was such an angel. He admitted to Tayshia that he hadn’t seen Zac smile that much in a while, and that he could see how smitten the two of them were. They were both so polite and sweet to one another. It warmed my heart to see their interaction. 

Zac’s interaction with his mother was incredibly emotional. He thanked her for saving his life, and his mother thanked Tayshia for making her son happy. Zac walked Tayshia out, and she got ready for her next hometown date.

The next morning, Tayshia went to go meet Ivan’s family. Similar to Zac and Brendan, Ivan had something special planned for Tayshia. He prepared a bunch of ingredients for the two to cook together. The recipe that they followed was a special one — courtesy of his talented 4 year old niece, Kehlani. 

The dish was a family tradition, and honestly, just seeing their final product made me rummage through my refrigerator… Unfortunately, all I found were eggs and a slice of cheese. Yikes. 

Anyways, Ivan admitted that Tayshia is only the second woman to ever meet his family. Naturally, that made her even more nervous to meet them. Although Ivan had reassured Tayshia, his parents still had some questions.

Ivan’s mother was still skeptical and weary of how “The Bachelorette” process works. She stated that she felt like everything was going too fast, but that at the end of the day, the only thing that she cares about is Ivan’s happiness.

After they were done talking, Ivan’s father pulled Tayshia aside. He brought up the fact that she had been married before, and admitted that he has as well. He also posed the question of whether or not she had thought through getting married again, to which she answered, “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t ready”.

In the end, both of Ivan’s parents approved of their relationship. For a majority of the day, Ivan brought up his brother, and the fact that he wished he was able to see him. According to Ivan, his brother was the person that impacted him the most, and had the greatest influence on him. 

Well, just when Ivan and Tayshia were ready to head out, Ivan’s brother, Gabriel, appeared out of thin air — surprising both Tayshia and Ivan. After speaking with one another, Gabriel approved of Tayshia being Ivan’s potential wife. 

The next day, it was time for the final hometowns meet and greet: Ben’s family. Since Ben’s hometown is in Venice Beach, he made the hometown date “beach themed”. First, he took her for a walk on the boardwalk… but there’s a twist. They had to put on roller skates and skate around. They stopped at a juice bar for some wellness shots, and then went ‘shopping’ for sunglasses and a hat. 

Later, Ben lead them to a caricature of the two of them, and then they set camp on a blanket by the ‘beach’.

A few hours later, Tayshia got to meet two of the most important people in Ben’s life: his close family friend, Antonia, and his sister, Madalyn. 

Tayshia and Madalyn got to talk, and they matched each other’s energies so well. Tayshia asked Madalyn more about Ben, and she admitted that while he wasn’t hiding anything, he did have his guard up from being hurt in the past. 

Meanwhile, Ben admitted to Antonia that he was in love with Tayshia. Although he was able to admit that to Antonia, he couldn’t admit it to Tayshia. It was obvious that after walking her out, his guard was completely up.

During the rose ceremony, Brendan, Ivan, and Zac were given roses. Ben was eliminated

Although Tayshia gave Ben the opportunity to express himself to her, he held back once again. 

Well, that’s about it for this week. Stay tuned next week to find out who the final two men will be. 

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