Tayshia’s Fantasy Suites: Who Self Eliminated, Who Returned, and What Will Happen Next?

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Let’s get right into it. Last night were the fantasy suites, and while it was mostly fun for Tayshia, there were a few major roadblocks.

Towards the beginning of the episode, JoJo Fletcher came back to hype Tayshia up. She’s been through this process before, so she was able to alleviate feelings of stress from Tayshia.

Ivan was chosen first for the fantasy suites date. After he left for the date, Zac and Brendan admitted their feelings of uncertainty.

Ivan’s date with Tayshia started off very interesting. Since it was hot outside, the two were met with two ice baths. Although it looked extremely chilly, it wouldn’t be all torture. Tayshia and Ivan were aiming to beat the world record, for the “world’s longest and coldest kiss”. 

So, they changed into their bathing suits and hopped into the freezing water. Chris Harrison and Big Paulie moderated the competition, and within no time, the two were off to kissing.

Tayshia looked like she was calm, cool and collective for the most part. Meanwhile, Ivan appeared to be struggling. He was shaking a bit and constantly moving, but his lips never left Tayshia’s.

Luckily, they were both calmed by one another soon thereafter, and they managed to beat the world record by a long shot. After Harrison announced their victory, the two continued kissing for another two minutes or so. 

Later on, they regrouped for a lovely dinner outside. They spoke about how they would motivate each other, what kinds of activities they would do with one another, and how they feel so comfortable with each other.

Ivan admitted that he was falling in love with Tayshi, and Tayshia reciprocated those feelings. They spent the night together in the fantasy suite, and well, you can probably guess what happened next. 

The following morning, Tayshia and Ivan had breakfast together, and then, it was time to bid adieu.

Shortly after, it was Zac’s turn. They utilized the day portion of their date by painting each other’s bodies. It was very intimate, playful and messy. Their goals with body painting was to turn an empty canvas into a representation of their love for one another.

Later on, Tayshia and Zac rehashed their day over a delicious dinner. She questioned him about initially not wanting to have children, and he admitted that he used to lie to himself in the past, but that he does want children. 

He revealed that he was in love with Tayshia, and Tayshia reciprocated. She admitted that Zac seemed so sincere when he said it, and the two went off to the fantasy suites, to enjoy their night together.

Lastly, it was Brendan’s turn. Throughout this entire episode, Brendan appeared to be very hesitant, and it only grew worse as the night went on.

Brendan and Tayshia met up for what Tayshia thought would be a great date… and it was, for a short while.

Their day portion consisted of looking into their future. Tayshia guided Brendan towards Neil Lane. Lane is the man that provides engagement rings to the Bachelors/Bachelorettes, to use on the show. He’s been a part of the “Bachelor Nation” franchise for quite some time now.

With the help of Neil Lane, Tayshia and Brendan perused engagement jewelry.

Behind the scenes, Brendan admitted that this scared him and made him nervous. Since it’s his second time possibly getting engaged, his nerves were getting the best of him. According to Brendan himself, “am I ready to give Tayshia that commitment of forever? I don’t know”. 

Later on is where things got complicated. Brendan admitted that he isn’t at the same level as Tayshia, and that because she deserves “a man that is complete”, he can’t be that man for Tayshia. He self-eliminated himself, and that was a complete shock to Tayshia.

She walked him out, they said goodbye, and although sad, the situation was handled well and maturely by both parties. 

Tayshia admitted during the post-interview that she was planning to choose Brendan in the end. 

The following day, Rachel Lindsay showed up to coach Tayshia through her next steps. Lindsay was on the 13th Season of “The Bachelorette”.

During their conversation, Tayshia admitted that she had doubts about sending Ben home, and that it was tough for her. 

Little did she know that Ben was already talking to Chris Harrison about whether or not he was able to admit his true feelings to Tayshia. To recap, Tayshia sent Ben home, due to the fact that he wasn’t as open and honest with her as he could’ve been. 

Ben was able to catch Tayshia before the rose ceremony, where he admitted his true feelings to her. He not only revealed that he was in love with her, but he also stated that he sees a life with Tayshia. 

Naturally, Tayshia was once again caught off guard, and she had to stop him before he continued on. She left him sitting on the couch, while she went to think about everything in a separate room.

Although the episode ended there, from the brief sneak peak of tonight’s finale, we now know that Tayshia takes Ben back for one final chance.

Stay tuned for tonight’s two hour finale. Who will be eliminated, and who will end up being Tayshia’s new fiancé? 

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