“The Bachelorette” Season Finale Premiered Last Night, And It Was Full of Surprises

Courtesy: ABC

Last night’s season finale of “The Bachelorette” began with Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith continuing their last conversation. Ben continued to reiterate that he was in love with Tayshia, and Tayshia invited him to the rose ceremony. 

Before leaving for the rose ceremony, Ben had asked for a hug. Well, he got more than he requested, when Tayshia pulled him into a passionate kiss — leaving him blindsided and even more love-crazed.

Zac and Ivan were clearly taken aback that Ben was invited to the rose ceremony. 

After a brief chat, Ivan was eliminated. Zac and Ben each received a rose.

Tayshia reunited with her family the following day. Her mother, father, and two brothers showed up to La Quinta Resort to meet the final two men, and support their daughter/sister. 

Ben was the first one to sit down with Tayshia’s family. He admitted to Tayshia’s mother that he was in love with her daughter, and they had a nice heart-to-heart.

Tayshia’s father was more stern, when interrogating Ben. According to Mr. Adams, he wanted to make sure that these men had the best intentions with his daughter, before putting her through another marriage. The last thing any father wants is to see their daughter get hurt, and go through a second divorce.

Ben appeared to answer each question honestly, and the conversation ended on a positive note. Tayshia’s father admitted that he appreciated Ben’s honesty, and that he thought of Ben as a “good, genuine young man”.

Later on, Ben, Tayshia and her family had a quick scooter competition, before Ben returned to his suite.

Finally, it was Zac’s turn to meet Tayshia’s family. Zac immediately won over Tayshia’s mother, with his honesty and love for her daughter. When asked the question 

Tayshia’s father challenged Zac a bit more, but rightfully so. Zac admitted that he understands what the significance of an engagement ring means, and that he wouldn’t propose to Tayshia if he wasn’t committed to being with her forever. 

The conversation ended with high hopes for Tayshia’s dad. During the post-interview, he revealed that Zac put any feelings of doubt at ease, and that he’s excited to see what happens, moving forward.

Later on, Tayshia’s dad showed up at her suite to bring some clarity to her. Unfortunately, according to Tayshia, their talk was more overwhelming than helpful. Tayshia got emotional, reminiscing about the hurt that she felt when she went through her divorce. 

Tayshia met up with Zac again for a one-on-one date. Their date consisted of ballroom dancing. An instructor taught them a beautiful “first dance” routine, and although Zac was excited, Tayshia’s nerves were more visible than ever. Zac tried to refocus her attention back to the moment, and before long, the two were perfecting the dance routine. 

During her post-interview, Tayshia revealed that she wasn’t sure if she was ready to get married again, and that she had quite a bit of uncertainty. 

After talking to Zac, however, it cleared up a lot of confusion within her. He was very soft spoken, and he knew just the right words to say.

Tayshia then went to talk to Ben, and although he felt really secure in their relationship, Tayshia didn’t reciprocate those feelings. She admitted that she wasn’t on the same wavelength as Ben, and that she didn’t want to lead him on. Ben was heart broken, but he stated that he was happy for Tayshia. They said goodbye.

Zac then met with Neil Lane to discuss the ring that he was going to propose to Tayshia with.

Meanwhile, Tayshia was having a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison. She admitted that she loves Zac, and then broke down crying. After giving one final hug to Harrison, Tayshia walked over towards the last rose, and waited for Zac.

When Zac arrived, he held her hands, recited a beautiful, heartfelt speech, and got down on one knee. Zac went into this proposal with full confidence and of course, Tayshia said yes. I mean, if she didn’t say yes, we would’ve! His speeches were so emotional and genuine.

Tayshia got her happy ending with Zac, and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Congratulations, Zac and Tayshia, on your new life together!

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