Kelley Flanagan Responds to Breakup With Former Bachelor, Peter Weber

Courtesy: Instagram

As Bachelor Nation probably knows, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have recently split up. Weber was Season 24’s ‘bachelor’, and Flanagan had appeared on his season, as one of the contestants. 

Their love story was quite unique. While the other twenty-nine women had just met Weber for the first time, upon seeing Flanagan, we quickly learned that this wasn’t their first encounter together. After a wedding reception, Flanagan walked into the lobby of a hotel — where she danced with a man who was at the same hotel for his high school reunion. The man’s name? You guessed it. Peter Weber. 

Throughout the entirety of the season, fans were rooting for Weber and Flanagan. Not only had the two met before, but their chemistry on the show was undeniable. Alas, although Flanagan had made it to the final five, she was eliminated. Weber had gone on to propose to Hannah Ann Sluss, before breaking it off, and admitting his feelings for Madison Prewett. 

Prewett and Weber’s relationship lasted all but two days, and in March of 2020, TMZ leaked photos of Weber and Flanagan getting cozy in Chicago — Flanagan’s hometown. 

Finally, on May 2nd, the two announced their official relationship to the public. Since then, they’ve been going on adventures, doing TikToks with one another, and traveling as much as quarantine restrictions would allow. 

In December, Weber even revealed that he and Flanagan would be making the move to “the big apple”, during the new year. They were supposed to move to a NYC apartment this month, but unfortunately, things worked out differently for them. 

On December 31st, Weber took to Instagram, to announce his split with Flanagan. According to Weber, “while our relationship was filled with countless beautiful memories, our relationship simply didn’t work out in the end”. Weber also goes on to state that he wishes the absolute best for Flanagan, and that he will always have love for her in his heart. 

Well, yesterday, Flanagan responded to the breakup with a statement of her own. She admitted that she needed to take a few days to process the breakup, before going public about it. Similarly to Weber’s statement, she wished him the best, but revealed that they were both walking on two different paths in life. Their paths weren’t aligned, and because of that, they had to let each other find happiness on their own. 

Many Bachelor Nation fans were supportive of the two, but devastated that 2020 ended with their breakup. 

Former contestants from Weber’s season were also showing their love and support for Flanagan:

Public breakups are tough. You’re almost forced to come out and say something, even when you’re still trying to wrap your head around it, yourself. 

We wish both Weber and Flanagan the best in life, and we hope that they’re able to find the type of happiness that they’re searching for.

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