“The Bachelor” Season 25: First Impressions, Eliminations and Drama

Courtesy: ABC

Last night was the Season 25 premiere of “The Bachelor”, and it was an emotional whirlwind. First, we finally got to meet the man himself — Mr. Matt James. We learned that he was from North Carolina, grew up in a Christian household with his mother, moved to New York City, and now has two jobs: a real estate broker, and helping children in the city get out and do some fun activities. 

Right off the bat, Bachelor Nation could tell that he was a sweetheart. Everything about him was gentle, loving, and he seemed to have a playful personality. 

His mom appeared for a quick pep talk, before the 32 women arrived. There, James admitted that he’s always felt hesitant about falling in love with someone — due to his father’s split from his mother, when James was very young. 

James’ mother encouraged him to give it a try. Like any mother, she just wanted him to be happy, and to find the love of his life. 

Soon thereafter, Chris Harrison wished James luck, as the first batch of limos were arriving. However, James was still pretty hesitant. So, Harrison gave him a bit of a pep talk — since not only was it James’ first time in the Bachelor Nation franchise, but he was also the first Black Bachelor. 

After their heart-to-heart, James was ready to meet the newcomers: Abigail, Alicia, Alana, Amber, Anna, Bri, Carolyn, Casandra, Chelsea, Corrinne, Emani, Illeana, Jessenia, Kaili, Katie, Khaylah, Kimberly, Kit, Kristin, Lauren, Magi, Mari, Marylynn, MJ, Pieper, Rachael, Saneh, Sarah, Serena C., Serena P., Sydney, Victoria. 

According to Harrison, this was the first time that “The Bachelor” had received so many responses from interested women. James broke a BN record. 

The first limo of contestants included: Bri, Rachael, Sarah, Jessenia, Chelsea, and Mari. All of them were so gentle and sweet. They seemed like they all had a temporary calming effect on James.

The next batch of contestants consisted of: Magi, Carolyn, Sydney, Kristin, and Anna. These women were very confident, and Anna made a good first impression with her “Bachelor survival kit” for Matt. It was very light hearted, and he seemed to appreciate it. 

Khaylah isolated herself from the limo of women, and drove up in her North Carolina pick up truck. James admitted that he felt more comfortable with the women by that point. 

After that, the interactions flew by. There was more laughter, step stools were involved, ballerina dancing occurred, and one contestant (Katie) even brought a special “device” from home, to share with James. 

Meanwhile, the contestants that had already met James were inside, watching it all unravel from the window. It was hilarious, and the women seemed to match one another’s energies. 

Once the introductions were done, it was time for the cocktail party. All of the women were being so sweet towards Matt. They were hyping him up, being respectful, expressing their interests, and being honest with him. 

Mari’s deep conversation with James was interrupted, when she got tapped on the shoulder by Katie’s, um… “device”. Although it was pretty awkward, Mari laughed it off with the other women, and even created a fun ‘buzz kill’ pun. 

‘Queen’ Victoria interrupted Kit’s time with James, and then interrupted Saneh’s time later on. Kit and Victoria may be the ‘trouble queens’ of the season, but it’s only just begun. So, we’ll see what happens next week. 

Abigail’s conversation with Matt was so wholesome and raw. She opened up to him, in a way where he felt comfortable enough to not only kiss her, but to also give Abigail the first impression rose. The chemistry between the two was so apparent.

Alicia, Carolyn, Amber, Corrinne, Saneh, Kimberly, Emani, and Casandra were eliminated during the first rose ceremony. 

Minus the obvious tension between “Queen Victoria” and Kit, there was no drama in this episode. The promo for next week, however, is quite intense. 

Get ready for tears, adventures, surprises, and lots of heartbreak.

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