Week 2 of “The Bachelor”: Victoria Causes Chaos Amongst The Mansion

Courtesy: ABC

Last week on “The Bachelor”, we got to meet Matt James’ 32 contestants, and WHEW… What a whirlwind. “Queen” Victoria and Kit certainly made a long standing impression on Bachelor Nation fans, and Abigail made a positive first impression on both Bachelor Nation fans, and the bachelor himself. Matt was so smitten with Abigail, that he gave her his first impression rose. 

This week started off with Chris Harrison announcing that there would be two one on one dates, and one group date. Bri received the first one on one date card.

They started their date off with an ATV ride through the woods. She and Matt were having the time of their lives, amped up on all of the adrenaline. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Victoria started some unnecessary drama. While the other contestants were expressing their excitement for Bri, Victoria expressed her disdain for her — claiming that she’s “not here to be in a sorority”, and that she’s solely there for Matt. Naturally, the other contestants were annoyed at her attitude. 

Bri hopped onto Matt’s ATV, after saying that she trusted him. Well, it didn’t last too long before Matt flipped the ATV over on accident, while performing a series of donuts. He immediately felt bad, but they both laughed it off. Shortly after, they settled down in a hot tub, and enjoyed a lovely glass of champagne — before sharing a passionate kiss. 

Then, they had a heartfelt conversation and opened up to one another about their upbringings. Both Matt and Bri admitted that they grew up without father figures, and that they had always gravitated towards friends that had large, ‘stable’ families. 

Matt toasted to their first date, and Bri received the one on one rose. They celebrated with a night full of kisses and fireworks.

Back at the mansion, Victoria stirred up the pot again with some more unnecessary drama. The contestants were gawking over the fireworks and the possibility that Matt and Bri were making out. Victoria took this as a jab towards Matt and Bri, and used that to defend her actions, earlier in the day. She then started accusing Marylynn of ‘being mean’ to her, and then stormed away in a huff, after Marylynn tried to make amends. 

The following day was the big group date. It started off with the women getting dressed up in wedding gowns for a photoshoot with Matt. Some photos were playful, others were more on the romantic side, and then there was Victoria. She didn’t hold back. She made Matt remove a garter belt from her leg, and then proceeded to makeout with him. 

Chris Harrison interrupted the photoshoot by hosting a game of “capture the heart”. Similar to ‘capture the flag’, Team Red has to capture Team Blue’s heart (or vice versa) and bring it back to the wedding armor. To stop the opposing team from placing the heart in the wedding armor, contestants will have various wedding accessories readily available to them. They must dip the object into a bucket of paint, and tag their opponent. The team who successfully captures the heart wins a date with Matt. 

Things heated up quickly. Cake was thrown, faces were covered in paint, and it was a free-for-all. The red team won the cocktail party date with Matt.

Sarah got the next one on one date card. 

At the cocktail party, although each woman was vying for Matt’s love and attention, he already had someone in mind for the group date rose. After escorting Victoria back to the group, he asked to speak with Lauren. Matt admitted that he wanted to get to know Lauren better. Lauren gladly accepted the group date rose. 

The following day was Sarah’s one on one date with Matt, and it was truly a once in a lifetime adventure. They began their day with an aerial view of the mansion, and the surrounding Pennsylvania area. Once they landed, Matt tried to get Sarah to open up about her personal life, but there were still some visible restrictions. Behind the camera, he admitted that although he wants things to workout with Sarah, he can’t see a future with her if she’s not vulnerable with him. 

During the dinner portion of their date, Sarah opened up about her father. Over five years ago, Sarah’s father was diagnosed with ALS. She admitted that it was hard to leave her father behind to be on “The Bachelor”, but that she wanted to find love with Matt. 

Matt seemed to really appreciate her honesty and selflessness. Sarah received the one on one date rose. 

The cocktail party got a little messy, but would it really be “The Bachelor” without some sort of drama? Victoria confronted Matt, and made up a story about how Marylynn “cries to manipulate situations”. She then called Marylynn “toxic”. YIKES.

Well, like the kind hearted man that he is, Matt believed Victoria. He then spoke to Marylynn about the situation, and after Marylynn denied bullying Victoria (as she should, because she didn’t bully her), Matt walked away, more confused than ever.

Marylynn then asked to speak to Victoria outside — to which Victoria immediately declined. The other women who were sitting in the surrounding area were kind enough to step out and give Victoria and Maylynn their space to hash things out. 

Unfortunately, Victoria wasn’t willing to listen to anything that Marylynn had to say, and constantly interrupted her. After trying to come to an understanding, Marylynn was forced to give up, after Victoria got up and walked away. 

The rose ceremony was filled with anxiety and tension. As Matt was handing a rose to each woman, Sarah lost her balance. The producers guided her away from the rose ceremony, and the episode ended with Sarah admitting that she “couldn’t see”.

The episode ended on that cliffhanger, but we hope that Sarah is alright!

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