Eleanor Kingston’s Latest Single, “Pink Things”, Is The Female Empowerment Anthem That We All Needed!

Photo Courtesy: Grant Dacklin/Makeup by: Cynthia Leal

Oftentimes, many talented up and coming artists go unnoticed — whether due to extreme competition, minimal advertising funds, or even just lacking the proper platform to express themselves to the right audience.

Eleanor Kingston is a 20-year-old up and coming pop/R&B artist. Through music, Kingston breaks the barrier of fan vs. artist, and allows her audience to view her as she is: raw, vulnerable, and human. 

Her first single, “Highway” was released in 2018, and focused on the double standards that men and women have. If men embark on one-night-stands with women, they’re considered ‘studs’ and ‘the man’. However, if a woman goes out and sleeps with multiple men, then she’s automatically shunned, and branded as a ’slut’. 

Kingston has always been extremely vocal about controversial topics. She uses her voice and platform to stand up for those who may not be able to. 

On January 8th, Kingston debuted her latest single, “Pink Things” — a song about nonconformity and female empowerment.  Oftentimes, women are categorized as ‘one’ or ‘the other’. If a woman is wearing a floral printed sundress and light makeup, then according to society, she’s categorized as “sweet and innocent”.

If a woman wears dark makeup and is dressed in all black, then she ‘has’ to be “depressed and gothic”. Kingston’s intent behind creating “Pink Things” was to showcase the fact that women shouldn’t be labeled as ‘one’ or ‘the other’. They should be allowed to express themselves, however they choose. If they like grunge, but also like to feel “pretty in pink”, then they should do so, without fear of judgement. 

During the chorus of her song, she states that “You say I’m crazy; have no soul. I should sit pretty just for show. But, I have spent an eternity inside of me, trying not to lose control. So, here’s to pink things, ‘cause when you put us down, it only makes us grow.”

The song (written by Kingston and produced by Boia) has been streamed over 20,000 times on Spotify alone, and very recently, “Pink Things” was selected for the “Fresh Pressed” and “Fizz: Hits of Tomorrow, Today” editorial playlists on Soundcloud. 

Kingston’s first ep, “Great Kind of Madness”, is scheduled to release on all streaming platforms, on January 22nd. “Great Kind of Madness” will contain 4 songs — all of which revolve around her own personal experiences. Each song contains a theme of its own, including topics like: relationships, mental health, and friendships.

“Great Kind of Madness” is meant to be an oxymoron, for Kingston’s musical technique. She takes the negative experiences from her personal life, and turns it into something positive. Her last single, “Meaningless”, was all about the constant battle of needing to feel “perfect” in the digital age. Social media is where everyone posts their happiest moments, but no one really knows what happens offline.

Kingston described the single as her way of “transforming that pain into art, and to start living a life where we all feel confident in being ourselves”. 

Not only is Kingston planning on releasing her first ep this year, but “Great Kind of Madness” will be divided up into two parts. The release date for the second half of Kingston’s ep has yet to be announced. However, fans should be on the lookout for her “Pink Things” music video — dropping January 29th.

In the meantime, be sure to keep up with Kingston on social media, as she’ll be releasing her newest single from her second ep on February 26th. You can follow her on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok, Snapchat (@eleanorkingston) and Twitter. She’s always very open and interactive with her fans. Trust me when I say that if you haven’t heard her name yet, you will by the end of 2021.

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