Sarah Self-Eliminates During Week Three of “The Bachelor”

Courtesy: ABC

Last week’s episode of “The Bachelor” ended on a cliffhanger. Sarah had nearly passed out during the rose ceremony, and paramedics rushed to her aid.

Luckily, after a brief moment outside with Matt, she was alright.

Matt then continued the rose ceremony. Sydney, Kristin, Illeana, Alana, and Marylynn were eliminated. Unfortunately for the other contestants, this meant that Victoria was ‘safe’ for another week.

This week consisted of one group date, and a one on one date.

Sarah read the first group date card, which included: Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C, Victoria, Kayla, Anna, Kylie, and Katie.

Former Bachelor franchise star, Ashley Iancotti, hosted the first group date. She read a snippet of Chris Harrison’s romance novel, “The Perfect Letter”, and then assigned each contestant to write a romance scene for Matt.

Each scene became more and more intimate — with certain words having to be ‘bleeped’ out by the ABC producers. It was quite amusing.

Victoria’s romance scene did NOT disappoint. She had the entire crowd of women laughing, and every other word that she recited was ‘bleeped’.

The back row of women were sent back to the mansion, and the women in the front were invited to the afterparty.

Serena P. received the one on one date card. Although the others put on a smile, there was one person M.I.A: Sarah.

Sarah was on her way to talk to Matt, because she was having doubts about moving forward. According to Sarah, she’s dealt with commitment issues in the past, so she wanted validation from Matt.

Sarah interrupted Katie’s time with Matt, and the two had an open conversation.

Naturally, Katie told the others about Sarah’s interruption, and their moods shifted quickly. Katie went back upstairs to get her time back, but it was a constant back and forth between Sarah and Katie… That is, until Matt and Sarah said their goodbyes.

Sarah then went to apologize to the other women, but the apology wasn’t taken lightly. They were angry at the fact that Sarah took their time away from Matt.

As Sarah was leaving, she was confronted by Victoria and Katie. Victoria left Katie and Sarah to speak alone, and the conversation was tense. Sarah continued to apologize, and although Katie was annoyed with the situation, she handled it maturely, and she didn’t yell or name call.

Rachael received the group date rose. Serena C. and Anna appeared to be the most upset — since their time with Matt was cut short that night.

The following day was Serena P.’s one on one date with Matt, but before their date could officially start, Matt took a few minutes to check up on Sarah. She was upstairs in bed, because the other women were still angry with her. Although she had doubts about leaving, Matt convinced her to stay.

After their conversation, Matt went on a horse back riding date with Serena P. Later, they sat down for a wine/charcuterie board picnic. They quickly opened up with one another about their families, and different expectations that their families have.

The honesty led to a brief make-out session — before their kiss was interrupted by a donkey’s snout in their face.

During the dinner portion of their date, Serena and Matt spoke about their past relationships. Serena revealed that she’s been in love before, while Matt has never experienced the act of ‘falling in love’.

Serena admitted that she was falling into ‘like’ with Matt. She received the one on one date rose. They ended their date with a glass of champagne in a hot tub.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the second group date card arrived. Just as Rachael was going to read the group date card, Sarah arrived.

Immediately, MJ and the others began to attack Sarah for not facing them earlier. Sarah apologized once again to Katie, but she wasn’t even able to speak, before the others chimed in. It was evident that the tension between Sarah and the other contestants weren’t fading anytime soon.

Katie later privately confronted Sarah, and admitted that the way those girls attacked her wasn’t right. Sarah opened up to Katie about her father’s ALS condition, and Katie admitted that her father passed away in 2012. The two shared a heartfelt moment together, before Sarah packed her bags and self eliminated.

Upon hearing of Sarah’s departure, the other women seemed relieved, and Victoria was jumping for joy. Katie was quick to end all smirks and smiles, by reminding the women that no one knows what each contestant is going through, and to be kind to one another. Honestly, Katie was the real MVP of this episode.

Sarah headed over to Matt’s house to say farewell, and as deeply as Matt had felt for Sarah, he had to let her go.

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