Sabrina Carpenter Clears Up Rumors That Her Single, “Skin”, Is About Olivia Rodrigo

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If you’re active on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, then by now, you’re probably up to date with the Disney drama. If not, here’s a refresher:

On January 4th, Olivia Rodrigo (star of “High School Musical The Musical: The Series”, announced that her single, “Driver’s License” will be released (along with a music video) on January 8th. Rodrigo first teased her fans last July, with an acoustic snippet of “Driver’s License”. The original lyrics said, “you’re probably with that brunette girl — the one I always thought about. She’s so much older than me. She’s everything I’m insecure about”.

Well, also on January 4th, Rodrigo’s HSMTMTS co-star, Joshua Bassett, announced the release of his latest single, “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)”. He revealed that he would be premiering his single (accompanied by a music video) on January 14th. Bassett first posted a snippet of “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)” in November of 2019.

Within hours of releasing “Driver’s License”, the song broke the internet. On TikTok, fans flooded the platform with theories of who the song could be about. The fans were quick to figure out that the song was written about Bassett. While Bassett and Rodrigo had never officially confirmed their relationship status, Rodrigo’s lyrics were filled with ‘easter eggs’ (which makes sense, considering that Rodrigo is a huge Swiftie).

In her song, she mentioned that she would always talk to the boy about one day getting her driver’s license. Well, according to a past snapchat story, Bassett was the one that first taught Rodrigo how to drive, in an In N Out parking lot. 

Rodrigo also brought up “the blonde girl” (she switched the lyrics from ‘brunette girl’), and fans have speculated the blonde girl to be Disney Channel actress/musician, Sabrina Carpenter. Carpenter and Bassett have been spotted in public together, quite a few times last year — including at a BLM protest, and wearing matching costumes for Halloween. 


dream a dream u little bleep #sharkboyandlavagirl @sabrinacarpenter

♬ Follow me plz – Ma’kaila Janai

Although Rodrigo and Bassett have yet to speak out on the swirling rumors, Carpenter recently released a new single, called “Skin”. The lyrics discuss the possibility of being friends with someone, under different circumstances. In her song, Carpenter recited the following lyrics, “maybe you didn’t mean it. Maybe blonde was the only rhyme”. 

She then goes on to voice that she’s happy and secure in her relationship, and that ‘the other girl’ hates to see it. 

The internet was broken for the third time this month, and more rumors began to surface — the most popular one being that Carpenter wrote “Skin” as a diss track to Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License”. For several days, Carpenter was flooded with backlash about the meaning of her song. 

However, last night, Carpenter set the record straight. She posted a candid photo of herself, and thanked her fans for all the love that they’ve shown, towards her latest single. 

That being said, she then proceeded to deny all of the accusations and rumors — stating that, “I wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it. I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons.”

Carpenter also admitted that “Skin” was about multiple people/experiences — rather than just one single person. According to the singer, it was an ode to her past self. 

The public response was overall extremely positive. Some people were thanking her for addressing the situation and putting the alleged ‘drama’ to rest, and others were annoyed FOR her.

“I can’t believe she had to explain her own song because of the haters”, one fan commented. 

Now that the air is cleared, hopefully the rumors will finally stop. However, it is the internet. So, we’ll see about that one. In the mean time, go stream “Driver’s License”, “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)” and “Skin”!

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