“The Bachelor” Week 4: Anna & Victoria Bully The New Contestants, & Katie Saves The Day

Courtesy: ABC

Week 4 of “The Bachelor” started off with more of the women talking poorly about Sarah — even though she wasn’t at the mansion anymore. Victoria made a very rude remark about her, but Katie was quick to speak up and put a stop to it. 

Naturally, Victoria got defensive and used some derogatory words towards Katie.

Later on was the second group date. Although Matt was still upset about Sarah leaving, he still tried to have a fun night. 

Abby admitted that she never thought she’d make it past night one, and Chelsea got vulnerable about shaving off her hair.

After showing Matt a photo of her with long hair, Chelsea revealed that it was emotional for her to shave her head. However, it was more of a struggle for her (as a Black woman) to properly maintain her hair. Matt empathized with her, and the two had a genuine moment together.

Meanwhile, Victoria was back at the mansion, stirring up drama. She “demanded” an apology from Katie about “not being able to freely express herself”, but Katie (like the boss she is) stood her ground. She openly admitted that Victoria was toxic, and that she wasn’t getting an apology. 

Back at the group date, Matt gave the group date rose to Chelsea.

The next night was the cocktail party — where one by one, women opened up to Matt and had their feelings validated. During Victoria’s conversation, however, Chris Harrison pulled Matt away to talk. As expected, Victoria was angry and annoyed, and she voiced her feelings about Chris Harrison, towards the ABC producers. 

Meanwhile, Harrison admitted that due to the overwhelming response of applications, there were more women that would be arriving to meet Matt.

The first woman, Brittany, was very bold with her introduction. She kissed Matt right off the spot, and naturally, the other women were pretty upset.

Victoria immediately snapped at Brittany, but she was quickly met with defiance. Brittany didn’t mind the backlash. She was  confident and accepted it. 

The other new contestants included: Michelle, Ryan, Kim, and Catalina.

Victoria then went over to Catalina and snatched her tiara off of her head. There was a lot of new tension in the mansion, and even the viewers at home could feel it. 

As Matt began spending time with the new contestants, some of the other contestants were angry about not getting time with Matt.

Soon after, the rose ceremony began. Khaylah, Kim, and Kaili were eliminated.

The next day was the first group date of the new week. Mari, Bri, Abigail, Victoria, Brittany, Ryan, Ana, Catalina and Magi were all chosen for the group date. 

The date consisted of a fun obstacle course, hosted by former bachelor, Ben Higgins. The women had to paddle across a river in a 1,000lb pumpkin, dress up as squirrels, find their acorns, walk along a balance beam, and race to victory. 

Poor Magi was stuck on the river — unable to paddle her way across. Mari won the obstacle course, and Anna cheated, by hiding Brittany’s acorn. 

During the cocktail party, while Anna was talking to Matt, Brittany interrupted to pull him aside. 

Shortly after, Anna was telling Victoria how she ‘heard’ that Brittany was an escort. Word spread quickly, and Brittany cleared up the rumor. 

“No, I’m not an escort. I’ve had a boyfriend since I was sixteen. It’s so ridiculous to even have that come out of my mouth.”

Brittany admitted that Anna’s accusations hurt her. Of course, Victoria had to insert her opinion, and she told the new women to “get out of the house”. 

The following day, Michelle had her one-on-one date — which included a scavenger hunt. They zip lined, popped some balloons to learn more about each other, and took a romantic ride in a hot air balloon. 

Their dinner took place in a decorated auto shop. Matt asked Michelle about her experiences as a teacher in Minnesota, and Michelle got candid about wanting to make a difference for her students. She admitted that it was tough, not being able to interact with her students in person — due to Covid-19. 

Matt appreciated her honesty, and during his post interview, he revealed that he could see her being his wife. Michelle received the one-on-one rose, and the two cozied up in the back of a car.

The following day, Brittany was speaking to Katie about the rumors that Anna had started about her. Katie tried to console Brittany, but she was also honest about how ruthless some of these women can be.

The second group date involved a boxing match. According to Matt, he wanted the women to release their frustration, and relieve themselves of the obvious tension, swirling through the house. 

The women were excited and all for it. Chris Harrison and Wells Adams were the commentators for the match, while former world boxing champion, Mia St. John hosted the event.

The rounds went as followed:

  1. Katie vs. Jessenia (Katie won)
  2. Serena C. vs. Kit (Serena won)
  3. Rachael vs. Pieper (Pieper won)
  4. Serena P. vs. Lauren (Lauren won)

Lauren knocked Serena P. in the nose pretty hard, and that’s when Matt decided to stop the fight. He brought the women to the after party, and thanked all of the women for giving it their all on that group date.

Katie is a QUEEN. She tried so hard to stand up for the new girls, but no one else was backing her up. So, she did the right thing by privately confronting Matt about the situation. Although she didn’t name drop, she told him that the bullying needed to be addressed, and mentioned the rumors that were swirling around.

Luckily, Matt took that conversation to heart, and promised to address it with everyone, the following day. Next week seems like it’ll be interesting, but hopefully, Matt makes the right decision to eliminate the problematic women. 

The house is full of toxicity and middle school drama. These women deserve to find love (as does Matt), but the constant bullying from women like Victoria & Anna are taking a major toll on the group’s mental health. 

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