“The Bachelor” Week 5 Eliminations, Drama, and PDA Continues

Courtesy: ABC

The drama continued during Week 5 of “The Bachelor”. The week started off at the cocktail party. This was the night after Katie had confronted Matt about the toxicity going on, within the house. Matt stood in front of the women, and announced that bullies and toxic women aren’t the qualities that he’s searching for in a wife, and that he’ll be addressing these concerns ASAP. 

First, Matt pulled Brittany away to talk, and Brittany revealed that it was Anna who started the escort rumor. Matt apologized for any hurt that was caused by this rumor, and then ushered Anna in, to speak with her in private. 

Immediately, Anna began playing the ‘victim’ card. She told Matt that although she did start the rumor, she “immediately regretted it” and she “apologized to Brittany for being out of character” (which she didn’t — at least, not on camera).

Luckily, Matt was smarter than to fall for any tricks. He’s such a sweet guy, so of course he was gentle and understanding about the whole situation. However, he did end up sending Anna home — 1/3 of the contestants that were causing drama.

Immediately after Anna got sent home, the women who have been doing most of the bullying in the house began to apologize left and right to the newcomers. When Chelsea asked the new girls if they thought the house was toxic, Catalina and Michelle admitted that not only were there bullies in the house, but even the ones who didn’t outwardly make malicious comments, laughed at those malicious comments. It was clear that it made them uncomfortable, and to save their own relationships with Matt, the bullies began to kiss ass. 

Victoria “apologized” to Catalina for taking her crown on night one. According to her, it “wasn’t malicious at all”. However, Victoria was just saying that to save her reputation with Matt. 

Thankfully, Matt pulled Ryan in to talk to her, and Ryan was honest about Victoria’s attitude towards her, and the toxic environment that she creates. 

Upon finding out about what Ryan had told Matt, Victoria had a mental breakdown. She pulled Matt aside, and tried to come up with excuses, as to why her actions have been acceptable. Matt simply stated that he needed “time to think”, and escorted himself out of the room.

That’s when Chris Harrison walked in, and informed the group that they were headed straight to the rose ceremony. Victoria had a meltdown once again, and claimed that she was better than all of the contestants. 

The rose ceremony was the moment that Bachelor Nation has been waiting for, for the past few weeks: Victoria was finally eliminated.

Catalina, Mari, and Lauren were also eliminated, but Bachelor Nation let out a sigh of relief when Victoria’s name wasn’t called for a rose.

Although Anna and Victoria were 2/3 of the bullies on this season, I have to give Anna credit. She admitted defeat and walked away in silence. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Victoria. While the other eliminated contestants went up to hug him and wish him the best of luck on his journey, Victoria told Matt that he was making a big mistake, and that none of those girls were right for him. She then stormed off like an upset toddler.

The next day started off with some positivity from the women. Rachael got the one on one date card, and the women were cheering her on. 

Rachael’s date with Matt consisted of shopping spree. A private car took Rachael out to a store to meet Matt, and the celebrity stylist helped Rachael choose a perfect outfit (or two, or more). Matt was blown away by the red dress that Rachael came out in, and he surprised her with a pair of beautiful heels. They ended their day with a sweet kiss, and when Rachael arrived back at the mansion, the women were blown away.

Although the other women complimented her and were happy for her, a lot of them also felt very intimidated, because they wanted to get more time with Matt. Luckily, there was no drama… yet.

Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, and MJ were chosen for this week’s group date. Kit was chosen for the one on one date. Abigail and Katie took it the hardest, and expressed how confused they were. 

Meanwhile, Rachael met with Matt for the dinner portion of their date. On the date, she admitted that she’s never fallen in love with anyone, due to her lack of self confidence. Rachael stated that even during the shopping portion of her date with Matt, she felt as though she didn’t deserve any of the presents that he had gotten for her. 

She was open and transparent, and therefore, Matt appreciated it. He also admitted that he was falling in love with Rachael, and that when he’s with her, “everything just feels right”. Rachael received the one on one rose. 

The following day was the group date. This group date related back to Matt’s countryside roots. The women arrived at a farm — where they had to collect chicken eggs, milk a goat, and get a feel of what the country vibes are like. This experience was meant to showcase patience in a relationship. 

Although all of the women were eager to participate, MJ was quick to run away from the chickens. She was NOT having it, and although it was pretty funny, Matt paid more attention to her in that moment, than the other women… That is, until MJ walked in on Matt kissing Pieper, during her interview. 

The rest of the women could see Matt and Pieper through the opening in the barn, and let’s just say they weren’t too happy, seeing their man kissing someone else (which is fair).

At the cocktail party, Abigail pulled Matt away, to express her concerns for the future. She was open about her father walking out on her, due to her hearing loss, and she admitted that she was scared that her future husband would do the same, if her child ended up being deaf. 

Matt was quick to reassure her. According to the bachelor, he admired her honesty and strength, and thought of her as such a strong, defiant woman. 

Shortly after, Matt pulled MJ away to talk with her. He mentioned that her name was involved in all of the drama that ensued within these past few weeks, and MJ defended herself by stating that she’s all about “peace and harmony”. She then told Matt that she had nothing to do with it (even though that was a blatant lie), and she walked away, visibly upset. 

MJ then approached the women, and opened the floor for conversation. Ah, so you thought the drama was over, right? Well, unfortunately not. This IS “The Bachelor”, after all. 

After Jessenia admitted that she told Matt about MJ’s toxic behavior, MJ lost it. Similarly to Victoria, MJ couldn’t admit that she was wrong, and demanded that Jessenia should apologize to her. One of the Bachelor Nation fans on Twitter said that, “it’s like Victoria left and her soul possessed MJ”. I mean… 

Unfortunately, that’s not the last that we’ll see of MJ’s feud with Jessenia. In the mean time, Abigail got the group date rose, and the next day was Kit’s one-on-one date. 

Kit had expressed her love for cooking to Matt, earlier in the season, and Matt listened. Kit went to Matt’s house — where they baked homemade cookies. Kit revealed that she’s never felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with anyone, romantically. However, she feels “ready to dive into the deep end” with Matt. Kit received a rose. 

Back in the realm of reality, there was still some obvious hostility between MJ and Jessenia. So, Matt wanted to settle things between the both of them. While Jessenia and MJ were waiting for Matt, words were exchanged. MJ stated that she was “embarrassed” for Jessenia, and she wouldn’t let Jessenia get a full sentence in. Jessenia spoke her truth, but MJ wouldn’t accept responsibility. 

The two conveniently went silent, just as Matt was coming in to dispute the situation. Wow. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if MJ or Jessenia (or neither) are going home.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see what Tyler Cameron has to say about all of this — since he’ll be making a cameo in next week’s episode. Also making a cameo is Heather Martin. Heather was a previous contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”. So, this should be very interesting…

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