Week 6 of “The Bachelor” Was Filled With Drama and New Surprises

Courtesy: ABC

Last night’s episode of “The Bachelor” continued with last week’s drama. Matt pulled Jessenia and MJ aside, to speak to them individually about what’s going on.

Jessenia was very soft spoken and calm, when explaining that MJ was manipulative. MJ, however, denied everything and played the “victim” card. 

Matt denied MJ a rose and walked her out. FINALLY. So, Anna, MJ and Victoria have officially gone home. Does this mean the drama’s over now?

… Yeah, well, it was for a few minutes — before Chris Harrison came out and announced that Matt would be skipping the cocktail party, and moving straight into the rose ceremony. Although all of the girls were upset, Serena C. started drama with Katie, and accused her as being the reason for this drama. Well, sorry Serena C., but Katie was just trying to do the decent thing and stop the toxicity in the house (which Serena C. doesn’t see). Um, if you can’t see that there’s bullying and toxic behavior occurring inside of the mansion, it might be because you were contributing towards the toxic behavior… Just saying. 

Anyways, Katie let it go, and the women arrived at the rose ceremony. Ryan, Magi, and Brittany were eliminated. 

The next day, Pieper got a one-on-one date card from Matt. Serena C. then walked into Katie’s room, and started attacking her about “starting drama” (when it was literally the other way around), and accusing Katie of not being authentic towards Matt.

Later on, Heather Martin arrived at the Nemacolin Resort. Martin was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”, and she’s also good friends with former ‘Bachelorette’, Hannah Brown. Hannah was playing wingwoman towards Heather, and wanted her to meet Matt. Hannah and Matt are close friends, who’ve spent a lot of time together, during the beginning of the pandemic. 

Chris Harrison was immediately taken aback by Heather’s arrival, and promised her that he would try to pull some strings, to get her onto the season. 

Later that night was Pieper’s one-on-one date with Matt. They arrived at a county fair, went on rides,played some games, won a stuffed animal, and shared lots of passionate kisses. During the dinner portion of their date, Pieper opened up about her family, the reason for being so closed off, and admitted that she was falling in love with Matt. Pieper received the one-on-one rose. 

Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P., Abigail, Chelsea, and Serena C. were chosen for the group date. This meant that Katie was chosen for the next one-on-one date. 

Meanwhile, Heather was officially admitted into the Nemacolin Resort, and she was getting ready to finally meet Matt.

This week’s group date consisted of bowling. Everyone was having a fun time together.. That is, until Chris Harrison showed up and split the women into teams. That’s when things turned serious. There were two teams: The “Pink Petals” and the “Blue Bombshells”. It was a close call, but the “Pink Petals” won the competition. This meant that Michelle, Chelsea, Jessenia and Serena P. got to spend more time with Matt at the after party. 

Although the losing team walked back to the mansion in a slump, it wasn’t long before Chris Harrison came to deliver some great news: Matt felt guilty for sending the “Blue Bombshells” home, so he invited them to join the cocktail party. Michelle received the group date rose. 

The following day was Katie’s one-on-one date. However, before then, we got to see a bit of a ‘bromance’ moment between Tyler Cameron and Matt James. Tyler coached Matt about his date with Katie, and then, it was off to the races. 

Katie met up with Matt at the spa, where they pulled a light-hearted prank on Tyler C. They sat in a private booth, and through a microphone, they coached the masseuse (who’s really an actress) on what to say/do, throughout his session. 

It began with Matt telling the masseuse to massage his chest area. Katie then told her to “twist Tyler’s ni**les”. It was absolutely hilarious. She then had to use the rolling pin as hard as she could on Tyler’s back. Just by the reactions alone, one could tell how uncomfortable he was. After a few more minutes of fun pranking, Matt took the lead and acted as Tyler’s masseuse. However, he was quick to catch on. Matt and Katie had so much fun during the day portion of their date.

Later on, their dinner portion started off great. They laughed about their day, and Katie opened up about her last long-term relationship. Out of nowhere, Matt grabbed a rose, and rather than giving it to Katie, he explained that his feelings are stronger towards some of the other women in the house. Katie was eliminated. 

Just before the rose ceremony, Pieper went to talk to Matt. They were deep in conversation, when Heather walked in. Although Pieper had no idea who Heather was, Matt recognized her almost immediately. The two hugged, and Pieper left to inform the other women of what had just happened. 

The women were pissed, and of course, that’s when the episode ended. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week, to find out whether or not Heather gets a rose. 

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