Taylor Swift Announces The Date of Her “Love Story” & “Fearless” Re-Recordings

Courtesy: Beth Garrabrant

Earlier this week, Good Morning America announced that Taylor would be coming onto the show, to make a surprise announcement.

Immediately, fellow Swifties were freaking out. Some theorized that she would be releasing the re-recording of “Love Story” on Valentine’s Day. However, the Swifties were in for a real treat, when this morning, Taylor popped onto Good Morning America, to deliver the following message:

“Good morning, America. It’s Taylor. I’m so excited to share with you that tonight at midnight, I’ll be putting out my version of Love Story”.

So, wait… TWO DAYS EARLIER THAN ANTICIPATED? Whew. Someone hold my iced coffee, because this is too much to handle.

As if that wasn’t enough of a gift, Taylor also revealed that she re-recorded her entire Fearless album… but, there’s a catch. While the original album contained a total of thirteen songs (true Swifties know that 13 is Taylor’s lucky number), the new re-recorded version will contain 26 songs.

According to Swift herself, “I’ve decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the original Fearless album”.

Um, excuse me, WHAT?! Wow. Taylor really said, “I know we’re going through tough times right now, so let me bring back some happy memories for you”. I was ten years old when the original “Love Story” track was released, and I’ll be 23 years old, when the re recorded version comes out, tonight. Absolutely incredible.

Although the new “Fearless” album release date was never directly stated, Taylor’s infamously known for her easter egg agenda. She’ll leave little hints here and there for her fans to find, and by now, the Swifties are absolute detectives.

After her GMA announcement, Taylor hopped onto Twitter, to release the following statement:

Did you catch the sporadic moments of letter capitalization? Well, that’s Taylor’s way of highlighting an important message: The new “Fearless” album will be released on April 9th, 2021.

When Taylor released her “Fearless” album in 2008, there was a lyric booklet included in every physical album copy. Much like her recent tweet, there were certain letters throughout the lyrics that were sporadically capitalized, such as: “Love you before I met you” in “Fearless” or “Someday I’ll find this” in “Love Story”.

So excited that Taylor is finally able to take back control of her own music. Back in 2019, Taylor was in a feud with Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta and the Big Machine Records label. She had posted the following statement to Tumblr on June 30th of 2019 — in which she explained that, thanks to Braun + Borchetta, Taylor no longer had the rights to her older music.

Luckily, Taylor and the Swifties fought, until she was able to regain the rights to her songs back. Well, I’m sure I can speak for all Swifties, when I say that queen Taylor did NOT disappoint.

One major Taylor Swift fan/celebrity who made her excitement known, was none other than “Driver’s License” singer/HSMTMTS star, Olivia Rodrigo. It’s no surprise that Rodrigo is a huge Swiftie. After all, she even freaked out when Taylor congratulated Rodrigo on her massive success.

So, upon learning about her “Love Story” and “Fearless” upcoming debut, Rodrigo posted a series of photos/videos to her Instagram story:

A huge congratulations to Taylor, and the Taylor Nation! Now, if you need me, I’ll be at the store buying hundreds of tissues — in preparation for this monumental event tonight.

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