“The Bachelor”: The Surprise Eliminations, Drama and Fear Continue

Courtesy: ABC

Just when we thought “The Bachelor” drama was over, ABC chooses to surprise us, yet again. Anna, Victoria & MJ are gone, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be other bullies during this season.

Pieper was previously interrupted during her conversation with Matt, when Heather walked in. Everyone was flabbergasted— including Matt, himself. The two shared a brief conversation, while Pieper stepped out.

When Heather approached the women, they weren’t happy. Jessenia and Serena C. were quick to throw unfiltered jabs at Heather — playing the roles of Anna and MJ for this episode. 

Pieper was upset and asked for an apology — to which Heather provided one. Matt then pulled Heather aside to finish their conversation, and Heather was sent home. Just to recap, Heather was a former contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”, and she’s also good friends with former bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Brown spoke highly of Heather to Matt — since they’re also close friends. 

The remaining women were pleased that Heather left, Matt apologized for the interruption, and they headed to the rose ceremony. 

Chelsea and Serena C. were eliminated (one less bully to stir up drama).

The next morning was the first one-on-one date of the week. Although neither Abigail, nor Jessenia has gotten a one-on-one date, Serena P. was chosen for her second one-on-one.

Their date started off with started tantric yoga and both did impressive poses. Although Matt was very into it, Serena P. felt a bit uncomfortable. She openly admitted that she’s not big on PDA, and later on, when she admitted that to Matt, he reciprocated it well. He made her feel very comfortable, but behind the scenes, he revealed that the two might be on “different wavelengths”.

Back at the villa, the group date card was announced. Jessenia received the second one-on-one date of the week. 

During the dinner portion of their date, Matt thanked Serena P. for being so open and honest about the tantric yoga. She received a rose, and next week, Matt will be meeting her family during hometowns. 

The next night was the cocktail party. Abigail and Bri opened up to Matt a lot that night. Bri admitted that she was forced to resign from her dream job, to be with Matt. Matt appreciated that and they shared a passionate kiss. 

Abigail, however, poured her heart out and asked Matt the honest truth: does he see himself ending up with her in the end?

Although difficult for him to answer, Matt admitted that his relationship with some of the other women have progressed more than his relationship with Abigail. She was eliminated. 

Rachael was up next, and her conversation with Matt was so organic. He gushed over Rachael, and she received the group date rose. 

Although the other women were heartbroken, Kit felt the most betrayed. She had just opened up to Matt with complete transparency about who she’s looking for, and the timeline she planned for her life. She felt so great about that conversation, but apparently, Matt didn’t feel great enough to hand her the rose. 

Matt left the cocktail party with Rachael, and they slow danced to a private concert. 

Before the night was over, Kit surprised Matt at his house. She opened up about not being able to go through with this process. Kit self-eliminated

The next morning was Jessenia’s one-on-one date with Matt, and it was full of risks. They learned how to drift and drive a race car through an obstacle course. It looked like a lot of fun, but Matt looked a bit car sick at one point. They both matched each other’s energies, in a sense that they’re both adventurous and spontaneous. 

They then parted ways until the dinner portion. Their dinner took place in a beautiful room, filled with LED lights, white walls, and fake trees. Jessenia admitted that she’s falling in love with Matt, but unfortunately, he didn’t reciprocate those feelings. Jessenia was eliminated. 

At the next rose ceremony, Pieper was eliminated. 

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