Matt James Dove Into This Week’s Hometown Dates… Literally

Courtesy: ABC

Week 8 of “The Bachelor” consisted of the most anxiety-driven part of the show (other than the rose ceremony): Hometowns. That’s right. Matt James was finally going to meet Michelle, Rachael, Serena P. and Bri’s families. 

As expected, there was a lot of nervousness and excitement, but the beginning portion of each hometown date seemed to calm everyone down.

First up was Michelle. Michelle led Matt into an auditorium — where she surprised him with a bunch of her students, via Zoom. One by one, the children began to interrogate Matt, with questions about “Miss Young”. Absolutely adorable!

One student asked Matt what Michelle had taught him, and his response was that she taught him how to be “open minded”. After that, the questions became more intense — with some students asking if they were planning on having kids together, and if Matt was going to choose Michelle as his wife. 

Before they knew it, they were about to walk into the house, to meet Michelle’s parents. Michelle’s parents were absolute angels. Her parents were protective over her, but for all of the right reasons. They welcomed Matt with open arms, but they also interviewed him about his intentions with their daughter. 

Michelle got emotional, when talking to her father about her past. Mr. Young honestly seems like the type of man that would help anyone in need, with absolutely no hesitation. Mrs. Young reminded me of a “Mother Theresa” type: very loving, very understanding, and always protecting the people that she cares about. 

They ended their night with a game of family basketball, and Michelle admitted that she was falling in love with Matt. 

The next day was Rachael’s hometown date. The day started off pretty intense. Rachael surprised Matt with a skydiving adventure. It was quite the adrenaline-filled experience. Matt had a smooth landing, while Rachael hit the ground pretty hard. She had a crash landing — which prompted Matt to rush by her side. 

According to Rachael, she said that although it was initially a scary experience, she felt so much better, once Matt began to pour his heart out to her. The two then stood up and got ready to meet Rachael’s family.

Prior to the introduction, Darrell Kirkconnell (Rachael’s father) expressed to his wife that if Matt were to propose to Rachael, it would be too soon. Upon meeting Matt, her family was very kind hearted. 

However, after pulling them aside individually, it was apparent that there was visible apprehension from her parents. Rachael’s mom asked about any ‘red flags’, and then continued to try and ask for any negative qualities about Matt. Of course, Rachael said that there haven’t been any bad days, or any negative reactions from Matt. She then admitted that if Matt proposed to her the following day, she would accept in a heartbeat. 

As for Rachael’s father, he was very blunt with Matt about his thoughts on the process of “The Bachelor”. He said that he doesn’t believe that someone could get married so quickly — especially when there’s other women involved in the process. 

Darrell told Rachael that although he’s skeptical of this situation, regardless of what happens, he’ll still be there to support her through it all. 

Two more hometown dates left, and the next day was Bri’s turn. It was a fun-filled day that consisted of off-roading and a beautiful picnic. They had an intimate conversation about their “unconventional families”, and they provided reassurance for one another. 

Matt met Bri’s mother, best friend, and baby sister. Since Bri’s mother has had to play the role of both mother and father, she made sure to interrogate Matt on everything important. Although Matt wasn’t able to provide direct answers to some of her questions, he tried to reassure her as best as he could. 

Viewers could tell that Bri’s mother was very protective, but also very motherly. The amount of love and compassion that she has for her daughter radiated through all of our television screens. 

Last up on the “hometowns” list was Serena P. Since she’s Canadian, she planned their date around her home country. She led Matt into a room — decorated in Canadian flags, backgrounds, and a map of Canada. 

They played “Canadian speed trivia”, and Matt lost by a landslide. Then, Serena P. enlightened Matt’s taste buds, by introducing him to Canadian’s most infamous delicacies (Poutine, Peameal Bacon, Beaver Tails, and Nanaimo Bars). They finished off their romantic date with a competitive game of Canadian hockey. 

Serena’s sister (Talia), mother, and father showed up to meet Matt, and this is where things take a turn. Although her family was so kind-hearted and welcoming, they were honest about what they saw, and how they felt. 

Talia admitted that although she was happy for her sister, she felt as though Serena was too into her own head, and that she wasn’t able to think clearly. She was at the “high” of her relationship, and that the reality hadn’t sunken in yet.  

After speaking to her father about it, Serena went from being “certain about her relationship with Matt” to “unsure and doubtful”.

They ended the night on good terms, but Serena was left feeling more confused than ever.

The night of the rose ceremony, Matt went to visit Serena P. They talked about their feelings, and Serena confessed to Matt that he “wasn’t her person”. Awkward.

Matt was very upset, upon hearing this (understandably). Serena walked Matt out, they said their final goodbyes, and Matt headed to the rose ceremony.

Since Serena left before the rose ceremony, this was the first rose ceremony where the remaining women received roses.

Next Monday are all about the “fantasy suites” and the WTA, so stay tuned for that one!

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