From Social Media Star to Musician: Addison Rae Drops Her First Single, “Obsessed”

Courtesy: Instagram

We all know Addison Rae as a social media superstar. So, it was quite a surprise when she announced the debut release of her first single, “Obsessed”, last night at mid-night.

According to an Instagram post by Addison, she’s been ‘obsessed’ with music her whole life. See what we did there? No? .. Alright then. 

Earlier this month, rumors began to swirl, that Addison’s boyfriend/social media influencer, Bryce Hall, cheated on her.

However, as we know of right now, these are just speculated rumors — since nothing was officially confirmed by Addison nor Bryce. 

Nonetheless, fans have already begun to speculate that the lyrics to “Obsessed” are about Bryce.

About two hours before “Obsessed” was released, however, Bryce tweeted the following — which fans believe may be directed towards Addison:

We may have to wait until Addison does a ‘Genius’ interview, to find out who the subtle lyrics were referring to.

Putting the “other man” aside, the song gave off “female empowerment/self love” vibes, and it’s honestly such a relatable song.

Nowadays, so many individuals will put their significant others before themselves, at all costs. From a brief interpretation, it seems as though Addison is trying to convey a message of self love, and recognizing your worth.

The lyrics were so insightful, and we always give credit, where credit is due. The INCREDIBLE songwriting team consisted of: Addison Rae, Leland, Benny Blanco, Tia Scola, Ryan McMahon, and Madison Love. 

Watch out, Hollywood. Not only is Addison a major social media influencer, but now, we can safely add ‘actress’ and ‘musician’ to the list. Big things are coming, and we wish nothing but the best for Addison! 

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