An Interview With The Next ‘Artist To Watch’: Jessie Chambers

The greatest thing about independent artists is that they all possess unique songwriting traits. Some write about love, and some write about loss, but what really differentiates musicians from one another, is the ability to tailor their songwriting to personal life experiences. Recently, I was fortunate enough to catch up with the newest ‘artist onContinue reading “An Interview With The Next ‘Artist To Watch’: Jessie Chambers”

21-Year Old Musician, Abigail Barlow, Is The Next ‘Artist To Watch’

Many modern, well known artists have been discovered through social media, such as: Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Austin Mahone, Charlie Puth, and Tori Kelly, to name a few.  Although many aspiring singers still upload covers and original content to YouTube, TikTok is where the majority currently resides. The app has had over two billion downloads,Continue reading “21-Year Old Musician, Abigail Barlow, Is The Next ‘Artist To Watch’”

An Interview With Up And Coming Hip-Hop Artist, Jay Voss:

With everything that’s currently going on in the world, music will always be the universal language of healing. If you’re reading this, and you’re searching for new music to listen to, then look no further. Meet Jay Voss — a 17 year-old up and coming hip hop artist, based in Miami, Florida. Voss currently hasContinue reading “An Interview With Up And Coming Hip-Hop Artist, Jay Voss:”

Cari Fletcher: Artist On The Rise

At some point, we’ve all listened to a really catchy song, and even though we can belt the lyrics while we’re drunk at a bar, or shout it when we’re driving in the car, the name of the artist appears to be foreign in our brains. If you’ve ever heard the song, UnDrunk, then youContinue reading “Cari Fletcher: Artist On The Rise”