Gossip Girl, 2 Point… Oh.

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Everyone surely remembers the 2007 hit CW show, Gossip Girl. The show revolves around wealthy Upper East Sider, Serena Van Der Woodsen, and her life as the most popular girl in high school.

The series ended after 6 drama filled seasons, and fans were absolutely heartbroken. Since then, people have rallied for a reboot of the show, and it’s finally happening.

There’s going to be another Gossip Girl, and the cast was recently released. While the new series won’t include the original cast, the new cast is one to watch out for.

The cast includes Tavi Gevinson, Jason Gotay, Thomas Doherty, Emily Alyn Lind, Zión Moreno, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez, Whitney Peak, and Adam Chanler-Berat.

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Tavi Gevinson is best known for starting her own fashion blog in 2008, called Style Rookie. She is also known for her role on the FOX horror-comedy series, Scream Queens, as well as her appearance on NBC’s television show, Parenthood.

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Thomas Doherty, you may know from the Disney Channel films: Descendants 1, 2, and 3. He was also on the UK Disney television show: The Lodge, as Sean Matthews. Doherty is currently dating former Disney star, Dove Cameron, and the amount of love that they show towards each other makes me feel incredibly single. We can’t wait to see him showcase his talent on the new series!

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Jason Gotay is best known for his theatrical performances on Broadway’s musical rendition of Spider Man, and off broadway performances of Call Me Madam, and Between the Lines. He also had a role in NBC’s Peter Pan Live! His transition from theater, to a dramatic television show will be incredible to watch.

Courtesy: @emilyalind on Instagram

If you’re familiar with the CBS drama, Code Black, then you know who Emily Alyn Lind is. She played the role of Ariel in the first two seasons of the show. She was also a recurring character on Revenge; starring as Amanda Clarke.

Courtesy: Paul Smith

Zión Moreno is fairly new to the acting industry. According to her IMDb, Moreno got her start in the modeling industry at the age of nineteen, and was quickly signed by two of the biggest modeling agencies in the country: Wilhelmina and Elite. She then went on to act in Melanie Martinez’ film, K-19, and has since acted in an unreleased project.

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Eli Brown is also a rookie in the entertainment industry. Brown is best known is best known for his role as Dylan Walker, in the Freeform Pretty Little Liars spin-off, The Perfectionists. Brown has also acted in an animation short film in 2018, called Cupid’s Paradise.

Courtesy: UCB Comedy

Johnathan Fernandez is a Brooklyn, New York native. Best known for his role as Bernard Scorsese in the FOX television show, Lethal Weapon, this isn’t Fernandez’s first rodeo. The actor has been in the entertainment business since moving back to New York after graduating from Penn State University.

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Whitney Peak is an actress, best known for her recurring role as Judith in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Peak has also acted as Stella in the 2017 crime-drama, Molly’s Game. She is tied with Emily Alyn Lind, as the youngest cast member on the show (age 17). Best of luck to you on the series, Whitney!

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And finally, there’s Adam Chanler-Berat. Berat is experienced in both theater and film, with his first appearance being in the 2008 off-broadway musical, Next To Normal. He continued on with the show, when it moved to Broadway the following year. His film credits include the 2013 Vince Vaughn film, Delivery Man, and the comedy feature, It Could Be Worse.

What I enjoy most about these actors/actresses is that although they’ve been in some sort of television show/film, they all have one thing in common: they’ve never had lead roles. This show is a chance for them to showcase their talents, and receive the stardom that they so rightly deserve.

However, I do want to mention that one original cast members will make a reprise. It’s been confirmed that Kristen Bell will be the narrator in the upcoming show.

Courtesy: @kristenanniebell on Instagram

According to an article by Variety, the show will be set eight years into the future, from what had happened in the original finale episode. The show “will follow a new generation of New York private school teens who are introduced to the social surveillance of the Gossip Girl site.”

In other words, you thought Dan Humphrey was ruthless online? Imagine what this show is capable of portraying now. Between iPhones, cyber bullying, and greater technological advances/easier ways to hack someone’s IP address, there is so much that can be done with this series.

We can’t wait to see it, and we look forward to the show’s premiere.

The Gossip Girl reboot will debut on HBOMax, and while the exact date is unknown, the new streaming service is scheduled to launch in May of this year.

The Bachelor Finale, Part Two: Family Drama, The Ring, and The Final Choice

Courtesy: ABC/The Bachelor

Last night was the last part of The Bachelor finale, and we finally got to know how Peter’s long and exhausting journey ended.

Chris Harrison introduces the show, and along with introducing Peter’s family in the crowd, we see that Kelley Flanagan is in the crowd. 

Then, we entered into part two of the episode, where Peter decided that Hannah Ann Sluss was “the one”. Although he was still upset that Madison left, he felt like everything happened for a reason.

So, he met with Neil Lane to pick out a ring for Hannah Ann, and then FaceTimed Hannah Ann’s father, to ask for his blessing to propose. Once his blessing was approved, Peter got ready for the big proposal.

However, things took a turn when Chris Harrison admitted that Sluss wasn’t sure that she was going to show up, and this leads to the finale promo that we’ve seen all season.

Peter expressed that he felt like he was “going to pass out.” Hannah Ann still had no idea that Madison had left. So, she most likely assumed that Peter was either going to choose Madison, or that he was still unsure about his feelings.

Eventually, Hannah Ann did show up, and she put her whole heart into Peter’s hands. Once again, Peter wasn’t fully honest about his unresolved feelings towards Madison, and decided to tell Hannah Ann that Madison left, just seconds before proposing.

Of course, Hannah Ann accepted the engagement, and the two embraced, as Peter handed her the final rose.

Everything seemed to be heading in the right direction. The next scene involved Peter telling his family that he chose Hannah Ann. All of them (especially his mother) got very emotional, and during a FaceTime call between the Webers and Sluss, they welcomed her into the family with open arms. 

Everything was working out in his favor.. until about a month into the engagement, when they admitted to barely talking for that month. Sluss was also in Knoxville, and Weber was in Los Angeles. However, when Sluss finally went to talk to Peter in person at his house, Peter admitted that his heart was still torn between her and Madison.

Naturally, Sluss didn’t take this well, and she handled the situation like a mature adult. She didn’t scream, and she didn’t hit him. She simply verbalized her feelings, and it ended with her taking the ring off and calling off the engagement. Peter tried to follow her out to talk to her, but she simply ended the discussion, got into the car, and left without saying another word. Even Peter admitted that he deserved everything that she had said. 

Ultimately, the bachelor ruined Hannah Ann’s first engagement, and he strung her along with his inconsistent emotions. 

After Hannah Ann broke things off, we returned to the live stage setting, where Chris Harrison brought Hannah Ann out to confront Peter. She spoke to him and expressed herself with such dignity and grace, and I have to give her a lot of praise for that. She admitted that she didn’t appreciate him holding back his conflicted feelings until after the engagement. Sluss felt like a second choice, and as though she was completely blindsided. 

Sluss also exposed Peter for contacting Hannah Brown during their engagement period. She stated that he needed closure, but by him reaching out to Brown, it involved a third party into their already-struggling relationship.

After they wrapped up their conversation, the episode continued, with Chris Harrison visiting Madison in Auburn, Alabama. Madison admitted that she still had strong feelings for Peter, and that she wanted to give it another chance. So, Harrison made the sneaky decision to fly Madison out to surprise Peter at his house. 

They ended up reconciling, but they didn’t give confirmation as to whether or not they were going to continue their relationship. That is, until Chris Harrison brought Madison onto the stage. Madison and Peter admitted in front of the live studio audience that they had strong feelings for one another, and that they were going to take things slowly. 

However, Peter’s parents (more specifically, Barbra Weber) didn’t handle that announcement too well. Although she does care about her son, a lot of viewers weren’t too happy with how she presented herself. “Peter needs to fail to learn how to succeed”. The crowd immediately boo’ed that response, and Peter defended Madison.

Barbra wasn’t the only Weber that spoke ill of Madison. Peter Sr. spoke his mind as well. Although, were his words really his own thoughts, or was he pressured into saying negative things about Madison? Before Peter Sr. had the chance to speak, Barbra uttered a sentence at her husband in Spanish. Many fans heard the same sentence: “Di algo mal, también, ayúdame”. This translates to, “Say something bad, too. Help me out”.

Although Madison remained calm throughout the negative backlash from Peter’s parents, she defended their relationship towards the end. She stated that, “This is my journey too. This isn’t just Peter choosing me, but this is me choosing Peter.” 

1:00 – 1:30 to view Madison’s response to Barbra Weber.

Where their relationship will end up going… That’s for Peter and Madison to determine. 

Here’s to hoping that love can conquer even the toughest of mountains, and hopefully, Peter’s family can accept his happiness.

CO-VID19: Theories, Information, and What You Need To Know

CO-VID19, under a microscope. Courtesy: Medical News Today

The corona virus is slowly turning into a global pandemic, and it’s even getting so bad that it shut down Italy. The entire country of Italy is now under lockdown, and the stock market is continuously taking bigger and bigger financial hits. 

Washington, Florida, New York and Maryland are currently under a state of emergency, and 28 states have confirmed cases. As of right now, New York has the most confirmed cases of the CO-VID19 virus (142), and it is speculated that the state might go into lockdown mode if these rates continue to climb.

Hand sanitizer and surgical masks are getting wiped off of the shelves in every drug store, super market, etc., and companies in major affected cities are mandating that their employees work from home, to avoid getting infected on public transportation.

Hand sanitizer wiped clean from a local Target in Southington, Connecticut . Courtesy: Kaitlyn Troy

As important as hand sanitizer and washing your hands are, be careful with the type of hand sanitizer that you buy. According to an article posted by Business Insider, “An effective hand sanitizer has at least 60% alcohol content, but some products contain the alcohol substitute benzalkonium chloride, which isn’t as good at killing germs.”

The typical name brand sanitizer that you’re paying a lot of money for, may not be worth the price and time. Although anything 60% alcohol content and up is not guaranteed to kill the virus, it will definitely put you at a lesser risk. Also, for those who are trying to use vodka as a substitute for hand sanitizer, here’s a message from Tito’s Vodka:

As for surgical masks, you should only wear one if you’re infected with the disease, because while it keeps the germs from getting out, it doesn’t keep the germs from entering the mask, due to the air pockets. 

A lot of people are waiting on a cure for the corona virus, or for some sort of vaccine to prevent the illness. However, due to the fact that it’s a viral illness, a vaccine isn’t going to prevent people from catching it. Much like the common cold, your body must learn to create antibodies that will fight off of illness on its own. The CO-VID19 has also divided into multiple strains. So, even if the perfect vaccine were to be created, it would only be able to ward off a certain strain of the virus.

There are many theories that are currently being circulated, regarding the disease, and while I’m not going to detail every possible theory on the internet, I’ll certainly link a video to the channel that talks about them the most. I do want to preface that although some of these theories make sense, they are not confirmed. 

I would, however, like to mention an interesting theory that I saw on a YouTube channel, called Spill. This one in particular has to do with the fatality rate in China, and the unaccounted number of deaths. According to Spill, “on two separate occasions, two people shared strange photos of Coronavirus numbers, from Chinese media companies: Tencent QQ and NetEase. Both photos showed dramatically larger numbers of infected and fatalities.” She then goes on to say, that the same companies “later updated the photos to a much smaller number.”

Tencent later released a statement, in which they denied the validity of the photos, and blamed it on the photoshopping and technical altering by Chinese citizens.

There are also other theories in relation to undocumented death toll numbers, and misdiagnosed death certificates, but if you’d like to find out more about that, those specific theories start at 4:37 in the video below.

Once again, I’d like to state that these are all theories surrounding the virus, and while there is a lot of speculation, none of this has officially been confirmed.

Although you should still be mindful and cautious, if you’re young and in good health, then your chances of defeating the CO-VID19 are extremely high. However, it is highly recommended that those over the age of 60, and those with underlying conditions, should remain indoors as often as possible, as they’re more at risk for the detriments of the virus.

The Bachelor Finale: Part One… Spoilers, Cliffhangers, And Multiple Finascos

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Last night was the first part of the two night finale of The Bachelor, and a LOT happened. So, let’s get right into it.

It started off with Chris Harrison talking to the live studio audience, before redirecting to the big screen with part one’s episode.

This episode was all about meeting Peter’s family and going on one final date with each of them, before deciding who to give the final rose to.

However, much to no one’s surprise, this plan didn’t go as Peter had hoped, and everything fell into shambles.

First, Hannah Ann went to meet the Weber family. Immediately, there was such a warm welcome from them, and especially from Peter’s mom. Keep that in mind, because that note will be important later on. 

Hannah Ann got to express to Weber’s family, how much she loves and cares about Peter. Barbra Weber (Peter’s mother) admitted that Hannah Ann and Peter reminded her of Barbra and Peter Sr.’s early dating days. 

Barbra Weber as a teen (left) vs. Hannah Ann (right). Credit: @bachelor.spoilers on Instagram

It was a relatively easy meet and greet between them all, and Barbra even comforted Hannah Ann when she began to shed tears, at the mere thought of losing Peter to someone else.

After Peter had said goodbye to Hannah Ann for the day, he walked back inside to get his family’s opinions. Everyone seemed to adore Hannah Ann. Right off the bat, Peter’s mom admitted that she could see how much Hannah Ann loved Peter, and she believed that Hannah would treat him right. 

Peter Sr. and Jack Weber (Peter’s brother) both agreed that they could absolutely see Hannah Ann fitting into the family. 

Peter, of course, took that really well, and then the discussion shifted to Madison. Peter expressed to his family what had happened with the intimacy situation in the fantasy suites, and how Madison was hesitant to move forward, due to her beliefs. The Weber’s didn’t take that situation lightly, and they were nervous that if Peter chose Madison, she would try to change who he is. 

The next day, Madison showed up to the house that Weber’s family was staying at. Although, Peter did keep Madison outside for a bit, until they had a proper discussion. Madison finally admitted that she’s in love with Peter, and Peter tried to communicate with her to get her to stay. Once she agreed, Peter was all smiles, as he lead her into the house to meet his family.

Although Hannah Ann’s meet and greet went fantastic, the family was having a hard time warming up to the Auburn, Alabama sweetheart. This wasn’t the first time that Weber’s family had met Madison  — They had met during Madison and Peter’s one-on-one date. However, it was a few nights before one of these girls would get engaged to their son/brother, so it’s expected that this would have been a more serious meet and greet.

Jack pulled Peter aside to question him, while Barbra pulled Madison into another room. Jack questioned Peter’s ability to remain abstinent until marriage, if he were to choose Madison, and this annoyed Peter. He admitted that intimacy wouldn’t be a complication if he was in love with that woman. He wouldn’t mind waiting until marriage. Although Jack continued to weigh out the negatives, Peter’s patience grew thinner and thinner.

Meanwhile, Barbra questioned their compatibility, and Madison answered truthfully. She stated that although they have their differences, she’d like to think that they could help each other grow and flourish throughout their relationship. That’s when Barbra started to interrogate Madison about her intentions towards making Peter feel “guilty”, and giving him an “ultimatum”. Rather than sugar coating it, Madison was honest about her faith, and declared that she wasn’t going to change herself or her beliefs for anyone.

After Madison left, we finally found out who Barba was crying over in the “don’t let her go” promos that were shown all throughout this season. She was crying over Hannah Ann, and she begged Peter to choose her over Madison. While the whole family favored Hannah Ann, Barbra confessed that Madison wouldn’t treat him as well as Hannah Ann would, and this didn’t sit well with Peter. 

He stood up for himself, and for Madison. He claimed that nobody in the family knows the type of connection that he has with Madison, and that they were only seeing a slice of the pie. He then asked Barbra to stop crying, because it wasn’t fair towards his decision, and she was making things more complicated for him.

The next day, Peter had his one on one with Madison. They went for a plane ride around a sacred rock, and then went for a beautiful picnic lunch in the outback. However, things took a turn for the worst when Madison brought up their differences, and she admitted that although she loved Peter, it wasn’t fair to him for her to continue being there; especially, if they won’t end up being compatible, outside of the fantasy realm that they were currently in. 

She ultimately made the decision to send herself home, and Peter was absolutely heartbroken. 

The following day was the day before the final rose ceremony. It was his last date with Hannah Ann, and although she tried to make a good impression on him, his mind was elsewhere. When she confronted him later that night, he admitted that he still wasn’t sure about his feelings, and he also failed to admit to her that Madison had left.

Chris Harrison revealed towards the end that Madison will be reappearing for tonight’s episode, and that “anything can happen.” 

The second part of the season finale airs at 8 PM, only on ABC. 

YouTubers, Sam & Colby, Receiving Backlash For Their Latest Paranormal Video

Credit: @samandcolby on Instagram

Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock are two very well known YouTubers. With 4 million subscribers, and roughly 2-3 million views per video, they’re quickly gaining more of an audience through each video that they post.

They’re best known for their haunted videos, in which they explore abandoned places and contact the spirit realm. 

However, recently, they’ve received some backlash for a video that was posted yesterday, titled: “The most horrifying night we’ve ever experienced”. The video is currently #4 on the trending page, and is the last one, out of their four part adventure series.

This series in particular focused on their best friend, Corey Scherer, and his quest to figure out why the “shadow demon” is haunting him. Sam & Colby have been known to contact entities in the past, with friends, Aaron Doh, Jake Webber, and Corey Scherer, but Scherer has always been weary in the past.

After playing the ouija board when he was sixteen, Scherer claims that a shadow demon has attached itself to him ever since. Their four part journey started at the Biltmore Hotel in Florida, and ended at Scherer’s house.

Sam Goldbach, Jake Webber, Corey Scherer, and Colby Brock. Credit: @coreyscherer on Instagram.

Although fans were excited to see Corey, Colby, Sam and Jake conducting a seance to contact the shadow demon, they were quite disappointed with how the video ended. They did manage to contact a spirit, but before they could go any further, they backed out of the seance once weird things began happening. Well… All of them, except for Jake Webber. 

Earlier in the series, Webber admitted to not believing that the paranormal was causing strange things to occur, and that there is an explanation for almost everything.

Fans were quick to point out that the other three should have followed in Webber’s footsteps, and remained calm. 

“It would probably have turned out way better if everyone was calm like Jake”, one fan commented.

Some people are even going as far as to petition for Jake to start his own series.

“Jake really needs to do this on his own because he’d be more logical at his approach to find actual evidence that the supernatural is real”, one person commented. This comment in particular amassed over one thousand likes, with other comments agreeing. 

They’ve also recently been under fire for selling their new XPLR Spirit Boards. Now sold out, their boards sold for $76.99. However, it wasn’t the price that got them in trouble, but more so the intent behind selling it. 

Some fans were upset, because they accused Sam & Colby of profiting from the boards, with no regard for the safety of their fans. They’ve also mentioned that Sam & Colby have allegedly warned others to never use the ouija board in the past, due to how dangerous it could be.

On Sam & Colby’s website, it did state that it was for decoration use only, but others are skeptical of what a spirit board is truly capable of unleashing. 

As of right now, they haven’t released a statement to address the situation, but stay tuned for any updates within the next few days. 

10 Notable Women, Who Have Made History In The Media

Credit: Pinterest

Once a year, women finally get a day that is fully dedicated to them. On today, March 8th, we celebrate women all across the world, and their achievements, strength, and power to succeed in society.

Although there are many different women who have greatly impacted how far women have come, I thought I would include nine specific women in media, that have influenced societal views, and have allowed women to fight for what they rightfully deserve.

Credit: @taranajaneen on Instagram
  1. Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke, 46, is an activist, best known for her #MeToo movement. She started the Me Too group in 2006, to bring awareness to sexual abuse/harassment within society. She’s worked with many sexual assault survivors, and in 2003, she even created “Just Be”: a program to work with young black women on creating a voice of their own. Although her “Me Too” slogan didn’t gain traction until years later, in 2017, after the Harvey Weinstein allegations first surfaced, people began to use #MeToo all over Twitter. This hashtag was to bring solidarity and support to these brave women coming forward, and confessing to have been raped/sexually harassed. Burke created history, and it’s certainly one for the books.

Credit: @robbysphotos on Instagram

2. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish rose to fame when she was just 14, with her first single, “Ocean Eyes”. Since then, Eilish has developed a voice of her own. She’s well known for her baggy clothes, which she explains is a personal choice. Nowadays, body shaming is very common, and according to an article by Elite Daily, Eilish wanted to “prevent people from sexualizing her body”. Aside from her attire, she’s recently become known for winning five Grammy Awards: Four of which are from major categories. She’s also the youngest female artist to have won Record Of The Year, for her hit single, “Bad Guy”. Winning this award has proven to young, aspiring creators that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Age is but a number in the industry, and Billie Eilish is living proof of that.

Credit: Time Magazine

3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is best known for her ability to conquer the tennis court. Williams started playing when she was just three years old, and then went on to win her first U.S Open in 1999. She has become the first tennis player to win a total of 23 Grand Slam Singles Titles, and in 2012, a documentary (Venus and Serena) was released, that focused on the lives of Serena and her sister, Venus Williams. She’s received a lot of backlash in the past for her “manly” appearance, and although words hurt, in 2018, during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated that, “I can show Olympia [her daughter] that I struggled, but now I’m happy with who I am and what I am and what I look like.” Recently, The Undefeated posted an update, in which they state that, “Williams is getting ready to play in the French Open tournament — her first Grand Slam tennis tournament since winning the 2017 Australian Open 16 months ago”. Her motivation and drive makes Williams one of the most influential women in athletic history. 

Credit: @speakerpelosi on Instagram

4. Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the first female politician to uphold the title of: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is also the highest ranked female government official in US history. Pelosi has been very outspoken about her goals to create more jobs for the American middle class. Recently, Pelosi made headlines in early February, after she held her hand out for Donald Trump to shake, at the State of the Union address. Trump simply looked at her hand and turned away. So, when it came time for Pelosi to read her speech, introducing the president, she stood behind Trump, and held the speech up, as she ripped it in half. Pelosi showcased that women shouldn’t have to take any disrespect, even if it is from the President of the United States.

Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

5. Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow is an American producer, director, and screenwriter. She began with short films in college, before collaborating with ex-husband and well known actor, James Cameron, on a 1995 film called Strange Days. While that film didn’t peak in the industry, her 2008 film, The Hurt Locker, made history. Because of that film, Bigelow went on to be the first woman in history, to win a BAFTA award, as well as an Oscar, for Best Director. She paved the way for many of the astounding female filmmakers that exist in today’s Hollywood industry.

Credit: Willy Sanjuan

6. Rita Moreno

I think I can speak for all of us, when I say that Rita Moreno is an icon. Most recently, she’s acted in Netflix’s remake of the 1975 show, One Day At A Time. Moreno plays the ever so hilarious Cuban grandmother: Lydia. However, Moreno might have looked familiar from before the show, and that’s because she also played the role of Anita in the 1961 critically acclaimed drama, West Side Story. After the film, Moreno went on to be the first hispanic woman in history to have won four of these prestigious awards: An Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Tony. Moreno is still going strong, as she will be featured in the West Side Story film remake, as well as season two of One Day at A Time, on PopTV.

7. The U.S Women’s National Soccer Team

Credit: @alexmorgan13 on Instagram

Back in July of 2019, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team won the World Cup, making it the fourth world cup that they’ve ever won. They not only proved that they were unstoppable, but they also proved that they were worth so much more than what they were getting credit for. They’ve become solid advocates for the gender pay gap, and after winning, brought attention to the media about wanting equal pay at the very least. According to an article by Vox in 2019, “Women players earn a base salary of $3,600 per game while men earn $5,000. Women who play on the world stage — like in the World Cup — get a $15,000 bonus; male soccer players earn a bonus of $55,000.” Well, they weren’t going to stand for that, which is why they decided to sue for gender discrimination. As of today, although they have obtained equal pay for certain matches, they’re still continuing to fight for equal payment in the next World Cup.

8. Taylor Swift

Credit: @taylorswift on Instagram

Taylor Swift has always been a female icon for young women everywhere. While it’s true that she gets a lot of backlash for how many men she’s dated, if that’s the only negative thing that people can say about her, then she should be proud of herself. In 2018, Swift came forward in an Instagram post, where she stated that well known talent manager, Scooter Braun, bought Swift’s song rights. Therefore, she wasn’t allowed to perform any of her old songs that she had written, before signing to Big Machine Records (formerly owned by Scott Borchetta), and she asked her followers to help bring awareness to this situation. Eventually, she won, and at the 2019 AMA’s, she performed songs like “Love Story” and “IKYWT”, to “Blank Space” and “Lover”. She also released her music video for “The Man” several weeks ago, and not only was it incredibly powerful, but it also showed that while women still have a long way to go, their voices are heard. Taylor Swift is there to serve as a role model for her young, female fans everywhere.

Credit: Universal Group

9. Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald was a world renowned jazz singer, and known famously as the “First Lady of Song.” She found solstice in singing with the Chick Webb orchestra in the 1930’s, and continued to do so after Webb’s death in 1939. However, in 1942, Fitzgerald ultimately made the decision to go solo, and released records, such as: “Dream A Little Dream of Me”, “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, and “Cheek to Cheek”. She was the first black woman in history that would go on to win 13 Grammy awards. After her death in 1996, her musical records were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Fitzgerald was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for her trademark and imprint on swing, jazz, and music in general. She had very unique vocals, and her determination to showcase her passion continues to be an inspiration for many aspiring female singers today. 

10. Ellen Degeneres

While everyone currently knows Ellen DeGeneres as the well known host of her daytime talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, life hasn’t always been easy for the host. DeGeneres made LGBTQ+ history, when she openly came out as gay on her 1990’s ABC television sitcom, “Ellen.” This show marked the first time in history, that a leading character on a show was gay. Due to backlash, criticism and a downward spiral in ratings, “Ellen” was cancelled not long after. In 2003, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was launched, and in 2008, she made the decision to marry her girlfriend, Portia De Rossi. DeGeneres has fought long and hard for LGBTQ+ rights, and she’s considered to be one of the most influential LGBTQ+ female icons to this date.

Here’s Why Nick And Vanessa Lachey Are The Best Reality TV Hosts

Credit: Netflix

Wednesday, March 4th, was the Love Is Blind reunion amongst the cast. The promo leading up to the premiere teased unfinished love stories, drama between Amber and Jessica, and a whole lot of awkwardness. 

It starts off with hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey introducing the former contestants: Jessica, Mark, Damian, Giannina, Kelly, Kenny, Barnett, Lauren, Cameron, and Amber. From the time that they filmed the season, up until the day of the reunion, the Lacheys admitted that over a year had gone by.

Credit: Netflix

Then, they start diving into who is still in the marriage, who reconciled, and who is currently single. The viewers learned that Barnett & Amber, and Lauren & Cameron are still married to one another from the experiment. The only three that are currently in a relationship, are Kenny, Damian, and Giannina.

Kenny is in a relationship with a woman who is not Kelly, but he explained that the experiment helped him “find the woman that he is with today.” The last thing that we had watched, involving Kenny, was when Kelly made the decision to say “I do not” at the altar.

Kelly admitted that although she had wished for her and Kenny to work things out, the experiment had taught her a lot of “self-growth”, and being with Kenny allowed her to see what she deserves in her future relationship.

Before each contestant’s moment to shine, Nick and Vanessa played a recap of what had previously happened in the season.

When it came time for Amber to talk about her and Barnett, Amber admitted that it was very manipulative of Jessica to talk poorly about Barnett to her one minute, and then try to flirt with him the next minute. Although Jessica had admitted that she was wrong in doing so, and that she was still figuring out her feelings at the time, Amber called Jessica “sheisty.”

However, once Jessica had apologized, Amber accepted, and they both moved on. I really admired the fact that Nick and Vanessa Lachey didn’t continue to press them about the issue, or force any type of drama to gain viewers.

Credit: Netflix

If this were The Bachelor, the producers would’ve conspired with the host to bring up a blast from the contestant’s past. If you haven’t seen this season of The Bachelor, then here’s what I’m talking about: Peter Weber went on a one on one date with Victoria Fuller, and during the date, Weber brought Fuller to a concert for a fun time.

However, soon thereafter, Fuller realized that the artist was none other than her ex boyfriend and well known country singer, Chase Rice. In the interviews following the episode, both Chase Rice and Peter Weber admitted that they were unaware about any of this, and that they were just as dumbfounded as the viewers watching at home.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey had every right to introduce a person, topic, or anything that would stir up drama between certain contestants. However, it was simply a light hearted, fun conversation for everyone. It was the true definition of what a reunion is supposed to be.

We learned about how Damian and Giannina bounced back, after Damian left her at the altar, and how they’re currently taking things at their own pace. They’re finding out so much more about one another, and the two admitted that they couldn’t be in a happier place.

Then, it was Diamond and Carlton’s turn to voice their opinions on the situation that happened in Mexico. As previously mentioned, it has now been a year since the incident in Mexico happened between the two, where Carlton threw profanities at Diamond, and she dumped champagne on him, before walking away from him forever. While showing the clip, Vanessa reached over to grab Diamond’s hand for comfort.

This scene came after Carlton was honest with Diamond, in regards to his sexuality, and how he’s been intimate with both genders in the past. Once Diamond expressed that she was annoyed, that he didn’t disclose that information to her before the engagement, Carlton voiced his frustration, and it went into a downward spiral.

Carlton ended up apologizing to Diamond at the reunion, and they both confessed to receiving a lot of hate, for the way that they both reacted in that clip. Carlton told Diamond that he still wanted her in his life, and Diamond said that although she would never be able to get back into a relationship with him, the connection that she had with Carlton was special.

Before moving on, Carlton got down on one knee, apologized once again to Diamond, and handed her the same ring that he had previously thrown in the pool. Diamond graciously accepted it, but it wasn’t what one might think. It was a friendship ring — a physical token of Carlton trying to make amends, and move past what had happened.

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Lauren and Cameron happily voiced that they’re both parents to a beautiful little fur baby, and that although Cameron has always been against getting a dog, he would have done anything for Lauren. He admits that his mother knew that Lauren was “the one”, after he told her that they were getting a dog. 

Mark also gave his input, when he stated that he was grateful for his experience with Jessica, and that he has very high respect for her. He stated that the experience has prepared him for his next relationship, and what’s to come, moving forward.

Aside from calling someone a “sheisty b****”, everyone was very composed and took criticism with such grace and poise. It was incredible to have seen how these contestants went from love and chaos, to pure professionalism and self growth.

They all proved that love is, indeed, blind, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two of Love Is Blind.

Shane Dawson Talks About Fat Shaming Comments In His Latest Video

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Shane Dawson released a video earlier today, in which he discussed his weight gain. The video started off light hearted, and mentioned his previous video that he uploaded on February 19: Confronting My Strange Addiction. In that video, he shared his love for bedazzling with the internet. 

However, what was supposed to be a comedic video took a turn for the worst, when people started leaving hate comments below. Many users took to the comment section, to point out that Dawson had gained some weight.

The same day that he uploaded his strange addiction video, Shane tweeted the following: “Hey Shane why don’t u post more? Why don’t u upload more? Well… this. You would think after 13 years on youtube comments wouldn’t get to me but damn… they still feel like the very first time haha.”

This tweet was followed up by a screenshot of a hate comment that a user left on his video, in which they stated that it’s a “shame” to watch Shane’s friends/family enable him, as he continues to put on weight.

Dawson’s latest video continued on, as camera man, Andrew Siwicki, filmed a humorous clip of Dawson working out in his home gym. Although Dawson initially poked fun at the hate comments, he quickly re-routed and began talking to his audience.

He started off by saying that he wasn’t going to address it, and that he only posted about it on Twitter because he was having a rough day. He then went on to give advice to anyone that’s currently being cyberbullied for their weight, or any other flaw/insecurity.

According to Dawson, “A: Don’t let things people say on the internet bother you. And B: Whatever people are saying about you is just a projection on how they feel about themselves, or they just want attention”. 

He goes on to say that you shouldn’t feed into the drama and negativity, because it will only satisfy the bully’s intentions. However, he also admitted that it’s easier said than done, because he was close to self-inducing himself to vomit.

Although he didn’t, these negative comments affected him — like it would any other person. Dawson promised that he’s going to start practicing more self love, and that although dark humor is his coping mechanism, he’s not going to subject himself towards making fun of his weight anymore.

Credit: @shanedawson on Instagram

He also admitted to working out a lot, and his trainer (Jess Kilts) was able to vouch for his constant motivation and eagerness to achieve his goals.

The video followed up with a positive spin, after the bling woman that Dawson hired (from Bling’d Up) brought out a bedazzled kettle ball for Shane’s future workout sessions.

Shane Dawson’s fiancé and former Clevver News host, Ryland Adams, provided his input into the situation. Adams stated that, “I just think people shouldn’t comment on people’s weights in general. You don’t know how a person’s living. You can’t assume they eat a certain way, or don’t work out a certain amount.”

This is the third article, in which I’ve addressed online bullying, and I’ll say it again. Please be kind to one another, because you never know what someone could be going through.

I want to end this article with some heartfelt comments that fans have written for Shane.

Shane, we love you, and we think that you look great! Keep doing your thing, and know that for every hater in your comment section, there are a thousand others that love you.

Fans Are Concerned For Post Malone’s State Of Well Being

Credit: Adam Degross

Post Malone (born Austin Post) is one of the biggest names in today’s music generation. He’s known for his songwriting, rapping and unique vocal abilities, and many of his songs have peaked on the Billboard Top 100 charts.

Some of his song credits include: Circle, I Fall Apart, Rockstar, and the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack single, Sunflower.

Many fans who have met the singer personally have nothing but kind things to say about their encounters. 

Credit: Nate Wade Subaru

Recently, however, Post Malone has been trending on the popular app, TikTok. One user, by the name of _valerielynn_ posted a video on the app yesterday. The video documented her Post Malone concert experience, at the Kansas City Sprint Center, in early February.

In the video, Post Malone is seen on the jumbotron, as he performs a live version of his hit song, Rockstar. The video has amassed a total of 20+ million views, and the comments are flooded with concerned fans. 

“Hear me out… Mac died on tour, juice died on tour, n so did lil peep.. I’m worried for post”, one user commented.

What he’s referring to is that in the video, Post Malone doesn’t appear to be in a good state of mind. He appears as though he’s in a completely different world. He dropped the microphone towards the end, and one fan even pointed out that “there are obvious spots where he has pulled his hair out, and it’s making me so sad.” 

Although a few concert-goers were dancing along, a majority of the crowd remained still, and simply watched, as Post Malone continued to scream in distress.

There was another video, posted by user kait.jensen, from a different Post Malone concert that she went to. In this video, Post Malone is seen smiling at a microphone that fell, and he picks it up as if it were a baby. He then stands up and gives a small wave towards the crowd, while appearing to be in a dazed sort of state.

This clip has 7.8 million views, and once again, the comments were flooded with worried fans. One fan commented, “if post malone died, i’ll literally be heartbroken”, while another comment reads, “I’m so worried about him. I hope nothing happens to him, no one knows how much he’s impacted my life.”

Whether or not Post Malone is currently under the influence of drugs is not confirmed. However, compared to this 2018 clip of him performing Rockstar, the vibe in the Kansas City video is noticeably different, and much more intense.

We hope that his friends, family, and manager are able to check up on him, and we wish for him to have a long, happy, and healthy life.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Welcoming Their First Child Into The World

Credit: @OrlandoBloom on Instagram

On March 5, Katy Perry released her music video for her latest single, “Never Worn White”. The song talks about how grateful she is to have the man of her dreams, and that although she’s never “worn white” on an altar, she can’t wait to do so on her wedding day.

The song begins with the traditional wedding song instrumental, and transitions into lyrics about how Bloom makes Perry feel. In the first part of the video, she wears a long, flowy, white dress, and she’s surrounded by flowers, clouds, and everything pertaining to a wedding theme. She sings, “You took my armor off, and did it delicately”. 

She wants the world to know how she feels about her soon to be husband, and how incredible he treats her. “Never Worn White” is much different from her past releases, as this is more of a slow ballad. Her singles in the past have been upbeat, and have ranged from heartbreak and kissing a girl, to feeling like a plastic bag. It’s such a change to hear Perry performing this genre of music, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Credit: VeVo/Capitol Records

The video continues, with Perry dressed in a floral dress. The dress is comprised of a bouquet of different variations of wedding flowers, as she professes her promise towards Bloom. It’s almost as if she’s singing her vows to him, as she says, “See us in 60 years with a full family tree. Give my blood, sweat and tears to reach our destiny.”

The visuals switch back and forth from her white, airy dress, to the floral dress. That is, until the last thirty seconds of the video. That’s when the viewers see a new angle of Perry. She’s in a white, more exposed dress, and she’s standing sideways. Her hands are positioned on her stomach, and that’s when she reveals that she’s pregnant.

Credit: VeVo/Capitol Records

She later took to Instagram live, where she admitted that fans can expect a “lot more releasing than new music”, and she flashed her phone towards her pregnant stomach. Before you watch the stream below, you might want to lower your volume, because her scream gets loud! Skip to minute 5:40 for the above mentioned clip.

The Never Worn White music video currently has 11 million views, and it’s number one on the YouTube trending page.

Congratulations to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom for getting ready to bring their first child into the world. We wish you both the best of luck within these upcoming months!