“The Bachelor” Week 5 Eliminations, Drama, and PDA Continues

Courtesy: ABC

The drama continued during Week 5 of “The Bachelor”. The week started off at the cocktail party. This was the night after Katie had confronted Matt about the toxicity going on, within the house. Matt stood in front of the women, and announced that bullies and toxic women aren’t the qualities that he’s searching for in a wife, and that he’ll be addressing these concerns ASAP. 

First, Matt pulled Brittany away to talk, and Brittany revealed that it was Anna who started the escort rumor. Matt apologized for any hurt that was caused by this rumor, and then ushered Anna in, to speak with her in private. 

Immediately, Anna began playing the ‘victim’ card. She told Matt that although she did start the rumor, she “immediately regretted it” and she “apologized to Brittany for being out of character” (which she didn’t — at least, not on camera).

Luckily, Matt was smarter than to fall for any tricks. He’s such a sweet guy, so of course he was gentle and understanding about the whole situation. However, he did end up sending Anna home — 1/3 of the contestants that were causing drama.

Immediately after Anna got sent home, the women who have been doing most of the bullying in the house began to apologize left and right to the newcomers. When Chelsea asked the new girls if they thought the house was toxic, Catalina and Michelle admitted that not only were there bullies in the house, but even the ones who didn’t outwardly make malicious comments, laughed at those malicious comments. It was clear that it made them uncomfortable, and to save their own relationships with Matt, the bullies began to kiss ass. 

Victoria “apologized” to Catalina for taking her crown on night one. According to her, it “wasn’t malicious at all”. However, Victoria was just saying that to save her reputation with Matt. 

Thankfully, Matt pulled Ryan in to talk to her, and Ryan was honest about Victoria’s attitude towards her, and the toxic environment that she creates. 

Upon finding out about what Ryan had told Matt, Victoria had a mental breakdown. She pulled Matt aside, and tried to come up with excuses, as to why her actions have been acceptable. Matt simply stated that he needed “time to think”, and escorted himself out of the room.

That’s when Chris Harrison walked in, and informed the group that they were headed straight to the rose ceremony. Victoria had a meltdown once again, and claimed that she was better than all of the contestants. 

The rose ceremony was the moment that Bachelor Nation has been waiting for, for the past few weeks: Victoria was finally eliminated.

Catalina, Mari, and Lauren were also eliminated, but Bachelor Nation let out a sigh of relief when Victoria’s name wasn’t called for a rose.

Although Anna and Victoria were 2/3 of the bullies on this season, I have to give Anna credit. She admitted defeat and walked away in silence. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Victoria. While the other eliminated contestants went up to hug him and wish him the best of luck on his journey, Victoria told Matt that he was making a big mistake, and that none of those girls were right for him. She then stormed off like an upset toddler.

The next day started off with some positivity from the women. Rachael got the one on one date card, and the women were cheering her on. 

Rachael’s date with Matt consisted of shopping spree. A private car took Rachael out to a store to meet Matt, and the celebrity stylist helped Rachael choose a perfect outfit (or two, or more). Matt was blown away by the red dress that Rachael came out in, and he surprised her with a pair of beautiful heels. They ended their day with a sweet kiss, and when Rachael arrived back at the mansion, the women were blown away.

Although the other women complimented her and were happy for her, a lot of them also felt very intimidated, because they wanted to get more time with Matt. Luckily, there was no drama… yet.

Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, and MJ were chosen for this week’s group date. Kit was chosen for the one on one date. Abigail and Katie took it the hardest, and expressed how confused they were. 

Meanwhile, Rachael met with Matt for the dinner portion of their date. On the date, she admitted that she’s never fallen in love with anyone, due to her lack of self confidence. Rachael stated that even during the shopping portion of her date with Matt, she felt as though she didn’t deserve any of the presents that he had gotten for her. 

She was open and transparent, and therefore, Matt appreciated it. He also admitted that he was falling in love with Rachael, and that when he’s with her, “everything just feels right”. Rachael received the one on one rose. 

The following day was the group date. This group date related back to Matt’s countryside roots. The women arrived at a farm — where they had to collect chicken eggs, milk a goat, and get a feel of what the country vibes are like. This experience was meant to showcase patience in a relationship. 

Although all of the women were eager to participate, MJ was quick to run away from the chickens. She was NOT having it, and although it was pretty funny, Matt paid more attention to her in that moment, than the other women… That is, until MJ walked in on Matt kissing Pieper, during her interview. 

The rest of the women could see Matt and Pieper through the opening in the barn, and let’s just say they weren’t too happy, seeing their man kissing someone else (which is fair).

At the cocktail party, Abigail pulled Matt away, to express her concerns for the future. She was open about her father walking out on her, due to her hearing loss, and she admitted that she was scared that her future husband would do the same, if her child ended up being deaf. 

Matt was quick to reassure her. According to the bachelor, he admired her honesty and strength, and thought of her as such a strong, defiant woman. 

Shortly after, Matt pulled MJ away to talk with her. He mentioned that her name was involved in all of the drama that ensued within these past few weeks, and MJ defended herself by stating that she’s all about “peace and harmony”. She then told Matt that she had nothing to do with it (even though that was a blatant lie), and she walked away, visibly upset. 

MJ then approached the women, and opened the floor for conversation. Ah, so you thought the drama was over, right? Well, unfortunately not. This IS “The Bachelor”, after all. 

After Jessenia admitted that she told Matt about MJ’s toxic behavior, MJ lost it. Similarly to Victoria, MJ couldn’t admit that she was wrong, and demanded that Jessenia should apologize to her. One of the Bachelor Nation fans on Twitter said that, “it’s like Victoria left and her soul possessed MJ”. I mean… 

Unfortunately, that’s not the last that we’ll see of MJ’s feud with Jessenia. In the mean time, Abigail got the group date rose, and the next day was Kit’s one-on-one date. 

Kit had expressed her love for cooking to Matt, earlier in the season, and Matt listened. Kit went to Matt’s house — where they baked homemade cookies. Kit revealed that she’s never felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with anyone, romantically. However, she feels “ready to dive into the deep end” with Matt. Kit received a rose. 

Back in the realm of reality, there was still some obvious hostility between MJ and Jessenia. So, Matt wanted to settle things between the both of them. While Jessenia and MJ were waiting for Matt, words were exchanged. MJ stated that she was “embarrassed” for Jessenia, and she wouldn’t let Jessenia get a full sentence in. Jessenia spoke her truth, but MJ wouldn’t accept responsibility. 

The two conveniently went silent, just as Matt was coming in to dispute the situation. Wow. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if MJ or Jessenia (or neither) are going home.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see what Tyler Cameron has to say about all of this — since he’ll be making a cameo in next week’s episode. Also making a cameo is Heather Martin. Heather was a previous contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”. So, this should be very interesting…

“The Bachelor” Week 4: Anna & Victoria Bully The New Contestants, & Katie Saves The Day

Courtesy: ABC

Week 4 of “The Bachelor” started off with more of the women talking poorly about Sarah — even though she wasn’t at the mansion anymore. Victoria made a very rude remark about her, but Katie was quick to speak up and put a stop to it. 

Naturally, Victoria got defensive and used some derogatory words towards Katie.

Later on was the second group date. Although Matt was still upset about Sarah leaving, he still tried to have a fun night. 

Abby admitted that she never thought she’d make it past night one, and Chelsea got vulnerable about shaving off her hair.

After showing Matt a photo of her with long hair, Chelsea revealed that it was emotional for her to shave her head. However, it was more of a struggle for her (as a Black woman) to properly maintain her hair. Matt empathized with her, and the two had a genuine moment together.

Meanwhile, Victoria was back at the mansion, stirring up drama. She “demanded” an apology from Katie about “not being able to freely express herself”, but Katie (like the boss she is) stood her ground. She openly admitted that Victoria was toxic, and that she wasn’t getting an apology. 

Back at the group date, Matt gave the group date rose to Chelsea.

The next night was the cocktail party — where one by one, women opened up to Matt and had their feelings validated. During Victoria’s conversation, however, Chris Harrison pulled Matt away to talk. As expected, Victoria was angry and annoyed, and she voiced her feelings about Chris Harrison, towards the ABC producers. 

Meanwhile, Harrison admitted that due to the overwhelming response of applications, there were more women that would be arriving to meet Matt.

The first woman, Brittany, was very bold with her introduction. She kissed Matt right off the spot, and naturally, the other women were pretty upset.

Victoria immediately snapped at Brittany, but she was quickly met with defiance. Brittany didn’t mind the backlash. She was  confident and accepted it. 

The other new contestants included: Michelle, Ryan, Kim, and Catalina.

Victoria then went over to Catalina and snatched her tiara off of her head. There was a lot of new tension in the mansion, and even the viewers at home could feel it. 

As Matt began spending time with the new contestants, some of the other contestants were angry about not getting time with Matt.

Soon after, the rose ceremony began. Khaylah, Kim, and Kaili were eliminated.

The next day was the first group date of the new week. Mari, Bri, Abigail, Victoria, Brittany, Ryan, Ana, Catalina and Magi were all chosen for the group date. 

The date consisted of a fun obstacle course, hosted by former bachelor, Ben Higgins. The women had to paddle across a river in a 1,000lb pumpkin, dress up as squirrels, find their acorns, walk along a balance beam, and race to victory. 

Poor Magi was stuck on the river — unable to paddle her way across. Mari won the obstacle course, and Anna cheated, by hiding Brittany’s acorn. 

During the cocktail party, while Anna was talking to Matt, Brittany interrupted to pull him aside. 

Shortly after, Anna was telling Victoria how she ‘heard’ that Brittany was an escort. Word spread quickly, and Brittany cleared up the rumor. 

“No, I’m not an escort. I’ve had a boyfriend since I was sixteen. It’s so ridiculous to even have that come out of my mouth.”

Brittany admitted that Anna’s accusations hurt her. Of course, Victoria had to insert her opinion, and she told the new women to “get out of the house”. 

The following day, Michelle had her one-on-one date — which included a scavenger hunt. They zip lined, popped some balloons to learn more about each other, and took a romantic ride in a hot air balloon. 

Their dinner took place in a decorated auto shop. Matt asked Michelle about her experiences as a teacher in Minnesota, and Michelle got candid about wanting to make a difference for her students. She admitted that it was tough, not being able to interact with her students in person — due to Covid-19. 

Matt appreciated her honesty, and during his post interview, he revealed that he could see her being his wife. Michelle received the one-on-one rose, and the two cozied up in the back of a car.

The following day, Brittany was speaking to Katie about the rumors that Anna had started about her. Katie tried to console Brittany, but she was also honest about how ruthless some of these women can be.

The second group date involved a boxing match. According to Matt, he wanted the women to release their frustration, and relieve themselves of the obvious tension, swirling through the house. 

The women were excited and all for it. Chris Harrison and Wells Adams were the commentators for the match, while former world boxing champion, Mia St. John hosted the event.

The rounds went as followed:

  1. Katie vs. Jessenia (Katie won)
  2. Serena C. vs. Kit (Serena won)
  3. Rachael vs. Pieper (Pieper won)
  4. Serena P. vs. Lauren (Lauren won)

Lauren knocked Serena P. in the nose pretty hard, and that’s when Matt decided to stop the fight. He brought the women to the after party, and thanked all of the women for giving it their all on that group date.

Katie is a QUEEN. She tried so hard to stand up for the new girls, but no one else was backing her up. So, she did the right thing by privately confronting Matt about the situation. Although she didn’t name drop, she told him that the bullying needed to be addressed, and mentioned the rumors that were swirling around.

Luckily, Matt took that conversation to heart, and promised to address it with everyone, the following day. Next week seems like it’ll be interesting, but hopefully, Matt makes the right decision to eliminate the problematic women. 

The house is full of toxicity and middle school drama. These women deserve to find love (as does Matt), but the constant bullying from women like Victoria & Anna are taking a major toll on the group’s mental health. 

Sabrina Carpenter Clears Up Rumors That Her Single, “Skin”, Is About Olivia Rodrigo

Courtesy: Instagram

If you’re active on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, then by now, you’re probably up to date with the Disney drama. If not, here’s a refresher:

On January 4th, Olivia Rodrigo (star of “High School Musical The Musical: The Series”, announced that her single, “Driver’s License” will be released (along with a music video) on January 8th. Rodrigo first teased her fans last July, with an acoustic snippet of “Driver’s License”. The original lyrics said, “you’re probably with that brunette girl — the one I always thought about. She’s so much older than me. She’s everything I’m insecure about”.

Well, also on January 4th, Rodrigo’s HSMTMTS co-star, Joshua Bassett, announced the release of his latest single, “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)”. He revealed that he would be premiering his single (accompanied by a music video) on January 14th. Bassett first posted a snippet of “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)” in November of 2019.

Within hours of releasing “Driver’s License”, the song broke the internet. On TikTok, fans flooded the platform with theories of who the song could be about. The fans were quick to figure out that the song was written about Bassett. While Bassett and Rodrigo had never officially confirmed their relationship status, Rodrigo’s lyrics were filled with ‘easter eggs’ (which makes sense, considering that Rodrigo is a huge Swiftie).

In her song, she mentioned that she would always talk to the boy about one day getting her driver’s license. Well, according to a past snapchat story, Bassett was the one that first taught Rodrigo how to drive, in an In N Out parking lot. 

Rodrigo also brought up “the blonde girl” (she switched the lyrics from ‘brunette girl’), and fans have speculated the blonde girl to be Disney Channel actress/musician, Sabrina Carpenter. Carpenter and Bassett have been spotted in public together, quite a few times last year — including at a BLM protest, and wearing matching costumes for Halloween. 


dream a dream u little bleep #sharkboyandlavagirl @sabrinacarpenter

♬ Follow me plz – Ma’kaila Janai

Although Rodrigo and Bassett have yet to speak out on the swirling rumors, Carpenter recently released a new single, called “Skin”. The lyrics discuss the possibility of being friends with someone, under different circumstances. In her song, Carpenter recited the following lyrics, “maybe you didn’t mean it. Maybe blonde was the only rhyme”. 

She then goes on to voice that she’s happy and secure in her relationship, and that ‘the other girl’ hates to see it. 

The internet was broken for the third time this month, and more rumors began to surface — the most popular one being that Carpenter wrote “Skin” as a diss track to Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License”. For several days, Carpenter was flooded with backlash about the meaning of her song. 

However, last night, Carpenter set the record straight. She posted a candid photo of herself, and thanked her fans for all the love that they’ve shown, towards her latest single. 

That being said, she then proceeded to deny all of the accusations and rumors — stating that, “I wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it. I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons.”

Carpenter also admitted that “Skin” was about multiple people/experiences — rather than just one single person. According to the singer, it was an ode to her past self. 

The public response was overall extremely positive. Some people were thanking her for addressing the situation and putting the alleged ‘drama’ to rest, and others were annoyed FOR her.

“I can’t believe she had to explain her own song because of the haters”, one fan commented. 

Now that the air is cleared, hopefully the rumors will finally stop. However, it is the internet. So, we’ll see about that one. In the mean time, go stream “Driver’s License”, “I Know (Lie Lie Lie)” and “Skin”!

LIL HUDDY Released His First Single, “21st Century Vampire” Last Night

Courtesy: Instagram

Just days after his acting debut in Machine Gun Kelly’s musical film, “Downfalls High”, LIL HUDDY (Chase Hudson) announced the start of his musical career.

On January 20th, the social media star released a teaser on Instagram. In the caption, he stated that music has been a passion of his, since he was a child. He grew up in a musical family, and although social media was what popularized him, Hudson wanted to explore the music industry.

Hudson has always expressed interest in the punk rock scene. From artists like My Chemical Romance, to 5 Seconds of Summer, he was made for the role of Fenix in “Downfalls High”. 

According to Hudson’s Spotify-EPK (electronic press kit), he started taking his music seriously in 2020, and he even secured a record deal with Immersive/Geffen Records. 

Last night, at 9 pm PST/12 am EST, Hudson released his debut single, “21st Century Vampire”. The song revolves around his vampire-like personality. It fits Hudson’s scene well, as he’s all about the black nail polish, leather jackets, and hardcore aesthetic. 

Shortly after releasing “21st Century Vampire”, Hudson announced the premiere of the accompanied music video on YouTube. The music video gave off major TVD (“The Vampire Diaries”) vibes — from sucking the blood out of a woman’s neck, to sleeping in a dark coffin and hiding from the daylight. The only thing that Hudson was missing, was his own daylight ring.

In less than 24 hours, the music video has almost one million views, and the majority fan response is positive:

Even ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, praised Hudson for a job well done.

Congratulations on your latest projects, Chase. This is just the beginning for you!


Sarah Self-Eliminates During Week Three of “The Bachelor”

Courtesy: ABC

Last week’s episode of “The Bachelor” ended on a cliffhanger. Sarah had nearly passed out during the rose ceremony, and paramedics rushed to her aid.

Luckily, after a brief moment outside with Matt, she was alright.

Matt then continued the rose ceremony. Sydney, Kristin, Illeana, Alana, and Marylynn were eliminated. Unfortunately for the other contestants, this meant that Victoria was ‘safe’ for another week.

This week consisted of one group date, and a one on one date.

Sarah read the first group date card, which included: Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C, Victoria, Kayla, Anna, Kylie, and Katie.

Former Bachelor franchise star, Ashley Iancotti, hosted the first group date. She read a snippet of Chris Harrison’s romance novel, “The Perfect Letter”, and then assigned each contestant to write a romance scene for Matt.

Each scene became more and more intimate — with certain words having to be ‘bleeped’ out by the ABC producers. It was quite amusing.

Victoria’s romance scene did NOT disappoint. She had the entire crowd of women laughing, and every other word that she recited was ‘bleeped’.

The back row of women were sent back to the mansion, and the women in the front were invited to the afterparty.

Serena P. received the one on one date card. Although the others put on a smile, there was one person M.I.A: Sarah.

Sarah was on her way to talk to Matt, because she was having doubts about moving forward. According to Sarah, she’s dealt with commitment issues in the past, so she wanted validation from Matt.

Sarah interrupted Katie’s time with Matt, and the two had an open conversation.

Naturally, Katie told the others about Sarah’s interruption, and their moods shifted quickly. Katie went back upstairs to get her time back, but it was a constant back and forth between Sarah and Katie… That is, until Matt and Sarah said their goodbyes.

Sarah then went to apologize to the other women, but the apology wasn’t taken lightly. They were angry at the fact that Sarah took their time away from Matt.

As Sarah was leaving, she was confronted by Victoria and Katie. Victoria left Katie and Sarah to speak alone, and the conversation was tense. Sarah continued to apologize, and although Katie was annoyed with the situation, she handled it maturely, and she didn’t yell or name call.

Rachael received the group date rose. Serena C. and Anna appeared to be the most upset — since their time with Matt was cut short that night.

The following day was Serena P.’s one on one date with Matt, but before their date could officially start, Matt took a few minutes to check up on Sarah. She was upstairs in bed, because the other women were still angry with her. Although she had doubts about leaving, Matt convinced her to stay.

After their conversation, Matt went on a horse back riding date with Serena P. Later, they sat down for a wine/charcuterie board picnic. They quickly opened up with one another about their families, and different expectations that their families have.

The honesty led to a brief make-out session — before their kiss was interrupted by a donkey’s snout in their face.

During the dinner portion of their date, Serena and Matt spoke about their past relationships. Serena revealed that she’s been in love before, while Matt has never experienced the act of ‘falling in love’.

Serena admitted that she was falling into ‘like’ with Matt. She received the one on one date rose. They ended their date with a glass of champagne in a hot tub.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the second group date card arrived. Just as Rachael was going to read the group date card, Sarah arrived.

Immediately, MJ and the others began to attack Sarah for not facing them earlier. Sarah apologized once again to Katie, but she wasn’t even able to speak, before the others chimed in. It was evident that the tension between Sarah and the other contestants weren’t fading anytime soon.

Katie later privately confronted Sarah, and admitted that the way those girls attacked her wasn’t right. Sarah opened up to Katie about her father’s ALS condition, and Katie admitted that her father passed away in 2012. The two shared a heartfelt moment together, before Sarah packed her bags and self eliminated.

Upon hearing of Sarah’s departure, the other women seemed relieved, and Victoria was jumping for joy. Katie was quick to end all smirks and smiles, by reminding the women that no one knows what each contestant is going through, and to be kind to one another. Honestly, Katie was the real MVP of this episode.

Sarah headed over to Matt’s house to say farewell, and as deeply as Matt had felt for Sarah, he had to let her go.

MGK & Mod Sun Revolutionize Music, In Their Debut Musical Film, “Downfalls High”

Courtesy: Nathan James

Last night was the official YouTube debut of “Downfalls High” — Machine Gun Kelly’s visual album, that revolutionized a new era of music. 

The album was 49 minutes long, and featured social media influencer, Chase Hudson, and “Euphoria” star, Sydney Sweeney. The two played the lead roles of star-crossed lovers, Fenix and Scarlett. 

MGK’s “Tickets To My Downfall” album contained 15 songs — all of which were included in “Downfalls High”. The video began with the “title track”, as we saw a sad Fenix getting pushed around the hospital in a wheelchair. He was in a straightjacket, but at the time, it wasn’t revealed why.

As the verse transitioned into a heavy chorus, the screen switched between the storyline and his own “Tickets To My Downfall” music video. 

“Downfalls High” can be considered a “musical”, but it’s so much more than that. There was scarcely a time where music wasn’t playing. If there were breaks in between each track, it only lasted about thirty seconds to a minute. 

The “Tickets To My Downfall” album contained songs about falling in love, sharing a first kiss, losing someone that you care for, learning how to deal with grief, and moving on. It’s a cycle of “firsts”, and MGK did such an amazing job of conveying the message of each song, through his visual storyline. Rapper, Mod Sun, aided MGK in co-writing and co-directing “Downfalls High”.

The love story between Fenix and Scarlett was so organic and pure. Fenix was an introverted teen, who was constantly ragged on, and never stood up for himself. Scarlett associated herself with the popular crowd — which included hanging around the jock who bullied Fenix on a daily basis. 

Well, one day, the two met by Downfalls Stadium, and Scarlett initiated their first conversation. She was the only girl at the school who wasn’t repulsed by Fenix. Shortly after, their love story began to blossom.

“drunk face” was playing in the background of Fenix and Scarlett’s first hangout and first kiss. 

Fenix made things official with Scarlett by giving her a heart shaped candy, and that scene transitioned into the “Bloody Valentine” music video. This scene was filled with romance, mischief and adventures.

The two were having the time of their lives together, until things took a sharp turn. MGK and Mod Sun did such an incredible job of transitioning from “happy and in love” to “destruction and sadness”. 

Scarlett gave Fenix a pink guitar, to pursue his dream of starting his own band. Soon thereafter, they said their “i love you’s” and Scarlett left. Unfortunately, she never came back. 

The visuals during this part were a cinematic masterpiece. Rather than showing Scarlett from an outside perspective, the audience got to experience her point of view, when her life was taken in an instant. The shakiness of the camera, mixed with the crash sfx, provided an added emotional effect. 

As Fenix sat in front of the ambulance, we saw that turning point. We experienced how Felix’s life changed. Meanwhile, MGK performed his song “lonely” in front of the ambulance. 

Flashbacks of the two’s short-lived relationship began to play back in Fenix’s head, and after taking time to grieve, he fulfilled her wish: for him to start his own band. 

Fenix’s first band performance was one of my favorite scenes. The audience reacted to Fenix and the rest of Pink SwitchBlade ‘performing’, when in reality, the vocals/instrumentals were from MGK’s “concert for aliens”. 

Each track transition was so smooth. During Fenix’s set, Scarlett’s best friend admitted that she was into Fenix. Once Fenix exited the concert venue, her best friend was all over Fenix. She then invited him and his friends to her party, and that’s when “my ex’s best friend’ started playing. 

The musical film ended with “play this when i’m gone”. MGK was the only one in the auditorium, as Fenix went up to the podium for his diploma. Only, instead of grabbing his diploma, he grabbed the pink switchblade from Scarlett’s purse, and sliced his ear off. 

This was Chase Hudson’s first professional acting role, and he portrayed the character of Fenix very well.

They say that ‘less is more’, when writing any type of film. It’s safe to say that MGK and Mod Sun got their storyline across. The film wasn’t lacking substance, and it wasn’t overbearing. The minimal dialogue was perfect, because we got to see Fenix and Scarlett interact through body language and song, rather than words. It made the film all the more powerful, and interactive to watch.

Eleanor Kingston’s Latest Single, “Pink Things”, Is The Female Empowerment Anthem That We All Needed!

Photo Courtesy: Grant Dacklin/Makeup by: Cynthia Leal

Oftentimes, many talented up and coming artists go unnoticed — whether due to extreme competition, minimal advertising funds, or even just lacking the proper platform to express themselves to the right audience.

Eleanor Kingston is a 20-year-old up and coming pop/R&B artist. Through music, Kingston breaks the barrier of fan vs. artist, and allows her audience to view her as she is: raw, vulnerable, and human. 

Her first single, “Highway” was released in 2018, and focused on the double standards that men and women have. If men embark on one-night-stands with women, they’re considered ‘studs’ and ‘the man’. However, if a woman goes out and sleeps with multiple men, then she’s automatically shunned, and branded as a ’slut’. 

Kingston has always been extremely vocal about controversial topics. She uses her voice and platform to stand up for those who may not be able to. 

On January 8th, Kingston debuted her latest single, “Pink Things” — a song about nonconformity and female empowerment.  Oftentimes, women are categorized as ‘one’ or ‘the other’. If a woman is wearing a floral printed sundress and light makeup, then according to society, she’s categorized as “sweet and innocent”.

If a woman wears dark makeup and is dressed in all black, then she ‘has’ to be “depressed and gothic”. Kingston’s intent behind creating “Pink Things” was to showcase the fact that women shouldn’t be labeled as ‘one’ or ‘the other’. They should be allowed to express themselves, however they choose. If they like grunge, but also like to feel “pretty in pink”, then they should do so, without fear of judgement. 

During the chorus of her song, she states that “You say I’m crazy; have no soul. I should sit pretty just for show. But, I have spent an eternity inside of me, trying not to lose control. So, here’s to pink things, ‘cause when you put us down, it only makes us grow.”

The song (written by Kingston and produced by Boia) has been streamed over 20,000 times on Spotify alone, and very recently, “Pink Things” was selected for the “Fresh Pressed” and “Fizz: Hits of Tomorrow, Today” editorial playlists on Soundcloud. 

Kingston’s first ep, “Great Kind of Madness”, is scheduled to release on all streaming platforms, on January 22nd. “Great Kind of Madness” will contain 4 songs — all of which revolve around her own personal experiences. Each song contains a theme of its own, including topics like: relationships, mental health, and friendships.

“Great Kind of Madness” is meant to be an oxymoron, for Kingston’s musical technique. She takes the negative experiences from her personal life, and turns it into something positive. Her last single, “Meaningless”, was all about the constant battle of needing to feel “perfect” in the digital age. Social media is where everyone posts their happiest moments, but no one really knows what happens offline.

Kingston described the single as her way of “transforming that pain into art, and to start living a life where we all feel confident in being ourselves”. 

Not only is Kingston planning on releasing her first ep this year, but “Great Kind of Madness” will be divided up into two parts. The release date for the second half of Kingston’s ep has yet to be announced. However, fans should be on the lookout for her “Pink Things” music video — dropping January 29th.

In the meantime, be sure to keep up with Kingston on social media, as she’ll be releasing her newest single from her second ep on February 26th. You can follow her on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok, Snapchat (@eleanorkingston) and Twitter. She’s always very open and interactive with her fans. Trust me when I say that if you haven’t heard her name yet, you will by the end of 2021.

TikTok Is Getting Really Creative With “Driver’s License” Theories & Rewrites

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On Friday, January 8th, the “High School Musical The Musical: The Series” lead, Olivia Rodrigo, announced the debut of her recent single, “Driver’s License”. The song was an emotional rollercoaster, about longing for a boy who’s since moved onto a new relationship.

Within hours of releasing “Driver’s License”, the single was #3 on the iTunes charts — just below Taylor Swift’s Evermore singles: “it’s time to go” & “right where you left me”. Since Rodrigo is a huge Swiftie, she was so excited and posted a TikTok about it.

Soon after, TikTok was flooded with people dancing, singing, and even reenacting “Driver’s License” from various perspectives. The hashtag “Driver’s License” has been viewed 877.2 million times, just on TikTok alone, and the song has only been out for six days.

It wasn’t long before fans began piecing the storyline of the song together, though. Many have theorized that “Driver’s License” is about HSMTMTS co-star, Joshua Bassett. Although their relationship was never confirmed, it was rumored that they had a private relationship together, and that Bassett had broken up with Rodrigo for “Girl Meets World” star, Sabrina Carpenter.

During the first verse of Rodrigo’s song, she sings the following: “and you’re probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt. She’s so much older than me. She’s everything I’m insecure about.”

However, those weren’t the original lyrics. In July of 2020, Rodrigo posted a snippet of “Driver’s License”, but instead of ‘blonde girl’, the lyrics were originally ‘brunette girl’.

The internet is filled with a bunch of detectives. People quickly found out that Rodrigo is 17, and Carpenter is 20. Carpenter was also seen at a BLM protest, alongside Bassett. Although there was no face reveal, fans also speculated that Carpenter was the girl in Bassett’s music video, for “Anyone Else”.

During one part of the music video, Bassett holds a girl’s hand and rests his head against it. The girl’s nails are white, acrylic, and pointy. Within minutes, fans compared it to this photo of Carpenter’s nails, around the same time that “Anyone Else” was realized. The song was allegedly also written about Bassett’s feelings for Rodrigo.

Another easter egg was that Rodrigo wore a similar jacket in her “Driver’s License” music video, as Bassett wore during an episode of HSMTMTS.

People on TikTok have rewritten the “Driver’s License” lyrics to fit the perspective of Bassett, Carpenter, a Bassett + Rodrigo duo, and others have gotten even more creative — going so far as to write from the perspective of God, the car, and the driver’s license itself.


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A different driver’s license perspective:) #God #driverslicense

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Driver’s License from the perspective of the driver’s license. @livbedumb I apologize for this. #driverslicense #oliviarodrigo #hsmtmts

♬ original sound – Jeremy Crawford

If you’re searching for more proof, Rodrigo admitted in an Instagram story that Bassett was the one who first taught her how to drive. She was 16 at the time, and she had never driven a car before. So, after work, Bassett taught her the ropes in an In N Out parking lot.

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“Driver’s License” is currently #1 on the iTunes global charts, and according to @chartdata on Twitter, Rodrigo has officially broken two new records:

A huge congratulations to Rodrigo for her record-breaking success. It’s so well deserved. Be sure to check out Rodrigo’s music video for “Driver’s License” below! The video has already amassed over 22 million views.

Week 2 of “The Bachelor”: Victoria Causes Chaos Amongst The Mansion

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Last week on “The Bachelor”, we got to meet Matt James’ 32 contestants, and WHEW… What a whirlwind. “Queen” Victoria and Kit certainly made a long standing impression on Bachelor Nation fans, and Abigail made a positive first impression on both Bachelor Nation fans, and the bachelor himself. Matt was so smitten with Abigail, that he gave her his first impression rose. 

This week started off with Chris Harrison announcing that there would be two one on one dates, and one group date. Bri received the first one on one date card.

They started their date off with an ATV ride through the woods. She and Matt were having the time of their lives, amped up on all of the adrenaline. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Victoria started some unnecessary drama. While the other contestants were expressing their excitement for Bri, Victoria expressed her disdain for her — claiming that she’s “not here to be in a sorority”, and that she’s solely there for Matt. Naturally, the other contestants were annoyed at her attitude. 

Bri hopped onto Matt’s ATV, after saying that she trusted him. Well, it didn’t last too long before Matt flipped the ATV over on accident, while performing a series of donuts. He immediately felt bad, but they both laughed it off. Shortly after, they settled down in a hot tub, and enjoyed a lovely glass of champagne — before sharing a passionate kiss. 

Then, they had a heartfelt conversation and opened up to one another about their upbringings. Both Matt and Bri admitted that they grew up without father figures, and that they had always gravitated towards friends that had large, ‘stable’ families. 

Matt toasted to their first date, and Bri received the one on one rose. They celebrated with a night full of kisses and fireworks.

Back at the mansion, Victoria stirred up the pot again with some more unnecessary drama. The contestants were gawking over the fireworks and the possibility that Matt and Bri were making out. Victoria took this as a jab towards Matt and Bri, and used that to defend her actions, earlier in the day. She then started accusing Marylynn of ‘being mean’ to her, and then stormed away in a huff, after Marylynn tried to make amends. 

The following day was the big group date. It started off with the women getting dressed up in wedding gowns for a photoshoot with Matt. Some photos were playful, others were more on the romantic side, and then there was Victoria. She didn’t hold back. She made Matt remove a garter belt from her leg, and then proceeded to makeout with him. 

Chris Harrison interrupted the photoshoot by hosting a game of “capture the heart”. Similar to ‘capture the flag’, Team Red has to capture Team Blue’s heart (or vice versa) and bring it back to the wedding armor. To stop the opposing team from placing the heart in the wedding armor, contestants will have various wedding accessories readily available to them. They must dip the object into a bucket of paint, and tag their opponent. The team who successfully captures the heart wins a date with Matt. 

Things heated up quickly. Cake was thrown, faces were covered in paint, and it was a free-for-all. The red team won the cocktail party date with Matt.

Sarah got the next one on one date card. 

At the cocktail party, although each woman was vying for Matt’s love and attention, he already had someone in mind for the group date rose. After escorting Victoria back to the group, he asked to speak with Lauren. Matt admitted that he wanted to get to know Lauren better. Lauren gladly accepted the group date rose. 

The following day was Sarah’s one on one date with Matt, and it was truly a once in a lifetime adventure. They began their day with an aerial view of the mansion, and the surrounding Pennsylvania area. Once they landed, Matt tried to get Sarah to open up about her personal life, but there were still some visible restrictions. Behind the camera, he admitted that although he wants things to workout with Sarah, he can’t see a future with her if she’s not vulnerable with him. 

During the dinner portion of their date, Sarah opened up about her father. Over five years ago, Sarah’s father was diagnosed with ALS. She admitted that it was hard to leave her father behind to be on “The Bachelor”, but that she wanted to find love with Matt. 

Matt seemed to really appreciate her honesty and selflessness. Sarah received the one on one date rose. 

The cocktail party got a little messy, but would it really be “The Bachelor” without some sort of drama? Victoria confronted Matt, and made up a story about how Marylynn “cries to manipulate situations”. She then called Marylynn “toxic”. YIKES.

Well, like the kind hearted man that he is, Matt believed Victoria. He then spoke to Marylynn about the situation, and after Marylynn denied bullying Victoria (as she should, because she didn’t bully her), Matt walked away, more confused than ever.

Marylynn then asked to speak to Victoria outside — to which Victoria immediately declined. The other women who were sitting in the surrounding area were kind enough to step out and give Victoria and Maylynn their space to hash things out. 

Unfortunately, Victoria wasn’t willing to listen to anything that Marylynn had to say, and constantly interrupted her. After trying to come to an understanding, Marylynn was forced to give up, after Victoria got up and walked away. 

The rose ceremony was filled with anxiety and tension. As Matt was handing a rose to each woman, Sarah lost her balance. The producers guided her away from the rose ceremony, and the episode ended with Sarah admitting that she “couldn’t see”.

The episode ended on that cliffhanger, but we hope that Sarah is alright!

“The Bachelor” Season 25: First Impressions, Eliminations and Drama

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Last night was the Season 25 premiere of “The Bachelor”, and it was an emotional whirlwind. First, we finally got to meet the man himself — Mr. Matt James. We learned that he was from North Carolina, grew up in a Christian household with his mother, moved to New York City, and now has two jobs: a real estate broker, and helping children in the city get out and do some fun activities. 

Right off the bat, Bachelor Nation could tell that he was a sweetheart. Everything about him was gentle, loving, and he seemed to have a playful personality. 

His mom appeared for a quick pep talk, before the 32 women arrived. There, James admitted that he’s always felt hesitant about falling in love with someone — due to his father’s split from his mother, when James was very young. 

James’ mother encouraged him to give it a try. Like any mother, she just wanted him to be happy, and to find the love of his life. 

Soon thereafter, Chris Harrison wished James luck, as the first batch of limos were arriving. However, James was still pretty hesitant. So, Harrison gave him a bit of a pep talk — since not only was it James’ first time in the Bachelor Nation franchise, but he was also the first Black Bachelor. 

After their heart-to-heart, James was ready to meet the newcomers: Abigail, Alicia, Alana, Amber, Anna, Bri, Carolyn, Casandra, Chelsea, Corrinne, Emani, Illeana, Jessenia, Kaili, Katie, Khaylah, Kimberly, Kit, Kristin, Lauren, Magi, Mari, Marylynn, MJ, Pieper, Rachael, Saneh, Sarah, Serena C., Serena P., Sydney, Victoria. 

According to Harrison, this was the first time that “The Bachelor” had received so many responses from interested women. James broke a BN record. 

The first limo of contestants included: Bri, Rachael, Sarah, Jessenia, Chelsea, and Mari. All of them were so gentle and sweet. They seemed like they all had a temporary calming effect on James.

The next batch of contestants consisted of: Magi, Carolyn, Sydney, Kristin, and Anna. These women were very confident, and Anna made a good first impression with her “Bachelor survival kit” for Matt. It was very light hearted, and he seemed to appreciate it. 

Khaylah isolated herself from the limo of women, and drove up in her North Carolina pick up truck. James admitted that he felt more comfortable with the women by that point. 

After that, the interactions flew by. There was more laughter, step stools were involved, ballerina dancing occurred, and one contestant (Katie) even brought a special “device” from home, to share with James. 

Meanwhile, the contestants that had already met James were inside, watching it all unravel from the window. It was hilarious, and the women seemed to match one another’s energies. 

Once the introductions were done, it was time for the cocktail party. All of the women were being so sweet towards Matt. They were hyping him up, being respectful, expressing their interests, and being honest with him. 

Mari’s deep conversation with James was interrupted, when she got tapped on the shoulder by Katie’s, um… “device”. Although it was pretty awkward, Mari laughed it off with the other women, and even created a fun ‘buzz kill’ pun. 

‘Queen’ Victoria interrupted Kit’s time with James, and then interrupted Saneh’s time later on. Kit and Victoria may be the ‘trouble queens’ of the season, but it’s only just begun. So, we’ll see what happens next week. 

Abigail’s conversation with Matt was so wholesome and raw. She opened up to him, in a way where he felt comfortable enough to not only kiss her, but to also give Abigail the first impression rose. The chemistry between the two was so apparent.

Alicia, Carolyn, Amber, Corrinne, Saneh, Kimberly, Emani, and Casandra were eliminated during the first rose ceremony. 

Minus the obvious tension between “Queen Victoria” and Kit, there was no drama in this episode. The promo for next week, however, is quite intense. 

Get ready for tears, adventures, surprises, and lots of heartbreak.