An Inside Into The Dolan Twins’ documentary, “Losing A Best Friend”

Grayson Dolan (Left) and Ethan Dolan (Right) at the premiere of their new documentary, Losing A Best Friend. The picture is from @graysondolan on Instagram

In October of last year, The Dolan Twins posted a video on YouTube, featuring Shane Dawson. In the video, they stated that they weren’t going to post weekly videos anymore. Instead, they were only going to post videos that they were passionate about, at their own convenience. 

Although they’ve posted several videos since then, on Monday, February 17, they posted a documentary, titled “Losing A Best Friend”. 

According to a snapchat that Grayson Dolan posted 20 minutes before the release, the twins, along with their camera crew, have been working on this documentary every day for an entire month.

Watching the documentary in it’s entirety, I can honestly say that it’s unlike anything they’ve ever posted before. If you watch The Dolan Twins on YouTube, a majority of their content is lighthearted and goofy. 

This documentary, however, will bring you to tears. It starts off with Ethan beginning to shave his head, followed by sweet home videos of the twins with their father when they were younger. Throughout the collage of memories, we hear Grayson and Ethan talking about their father’s impact; not only to them, but to the whole world.

Some of the key qualities that were mentioned in the documentary, was that he was selfless, helpful, and always so full of happiness and love. 

We’re then brought back to present day: One year after their father, Sean Dolan, lost his battle with cancer. 

From calling their grandparents to make sure that they were doing alright, to bringing the viewers along to their therapy session, we gained a much deeper insight into what the twins were feeling, and how they’ve been coping since Sean’s death.

They mentioned that although they were going through a whirlwind of emotions, the one that primarily stuck was guilt, because they didn’t know how to properly express themselves. They also go into detail about how long Sean had to live, how he felt about the diagnosis, and how the twins no longer wanted to feel numb.

It then goes into the next section, where they allow themselves to dive into past memories with their father. Grayson erupts into immediate tears, and Ethan tries to stay strong, while comforting his brother. Their viewers have always known that they were close brothers. However, it’s only 15 minutes into the documentary, and we’ve seen a side of them that’s never really been expressed online until now.

It follows up with a multitude of scenes, where the twins are seen interviewing some very important people that were near and dear to Sean’s heart. From childhood friends, to their grandparents, and the students he coached, they were certain to cover all grounds. 

The full documentary is an hour and a half long, and although I won’t be going through the entirety of it in detail, I do want to mention the ending. 

Grayson and Ethan close out the documentary, talking about Love From Sean: A foundation, that consists of a multitude of cancer organizations, such as Stand Up To Cancer, Cancer Hope Network, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and Corporate Angel Network. These organizations have a personal connection to what the twins went through, during their father’s time with cancer. 

They partnered with EIF, a philanthropic, fiscal, sponsorship foundation, to create the Love From Sean foundation, and their only request is to donate anything that you can to help cancer patients, as well as their families. 

It’s understandable that some people may not have the funds to donate, but please share their documentary with your friends, family, and anyone you know. Let’s help these cancer patients/families feel a little more at ease, and relieve them of their financial hardships.

You can donate to Love From Sean by visiting 

The Bachelor: The Elimination Round, Rumors, And Broken Hearts

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was intense, to say the very least. As you know from last week’s previews, last night was the hometowns episode, and it was Peter’s turn in the hot seat. 

First, Peter went to visit Hannah Ann Sluss in Knoxville, Tennessee. That trip itself was a whirlwind of emotions, from the excitement of throwing axes on a target, right down to Peter’s heartfelt list of endearments towards Sluss. 

After exploring the town and having some great adventures, it was time for Peter to meet Hannah Ann’s family. All we knew thus far, was that her father wanted Sluss to marry a “real man” with good character.

Once they walked through Hannah Ann’s home, there was an immediate sense of positivity and warmth. From the way Hannah Ann’s mother greeted Peter with a loving hug, to Haley Sluss (Hannah Ann’s younger sister) crying when she saw how happy Hannah Ann was, everything about that hometown scene was so genuine and real. 

When Peter and Hannah Ann’s father went outside to talk, he emphasized to Peter that he did not want him expressing his love towards Hannah Ann unless he meant it with his whole heart. Peter agreed, and later, proceeded to confess his love towards Hannah Ann; a clear sign that Peter was sure of his feelings towards her.

Next up, we were brought on a journey to Kelsey’s hometown in Des Moines, Iowa. She took Peter to the Summerset Winery, where she informed him that they would be stomping grapes and making their own wine. It was a heartfelt moment, because it confined the both of them in a close knit space, where instead of just stomping on grapes, they danced on top of them.

Afterwards, Kelsey admitted that she was in love with Peter, and rather than saying it back, Peter thanked her for being so vulnerable and honest. When it came time for him to meet her family, he had a light hearted conversation with most of Kelsey’s family. 

During their dinner, Kelsey made Peter try her favorite food that they talked about during their first date: Crab Rangoon. Later, Kelsey was taken away by her two caring sisters, Kayla and Kalason Weier. Her sisters, along with her stepdad, and brother, seemed concerned about how Kelsey would handle it, if Peter decided not to choose her. Meanwhile, Kelsey’s mother assured Peter that she’s extremely protective over her daughter’s heart, and warns him that he needs to take care of her.

Next up, we followed Peter to Madison’s hometown in Auburn, Alabama. Peter arrived at Auburn University, and Madison took him right to the main basketball court. Since Madison is really passionate about basketball, Peter was able to experience that first hand, and we got to see Madison’s competitive side. She also has a lot of people supporting and protecting her. Two men in particular, Charles Barkley, and head coach Bruce Pearl, warned Peter not to hurt Madison.

After Madison schooled Peter in a basketball warm up/scrimmage, it was time for Peter to meet the Prew Crew. Madison got the “special plate” at dinner, which meant that everyone had to announce one thing that they admired about her. Later, Madison’s mom pulled her away to talk. We learned in that moment that Madison is saving herself for marriage, but that she hasn’t told Peter yet. Simultaneously, Peter sat down with Madison’s father, where he stated that he wants the absolute best for Madison, and he outwardly asked if Madison was 100% who he wanted in the end. Since Peter couldn’t offer a direct answer in that moment, Madison’s father felt uneasy, and when she asked him for his blessing, he couldn’t offer it. However, he stated that he also wasn’t going to close the door on Peter, as long as he respected Madison and her decisions. Madison walked Peter to his car, and they lingered for a few moments, before Peter went to his next destination.

This is where the drama really starts to pick up. The day started out well. Peter visited Victoria F’s hometown in Virginia Beach, and he had the pleasure of meeting her labrador dog, Buxton. They played fetch for a few minutes, and then Victoria surprised Peter with an intimate Hunter Hayes’ concert. 

While they were dancing, singing, and having the time of their lives, it didn’t last long. Shortly after the concert ended, Peter was approached by ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence. We learned that Merissa personally knew Victoria, and that she had allegedly broken up several relationships. 

Victoria wasn’t aware of this meeting between the two, since she was on her way home by then. Several hours later, before Peter was supposed to meet Victoria’s family, he pulled her aside, and asked her what Merissa meant, in regards to what she had shared with him. Victoria felt as though Peter was accusing her without any evidence, and her emotions got the best of her.

They fought, words were exchanged, and it ended with Peter leaving back to the hotel room. The next morning, however, Victoria came back to apologize and repair the damage that had been done. She ended up leaving the hotel room with an undefined answer, since he needed some space to recollect himself.

The episode ends with a fancy rose ceremony, and while the viewers at home assumed that Victoria Fuller would have been sent home, it was Kelsey that didn’t receive the rose. I was very impressed at how gracefully Kelsey handled the rejection, and how she kept her composure.

It ended on an interesting note, with Madison getting ready to confront Peter about remaining abstinent until marriage. 

Be sure to tune in next Monday, February 24, at 8 pm, on ABC to see what happens!

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Review

It’s always difficult when you develop a sequel to one of the greatest movies on Netflix. As a writer, director, and overall filmmaker, I’m sure they were anxious to release it to the public. Most sequels aren’t comparable to the original, and they were most likely aware of that.

However, Netflix distributors advertised this film so well and held viewers on the edge of their seats for so long, that people were talking about it as if it were The Titanic. I also have to give credit to Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky), Jordan Fisher (John Ambrose McClaren), and Lana Condor (Lara Jean Covey) for teasing their fans with sneak peeks, behind the scenes pictures, and cozy content, up until the release date. 

Before we dive into the film itself, I’d like to give a huge congratulations to Awesomeness Films for their high status in the film industry. Though they may not be as well known as Warner Brothers or Lionsgate, Awesomeness Films has proven to showcase original content. I remember reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and falling in love with the book. When I saw that it was being turned into a movie, however, I was a bit skeptical.

I will admit that I was wrong about having doubts, because once Awesomeness Films released Before I Fall in theaters, it was so well executed, and I can honestly say the same about P.S I Still Love You.

Is it the same as the original? Absolutely not. Is it better than To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before? Absolutely not. I say this, because even though it’s a part of the same series, it begins with a new chapter in Lara Jean’s life, and it’s such a unique storyline.

Michael Fimognari, Director of Photography and Director of the film, is a brilliant filmmaker. The cinematography was well done, and I especially thought that the paper lantern scene was executed beautifully. Every angle had a purpose, and every beat provided a moment for the audience to react. 

Moving onto the writing, since I’m a writer myself, I normally find myself critiquing dialogue, when reviewing any short/long form piece of content. However, I have absolutely no complaints towards screenwriters, J. Mills Goodloe, and Sofia Alvarez. Their writing was so precise, and it felt so poetic, yet naturalistic. The dialogue sent me through a whirlwind of emotions, and there were so many times where I caught myself yelling at the screen, pleading for Lara Jean to make a different decision. The writing hooked me in within the first few minutes, and the fact that it was able to do that proves just how incredibly talented these writers are. 

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo were incredible in this film, because although they were portraying the same roles, they depicted them with a completely different personality. Lana had to play a more assertive role in this film, while Noah had to play a more reserved, innocent character. 

Another character that did a marvelous job was Jordan Fisher. While Lana and Noah were already comfortable portraying their characters on the set of the same franchise, Jordan was thrown into a new set, new role, and new overall film family. He played the intelligent, newly confident, letter recipient, John Ambrose McClaren.

The only complaint that I have, in regards to the film, is that Kitty Covey is such an underrated character. The writers did a phenomenal job of bringing Kitty to life. She has a bubbly, yet sassy personality, and she has a mind of her own. The most important aspect about Kitty, however, is the fact that she’s the main catalyst in both the first film, as well as in To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You. The writers gave Kitty a purpose, and yet, the only ones that the viewers seemed to focus on, were Lara Jean and Peter/John Ambrose. Ummm, hello. If it weren’t for Kitty Covey, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky wouldn’t have ended up together in the first place. 

Aside from that, a film is meant to extract you from your everyday life, and pull you away from the stresses that surround you. While men like John Ambrose and Peter Kavinsky are rare gems to find, I’m sure I speak for most female viewers, when I say that for the hour and a half that the film played on our screens, we all envisioned ourselves as Lara Jean Covey.

Overall, I’d rate this film as big of a success as the original To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. It was emotional, interesting, and contained clever cinematic techniques, as well as thoughtful dialogue, and spot on acting. 

If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch it already, be sure to stream To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You on Netflix!

Did Bachelor Contestant, Kelsey Weier, Throw Shade At Hannah Ann?

Credit: Various

If you watch The Bachelor, you probably know who 25-year-old, Iowa native, Kelsey Weier is. If you don’t, here’s a refresher.

In the second episode of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, which premiered on January 13, 2020, we get to know the girls in a different light. However, there were two girls, specifically, that captured the attention of the viewers. During the cocktail party, the girls tried to steal Peter away for some one on one time with him, before the rose ceremony.

While one contestant (23 year old, Hannah Ann Sluss of Knoxville, Tennessee) was enjoying her time with Peter, Weier was gushing to several other contestants about how she envisioned that night going.

She had been saving a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne on her kitchen counter for over a year, to use for a very special occasion. Weier envisioned herself opening the bottle with Peter outside of the mansion, on top of a lovely blanket by the fireplace.

The contestants were smitten to know where Weier had everything set up. That way, they would make sure not to lead Peter near that area. Before Weier could even respond, however, there was a loud popping sound, followed by an excited howl from Peter and another woman. That’s when the drama really started to unfold. 

As it turned out, Sluss had popped the champagne with Peter, unbeknownst to her that it was Kelsey’s bottle. Whether or not the producers intended for Sluss to find the bottle, in order to stir up drama, is unknown. However, Weier immediately went to confront them, and a fallout between the two contestants occurred. Words were interchanged, leaving Sluss confused, and Weier furious.

Later on, Peter tried to make it up to Weier by opening a champagne bottle with her. However, Weier’s misfortune wasn’t quite finished yet, because as soon as she took a sip from the bottle, the champagne foam poured out and got all over her face. It wasn’t long after the incident that the internet turned that moment into a meme.

We have to give Kelsey a lot of credit though, because she handled it like a champ. She was even seen poking fun at herself, on multiple occasions. Last night, she posted an Instagram story, holding a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, where she seemed to jokingly call out Sluss. The caption read, “@hannahann_sluss where you at girl?”. 

The drama between them appears to be in the past, because Sluss was quick to repost Weier’s story. On Hannah’s story, she added the caption, “When champagne bonds two girls together…”. 

Glad to see that they were able to put the past behind them and move on. 

Tune into The Bachelor on Monday, February 17th, at 8 PM to see Sluss and Weier, as well as Madison Prewett and Victoria Fuller, as Peter visits their hometowns.

Caroline Flack, Host of Love Island, Dead at 40

Caroline Flack at the itv Palooza in November of 2019. Photograph taken from @carolineflack on Instagram.

Before reading this article, I’d like to put a trigger warning out for everyone. This article contains content related to suicide. If you believe that reading this may be too much for you, please stop reading now.

Caroline Flack was associated with various titles: Actress, presenter, and radio host. Although she’s participated in many projects, the most infamous to her name, is Love Island.

Flack began hosting Love Island in 2015, when the show first ran its course. However, in December of 2019, she announced that she would no longer be hosting the show, after allegations of assault towards her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, 27, circulated. A trial was set to begin in early March, but unfortunately, Flack was found dead inside of her London home, earlier today.

According to a statement released by her family, “We can confirm that our Caroline passed away today, the 15th of February.” Although her family did not state the cause of death, her family’s lawyer confirmed that her death was ruled a suicide.

On December 24th, 2019, Flack posted a picture of herself on Instagram. Along with it, a statement, saying, “Been advised not to go on social media… but I wanted to say happy Christmas to everyone who has been so incredibly kind to me this year.” She continues on to say that, “I’m a human being at the end of the day and I’m not going to be silenced when I have a story to tell and a life to keep going with… I have nothing but love to give and best wishes for everyone”.

It has been speculated that British media outlets allegedly played a role in Flack’s final decision, and it has raised concern in terms of mental health awareness. The Sun, a UK tabloid, has covered Flack in a negative limelight, due to the aforementioned accusations.

On Valentine’s Day, the tabloid posted an article, in which they portrayed Flack as a “humorous meme”. There was a Valentine’s card, in which the words, “I’ll fu***** lamp you” were written, alongside a drawing of her. The negative commentary refers to the assault allegations, in which it was alleged that Flack had hit Burton over the head with a lamp.

Since her death, The Sun has since taken down the insincere portrayal of Flack, and instead, has uploaded a legal warning, according to an article posted by The Guardian.

Fans, colleagues, and celebrities have since shown their outpouring support, and heartfelt endearments towards the late host.

If you, or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255.