Grayson Dolan May Have Just Confirmed Ethan Dolan’s Long-Distance Girlfriend

Courtesy: The Dolan Twins

On July 27th, The Dolan Twins uploaded a new YouTube video, titled: “I Surprised Him With His Least Favorite TikToker”. In the video, Ethan Dolan surprised Grayson Dolan with one of the Hype House co-founders, Thomas Petrou. In the past, Grayson had admitted that Petrou resembled his appearance. According to Ethan, however, Grayson has always worked hard to stand out from the crowd. So, when he realized that Petrou looked similar to him, Grayson became a bit flustered.

To get revenge for randomly surprising him with his doppelgänger, Grayson called a paparazzi from The Hollywood Fix. One week ago, The Dolan Twins addressed fan assumptions, and one of those assumptions pertained to Ethan’s relationship. Although he refrained from going into detail, Ethan did confirm that he’s in a committed relationship.

Fans have since assumed that Ethan’s girlfriend is none other than Kristina Alice. Alice played the role of Ethan’s love interest, in the 2018 “Hawaiian Party” music video. The two shared a passionate kiss towards the end of the video, and since 2019, fans have speculated a possible relationship. 

Dolan fans have done their research, and they’ve noticed multiple encounters, such as: the two were posting at the same places, shoes/articles of clothing, and fans even recognized Ethan’s hand holding onto Kristina’s face. 

Although no name was mentioned in Grayson’s ambush video, revealing questions were created around those events. Grayson included a question about Ethan’s hand being in the photo with Kristina, and he even exposed their anniversary date: October 12th, 2019.

While speaking to the viewers, Grayson admitted that Ethan’s relationship was long distance, and that Ethan was almost always preoccupied on FaceTime with his significant other. Well, Kristina Alice currently resides in Australia, and due to the ongoing pandemic, traveling is advised against.

When it came time for The Hollywood Fix reporter to bombard Ethan with relationship questions, it became incredibly awkward. Ethan was sitting in their car with the windows rolled down, while Grayson was recording from around the corner. He had nowhere to go, since Grayson had also taken the car keys. The Q&A session was very awkward for both parties, and Ethan’s face grew redder upon each question. 

After Grayson admitted that the interview was just a set up, Ethan revealed that he does have plans to discuss his relationship, during an episode of their podcast — Deeper With The Dolan Twins.

Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio Have Reportedly Split, Due to Cheating Allegations

Courtesy: Instagram

Rumors began swirling in March of this year, regarding Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson’s relationship. On March 4th, Johnson posted several photos of the two on Instagram, and captioned the post with a simple heart.

A few days later, Dixie posted a series of Instagram photos, highlighting her wisdom teeth surgery. The first photo included Johnson smiling, as D’Amelio held ice packs against her face.

The two began making cameos in one another’s TikTok videos, and fans quickly began shipping the duo.

On May 3rd, D’Amelio posted a YouTube video, from the day she got her wisdom teeth taken out, and Johnson can be seen numerous times throughout the video. He had been there to take care of her, and he also seemed to be getting along wonderfully with the D’Amelio family. 

Recently, however, a TikTok was posted by Madison Galley, in which she “exposed” Johnson. The TikTok included screenshots of flirty conversations that the two had through Snapchat and Instagram. Johnson had reportedly asked Galley for her Snapchat, and then stated that he was single. 

Well, it wasn’t too long before D’Amelio saw the video and simply commented a series of ellipses. 

At the end of the TikTok, Galley included a screenshot of D’Amelio direct messaging her on Instagram. 

Fans were initially trying to debunk the video and some claimed that it was photoshop. However, shortly after the video went viral, TikTokRoom revealed that D’Amelio had unfollowed Johnson on both Instagram and Twitter. 

Many fans are now claiming that Chase Hudson was “right all along”. On July 7th, Chase “LilHuddy” Hudson found himself wrapped up in drama, after admitting that he kissed Nessa Barrett, while allegedly ‘talking’ to Charli D’Amelio. Barrett is Josh Richard’s ex-girlfriend, and while Barrett and Hudson were both single at the time, they received a ton of backlash.

Hudson was even getting hate from other influencers, and it fueled him to expose a list of Sway House members, and their past wrongdoings. 

One of the people on his list was Griffin Johnson, and Hudson claimed that Johnson had allegedly cheated on Dixie with two women (that he knew of). Johnson and D’Amelio were quick to deny the accusation, and many people had accused Hudson of lying. 

After Thursday night’s events, however, many fans are now apologizing to Hudson for not believing him. 

Hype House co-founder, Thomas Petrou, also commented on the situation: “Guess Chase wasn’t lying after all”.

Although nothing was directly confirmed, D’Amelio tweeted out the following yesterday:

She had also asked people to stop sending hate to Johnson, and that it wouldn’t solve anything. D’Amelio has since gone private on Twitter. 

Johnson has also tweeted out, and while he did not address the situation, he spoke out about hate comments, and how too much backlash may be what pushes someone to their breaking point.

Hopefully, D’Amelio and Johnson will handle this situation behind the scenes, and away from the internet. In the mean time, a huge congratulations goes out to D’Amelio, for graduating from high school yesterday afternoon. 

Fans Have Created A Hoax, Surrounding The “Death” of Tony Lopez, And Here’s Why

Courtesy: Sean Kennedy

Tony Lopez is a 19-year-old TikToker — best known for his Hype House attribute, and dancing videos. 

Within the past few days, however, fans simultaneously began acting as though Lopez had passed away. 

“R.I.P Tony” was flooding the comment section of his most recent TikToks, and it happened so frequently that even Lopez himself responded to the comments. 

“Why is my comment section this rn?”, the caption read. Lopez went from looking confused, to playing along with the death hoax. He laid on the floor and pretended to be deceased. 


Reply to @myst1232 why is my comment section this rn?

♬ THIS SONG ISNTT ABOUT BREAD Stop mipansusus – itzmilpops

Most of the comments under that TikTok were things like, “his mom is posting his drafts… omg, it’s like he’s still here”, or “fly high, helicopter”.

Lopez’s death hoax traced back to Larray’s birthday party. On Tuesday, July 21st, Nikita Dragun organized a surprise birthday party for social media influencer, Larray. Other influencers, such as: Charli D’Amelio, Bryce Hall, Addison Rae, James Charles, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, and more were also in attendance.

The influencers received backlash from various media outlets, due to their “carelessness” for Covid-19.

Outside influencers, such as Tyler Oakley and Elijah Daniel, have also called them out — with Daniel recently revealing that many party-goers have already tested positive for Covid-19.

However, Lopez is allegedly receiving backlash for giving a lap dance to Larray, when he’s in a committed relationship.


this is for the ppl who don’t understand my last tiktok 😭😭😭

♬ original sound – picklejuiceisyummy07

Larray is currently in a relationship with influencer, Brady Potter. Many fans felt that it was disrespectful to invade Larray’s personal space, when Potter was in the same room. Some even claimed that Larray “looked uncomfortable”.

The morning after Larray’s party, Lopez kept his tweet vague and mysterious:

Since Lopez has received direct backlash for past scandals, fans have decided to take a different approach this time, and created Lopez’s death hoax. 

Triller May End Up Becoming The New TikTok, And These Sway House Members Are In Full Support of It

Courtesy: Instagram

The government is still debating on whether or not to ban TikTok in the U.S. However, while no official decision has been made yet, TikToker, Griffin Johnson, has announced his departure from the popular app.

Johnson was one of the original Sway House members. The content creator house was formed earlier this year, and initially included: Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr, Nick Bean, Jaden Hossler, Quinton Griggs, Bryce Hall, and Anthony Reeves. 

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Welcome to the party. @talentxent

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As the year went on, more members began to leave the house, to focus on solo projects. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on July 1st, Bryce Hall revealed the “rebranded” members of the Sway House: Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck, Blake Gray, and of course, Bryce Hall. 

Since the future of TikTok is currently unknown, and the safety of the app is currently under investigation, Johnson announced that he will be switching platforms. Triller will be his new focus, and according to Johnson, Noah Beck and Josh Richards are making the switch as well.

Johnson also took it one step further, and interacted with fans through Instagram DM’s. In the messages, Johnson goes into depth, as to what kind of data TikTok can collect. He stated that “TikTok has a biometric system that can hack into your texts, camera, and voice”.

On Wednesday, July 29th, Donald Trump confirmed that the U.S. government is looking into whether or not the app is a breach in privacy. If they conclude that the app falls into a national security risk, then there’s a good chance that TikTok will be banned in the U.S. indefinitely. 

Meanwhile, Richards, Beck, and Johnson have already begun uploading videos onto Triller. 

Triller was originally launched in July of 2015, and had a user interface similar to TikTok. However, after the Musically app took over, Triller was left behind.

In December of 2019, it was announced that Triller’s newest investors included celebrities, such as: Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Jake Paul, Kendrick Lamar, and more. 

While the Sway House members are excited about their new venture, their fans weren’t too happy with the news. Some fans are assuming that Triller is paying the Sway House influencers to promote the app.

Meanwhile, other fans are bashing Triller’s effects, and pixel quality. 

The 2020 Emmy Nominations List Was Just Announced, And We’ve Got You Covered

Courtesy: The Television Academy

It’s that time of the year again: Nominations season. Earlier today, the 2020 Emmy nominations were officially announced. Unfortunately for entertainment fans, nomination votes weren’t open to the public. The first round of voting began in June, and was restricted to members of the ATAS. The second round of voting begins in August, and the winners will be announced on September 20, 2020, at 8PM EST/5PM PST.

The official nominations list were released earlier today, by the Television Academy official YouTube channel. CEO, Frank Scherma, introduced Leslie Jones, Laverne Cox, Josh Gad, and Tatiana Maslany to announce the following nominees.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:

  • Anthony Anderson – “Black-ish”
  • Don Cheadle – “Black Monday”
  • Ted Danson – “The Good Place”
  • Michael Douglas – “The Kominsky Method”
  • Eugene Levy – “Schitt’s Creek”
  • Ramy Youssef – “Ramy”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series:

  • Christina Applegate – “Dead To Me”
  • Rachel Brosnahan – “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
  • Linda Cardellini – “Dead To Me”
  • Catherine O’Hara – “Schitt’s Creek”
  • Issa Rae – “Insecure”
  • Tracee Ellis Ross – “Black-ish”

Outstanding Variety Talk Series:

  • “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”
  • “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee”
  • “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
  • “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”
  • “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series:

  • Jason Bateman – “Ozark”
  • Sterling K. Brown – “This Is Us”
  • Steve Carell – “The Morning Show”
  • Brian Cox – “Succession”
  • Billy Porter – “Pose”
  • Jeremy Strong – “Succession”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series:

  • Jennifer Aniston – “The Morning Show”
  • Olivia Colman – “The Crown”
  • Jodie Comer – “Killing Eve”
  • Laura Linney – “Ozark”
  • Sandra Oh – “Killing Eve”
  • Zendaya – “Euphoria”

Outstanding Competition Program:

  • “The Masked Singer”
  • “Nailed It!”
  • “RuPaul’s Drag Race”
  • “Top Chef”
  • “The Voice”

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie:

  • Jeremy Irons – “Watchmen”
  • Hugh Jackman – “Bad Education”
  • Paul Mescal – “Normal People”
  • Jeremy Pope – “Hollywood”
  • Mark Ruffalo – “I Know This Much Is True”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie:

  • Cate Blanchett – “Mrs. America”
  • Shira Haas – “Unorthodox”
  • Regina King – “Watchmen”
  • Octavia Spencer – “Self Made”
  • Kerry Washington – “Little Fires Everywhere”

Outstanding Limited Series:

  • “Little Fires Everywhere”
  • “Mrs. America”
  • “Unbelievable”
  • “Unorthodox”
  • “Watchmen”

Outstanding Comedy Series:

  • “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  • “Dead To Me”
  • “The Good Place”
  • “Insecure”
  • “The Kominsky Method”
  • “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
  • “Schitt’s Creek”
  • “What We Do In The Shadows”

Outstanding Drama Series:

  • “Better Call Saul”
  • “The Crown”
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale”
  • “Killing Eve”
  • “The Mandalorian”
  • “Ozark”
  • “Stranger Things”
  • “Succession”

It was also revealed that television personality, Jimmy Kimmel, will be hosting the 72nd annual Emmy Awards. 

The nominations announcement ended with a very surprised, very confused Laverne Cox finding out that she was nominated for an Emmy in the “best actress” category. The exchange between Leslie and Laverne was absolutely hilarious.

A big congrats goes out to the list of nominees (as well as their production crews) for all of their hard work!

Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Have Welcomed The Newest Baby Jonas Into The World

Courtesy: Instagram

Although Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have yet to make anything public, news first broke of Turner’s pregnancy in February. According to various news outlets, Turner was already four months into the pregnancy.

In May, paparazzi managed to capture the first photos of Turner’s pregnancy. Turner was walking hand in hand with Jonas, and the two can be seen wearing a face mask. Although Turner wore a sweatshirt, her baby bump is still visible.

Courtesy: AGNY

The pair have been spotted in public several times since.

Courtesy: MEGA
Courtesy: MEGA

According to TMZ, Turner gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday, July 22nd, in a Los Angeles-based hospital.

TMZ confirmed that the baby’s name is Willa. Sources close to the Jonas/Turner family have informed Entertainment Tonight that, “The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends.”

However, they are reportedly ‘delighted’ about publicly announcing the birth of their first child. 

Fans are also ecstatic to hear about the news of their favorite celebrities becoming co-parents.

A huge congrats goes out to Joe and Sophie! Although the public is looking forward to the official announcement, we all need to respect their privacy at this time.

21-Year Old Musician, Abigail Barlow, Is The Next ‘Artist To Watch’

Courtesy: Instagram

Many modern, well known artists have been discovered through social media, such as: Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Austin Mahone, Charlie Puth, and Tori Kelly, to name a few. 

Although many aspiring singers still upload covers and original content to YouTube, TikTok is where the majority currently resides. The app has had over two billion downloads, and almost 800 million active users. So, it’s a no brainer why aspiring musicians would be uploading their original songs to TikTok.

Well, 21-year-old singer, Abigail Barlow, skyrocketed after one of her TikTok videos went viral.

Barlow has been uploading covers/music onto TikTok since October of 2015, when TikTok was still the “” app.

However, it wasn’t until earlier this year that Barlow received the recognition that she so rightfully deserves. On February 26th of this year, one of her TikToks went viral, amassing over 2 million views. The TikTok involved Barlow singing a snippet of an original song, called “Trust Issues”. TikTok users rushed to the comment section, begging for the full version of the song. One fan stated that Barlow is “carrying the future of the music industry” on her back. 

Since the “Trust Issues” TikTok went viral, Barlow has been contacted by quite a few celebrities — one being the infamous Meghan Trainor. Barlow admitted that Trainor had asked her to write a song and perform a collaboration. According to Barlow, although the song is now complete, it’s up to Trainor as to when she will finally release it.

This year alone, Barlow has released 4 songs that are available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music: “James”, “Lonely In Love”, “Jet Black Hearts”, and “Heartbreak Hotel”. Although the lyrics for “Lonely In Love” are original, the instrumentals were sampled from Charlie Puth. Puth created an upbeat track and challenged his fans to get creative and write their own lyrics. So, Barlow got to work, and put her own lyrical twist onto the song. 

“Heartbreak Hotel” is Barlow’s most recent release. Though the single has only been available for three days, it already has over 300,000 streams. It is also currently #19 on the iTunes song charts. 

Barlow has since revealed that her EP, ‘Abigail’, will officially be released on August 14th. Although the track list has yet to be announced, Barlow has confirmed that the much anticipated “Trust Issues” will be on the EP. 

Per one of her captions on TikTok, Barlow has written over 40 songs in total. Each song has a different hook, and contains lyrics that fans can easily relate to. 

We’re looking forward to hearing more of Barlow’s music in the near future, and she truly is the next artist to watch. 

Sharkboy and Lavagirl Will Be Featured In The 2022 Netflix Film, We Can Be Heroes

Courtesy: Columbia Pictures

2020 may be full of crazy, unforeseen events, but Netflix is here to save the year.

Since the pandemic has started, there’s been various cast reunions, from the early 2000’s Disney/Nickelodeon shows. Cast members have been providing nostalgia and entertainment for the ones that grew up watching shows like: Victorious, Sonny With A Chance, Big Time Rush, Hannah Montana, etc. 

However, Netflix decided to take things one step further. Rather than hosting a cast reunion from a throwback film, the streaming service has decided to showcase a new film, involving characters from the 2005 family film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Former Twilight werewolf, Taylor Lautner, and comedian, George Lopez, were among the original cast. 

In The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Max is a 10-year-old lonely boy, who’s trying to get through the school year without being bullied. He’s very reserved, and keeps a written journal. His journal consists of a fictional planet (Planet Drool), as well as two main characters that live on Planet Drool: Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

After twin tornadoes crash into his school, Sharkboy and Lavagirl emerge to take Max back to Planet Drool. He soon realizes that his fictional world has turned into reality, and his mission is to save Planet Drool from the evil super-villain (Mr. Electric), before it’s too late. 

Although the original film has garnered a lot of criticism, it was still wildly popular amongst children and their families. The nostalgia is just one of the many reasons why writer/director, Robert Rodriguez, has decided to include Sharkboy and Lavagirl in latest superhero film.

During a recent Comic-Con panel, Rodriguez revealed that Netflix approached him to create this film. “Netflix had come to me because the Spy Kid movies had done so well, and they said ‘could you make us a series of films that do that?’ and I said I’d love to!”

The new Netflix film will be titled, We Can Be Heroes. According to Rodriguez, the film follows the story of children superheroes. After their superhero parents get abducted by aliens, the children must join forces, utilize their skillsets, and save their families from mass destruction. 

Sharkboy and Lavagirl will appear as two of the many superhero parents. The duo will be parents to a 6-year-old girl, who possesses the combined powers of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. 

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dooley will reprise their roles as Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Other cast members include: Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater, Haley Reinhart, Boyd Holbrook, and more.

We Can Be Heroes is set to release on Netflix, in 2022.

Taylor Swift Announces The Surprise Release of Her Eighth Studio Album, Folklore

Courtesy: Instagram

Last year, Swift released her seventh album, Lover. The fans were ecstatic, as she hadn’t released an album since Reputation, in 2017. 

Normally, Swift takes takes a few years in between albums, to write new songs, finalize production, embark on a new world tour, and focus on spending time with family/friends.

So, it was quite a surprise to fans when she announced that her newest album will be released at mid-night, tonight.

Swift’s upcoming album is called Folklore, and marks her eighth studio album. 

Although Swift admitted that she was initially contemplating the right time to release the album, the pandemic changed her perspective.

“… The times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world”.

Folklore will consist of 16 songs on the standard edition, but an added bonus song will be available on the deluxe edition. The song titles are as follows:

  1. “The 1”
  2. “Cardigan”
  3. “The Last Great American Dynasty”
  4. “Exile” (ft. Bon Iver)
  5. “My Tears Ricochet”
  6. “Mirrorball”
  7. “Seven”
  8. “August”
  9. “This Is Me Trying”
  10. “Illicit Affairs”
  11. “Invisible String”
  12. “Mad Woman”
  13. “Epiphany”
  14. “Betty”
  15. “Peace”
  16. “Hoax”

Bonus track:

17. “The Lakes”

Just when fans thought the surprises were over, Swift dropped another major bombshell. 

A music video for “Cardigan” has been fully filmed and edited. Swift wrote the song, and directed the music video, and all production was done in the midst of a global pandemic. However, Swift assured the public that a medic was on set the entire time, to check for temperatures, and ensure proper social distancing guidelines. She even admitted that acted as her own hair stylist and makeup artist. 

According to the Taylor Nation official Instagram page, the “Cardigan” music video will be premiering later tonight, at 12AM, EST.

New merchandise is also available on Swift’s website, and includes: a variety of Folklore-themed apparel, phone cases, pop sockets, posters, and more. 

To commemorate Swift’s eighth album release, Swift has also announced the launch of eight unique deluxe CD editions, and eight unique deluxe vinyl editions — available for purchase, for a limited time only. 

Demi Lovato Just Revealed Her Engagement To Max Ehrich, Via Instagram

Courtesy: Angelo Kritikos

Late last night, Demi Lovato surprised her 88 million Instagram followers, by revealing her engagement to actor, Max Ehrich. The couple have been dating since early 2020, and have been spending a lot of time together, since the pandemic began. 

The two have also made a cameo in the “Stuck With U” music video — Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s latest single.

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato’s cameo starts at 2:56

Lovato began her engagement announcement with a wholesome story about when she was younger. She explained that when she was a little girl, her birth dad had frequently called her his “little partner”. 

“To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner”.

The singer continued with a paragraph for her new fiancé. In the love letter, she admitted that it was love at first sight when she met him. She also mentioned that she had “never felt so unconditionally loved by someone in my life (other than my parents) flaws and all”, and that he’s a constant motivation in her life. 

Lovato ended the paragraph by expressing her excitement for their future, as well as their plans to someday start a family together. 

Celebrities have already begun to express their love and excitement for the newly engaged couple. 

After reading the outpour of congratulatory comments, Lovato left a special comment of her own:

Max Ehrich also posted about the engagement, and his paragraph towards Lovato was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was almost as if the fans were living vicariously through him in that moment. Ehrich went from sounding extremely poetic and romantic, to exploding with excitement, at the mere thought of marrying Lovato. 

It was hilarious, sweet, and emotional all at the same time. Ehrich ended the post by promising to love and cherish Lovato forever. 

A huge congratulations to Ehrich and Lovato. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the two of you in the near future.