5 Celebrities Who Posted Relatable COVID-19 Content

Although the COVID-19 virus is very serious, and very real, it’s always great when we go on social media and see things that make us laugh. I don’t mean those memes of people making fun of the elderly, or anyone else dying, because that’s extremely insensitive.  I’m referring to when celebrities post clips or gifsContinue reading “5 Celebrities Who Posted Relatable COVID-19 Content”

7 Best TV Show/Movies To Watch When Quarantined:

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is spreading like wildfire. People who have it are either quarantined in hospitals, their own homes, or they haven’t exhibited symptoms yet, and are unknowingly spreading it to other people. Regardless, everyone is in a panic right now, and stores/supermarkets are looking like Black Friday every day now. Continue reading “7 Best TV Show/Movies To Watch When Quarantined:”

COVID-19: A Message From Italy To The U.S

Recently, we’ve learned that Italy was on a country wide lockdown, and that’s all the media seems to be talking about right now.  However, nobody from the U.S seems to know the severity of this virus, and the numbers that associate with it. Recently, I reached out to a few people that I personally knowContinue reading “COVID-19: A Message From Italy To The U.S”

CO-VID19: Theories, Information, and What You Need To Know

The corona virus is slowly turning into a global pandemic, and it’s even getting so bad that it shut down Italy. The entire country of Italy is now under lockdown, and the stock market is continuously taking bigger and bigger financial hits.  Washington, Florida, New York and Maryland are currently under a state of emergency,Continue reading “CO-VID19: Theories, Information, and What You Need To Know”